Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 16

Cop Out

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2000 on CBS
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Cop Out
Wearing his brother's uniform as a motorcycle cop and impersonating a police officer, a deranged man imagines and talks to his dead brother. Nash adjusts to his break-up with Caitlin; Nick fails his driving test; Cassidy asks Evan for help to move back into a Berkeley apartment.moreless

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    Troy Ruptash

    Troy Ruptash

    Ray Krell

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    John Thaddeus

    John Thaddeus

    Tommy Krell

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    David Boat

    David Boat


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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Nash: You're thinkin' about takin' that driving test again, aren't you?
        Nick: Why? You gonna let me practice in the 'Cuda?
        Nash (laughs): No!
        Nick: Yeah, I didn't think so.

      • Joe: You know, Inger's worried about you, man.
        Nash: She doesn't have enough to worry about livin' with you?
        Joe: Well, I mean, she knows how hard break ups can be.
        Nash: Ah, thanks for the concern but tell her that I'm fine.
        Joe: Well, actually she wants to invite you over for dinner.
        Nash: Didn't 'ya just hear what I said? I said I'm okay.
        Joe: ... Alright, well, what night are you available?
        Nash: Alright, alright, pick a time, any time. Look, if she's that concerned why don't you have Caitlin over?
        Joe: We already did, last night. Don't worry, we didn't talk about you... much.
        Nash: You know, Joe, you're not gettin' a virgin when it comes to relationships cratering here.
        Joe: I know, I know. I just wish it had turned out better for 'ya, y'know?
        Nash: Yeah, me too.

      • Cassidy: So, how's it going?
        Nash: Regarding what?
        Cassidy: Don't be cute, Dad.
        Nash (motions to the apartment): Oh, this? Fine. I'm fine.
        Cassidy: Dad, don't take this the wrong way, I liked Caitlin and all but I think she was all wrong for you.
        Nash: Unbelievable, that's what Joe said, too. What was so wrong about us?
        Cassidy: Come on.
        Nash: No, really. What could you see that I couldn't?
        Cassidy: Dad, she didn't like your car.
        Nash: You gotta be kiddin' me.
        Cassidy: I'm not kidding you. It's not just the car, it's what the car represents. I mean the way babied that car, the way you took care of that car, the fact that your brother gave you that car. I mean, Dad, let's face it if she didn't like that car... (Nash laughs) Mom liked that car... Mom loved that car.
        Nash: Yes, she did, didn't she?
        Cassidy: So, uh, Dad, tell me something, is it true that I was concieved in the back of the 'Cuda?
        Nash: Who told you that?
        Cassidy (laughs): Joe.
        Nash: He's dead.
        Cassidy (laughs): So...?
        Nash: No!
        Cassidy: No, it's not true?
        Nash: No, I'm not gonna tell you. (pause) You were hatched.

      • Nash: So, how'd the adventures in driving go?
        Joe (groans): Oh, don't ask.
        Nash: Well, he's my father. I have to.
        Joe: You know, that old car of Murray's that Nick borrowed? Well, uh, we had a bumper problem with it.
        Nash: How's that?
        Joe: Well, I was teaching Nick how to parallel park and this stupid bumper from Murray got hung with a trailer hitch of the car in front of me, we became totally hooked up. And I couldn't get it unstuck, so we had to call the auto club.
        Nash: Please tell me that Nick took this as a sign that he shouldn't get back behind the wheel.
        Joe (laughs): Oh, no. To the contray. He's more psyched up than ever. He's convinced he's a better driver than me. He thinks that's why you won't let me drive.
        Nash: Well, he's right about that.

      • (Joe is going to take Nick driving)
        Nash: Don't you let him kill anybody.
        Joe: Uh, yeah. Especially me.

      • Joe: So when do the bags and furniture move out?
        Nash: Oh, I don't know. Sometime in the next few days. Why? Why are you so curious?
        Joe: I'm not the one who's curious, man. I'm your friend. I'm just, y'know, concerned.
        Nash: Well, who is curious?
        Joe: Hey, you know, people talk, man. The captain and his chick break up, it's news. I just try to keep the facts straight.
        Nash: So you're suggesting that the way to control the rumor mill is for me to tell you the initimate details of my love life.
        Joe: Hey, I don't make the rules, Nashman. I just do my part.
        Nash (laughs): Uh huh. Well, uh, lemme ask you a question, 'Mr. I Got My Finger on the Pulse.' Now, that this thing is over with Caitlin, what did you think?
        Joe: Well, what did I think about her? Or what did I think about what you thought of her? Or you and her as a couple? What?
        Nash: All of the above.
        Joe: ... Oh, no repercussions, no, uh, no comebacks because you don't like what I say?
        Nash: It's a total freebie. Shoot.
        Joe: Okay, I thought she's very beautiful, but aloof, you know, no the kind of person you form a lasting relationship with, but uh, I knew that you were infactuated with her, because she's just the kind of puzzle that you like to solve. (Nash laughs) Of course, everybody knew you two were wrong for each other from the start. It was a surprise it took you two so long to relize it.
        Nash: Uh huh. So you didn't give us a chance from the beginning, huh?
        Joe: Well, I gave you more of a chance than Harvey did.
        Nash: Harvey?
        Joe: Yeah. Actually, an Inger likes Caitlin a lot so she vacillated back and forth.
        Nash: Inger, too, huh?
        Joe: Yeah. Actually it was Ronnie, (Nash throws his hands up) ... who figured it out from the beginning he's the one who said it was doomed from the start. You know, he's a lot more insightful then most people give him credit for. (Nash gives him a look) Hey, look you asked.
        Nash: Right, from the beginning, huh?
        Joe: Yeah. Pretty much day one.
        Nash: Damn, that's cold man.

      • (As police are chasing Nick)
        Nash: What is this? The world's slowest police chase? (Nash pulls up so he's driving beside the car and sees it's Nick) Well, I'll be damned!
        Joe: Since when does Nick drive?
        Nash: Well, not for 15 years.
        Nick: Nash, beautiful day for a drive, isn't it?
        Nash: Not for you. Pull over. (they both pull over as do the cops that are chasing Nick) It's alright guys. I think I know this menace. (walks over to Nick's car)
        Nick: Hi, son.
        Nash: Drivers licence and registration, sir.
        Nick: Uh...
        Nash: You do have a driver's licence, don't you? (Nick just looks at him) Uh huh. That's what I thought. Out of the car, bub. (opens the door) Come on, snap it up.

      • Harvey: You just seem... I don't know, like at peace, man.
        Evan: Yeah, it's amazing, really amazing when you know, give yourself over.
        Harvey: To, uh God?
        Evan: Exactly. And look, Harv, I know you don't believe in that kidna stuff, but hey, it's cool, you know?
        Harvey: No, no, no. I never said I didn't believe. I believe in nature, y'know? I believe that there's some sort of higher power out there. Yeah, I uh... never chose to attach divinity to it, that's all.
        Evan: As long as you believe in something, in (points to his chest) here y'know? That's what count.
        Harvey: Amen, brotha.
        Evan: Look, Harvey-- I'm glad you came down today. I-I really need to apoligize, you know for all my bad behavior. And I hope you can find a place in your heart to, you know, forgive me.
        Harvey: I believe in forgivness, too.

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