Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 1999 on CBS
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The SIU try and track down a psychotic man who kills people who are on their cellphones, as he believes they are out to get him. Nash and Joe take an off duty case of a ventriloquist who has been receiving threats against his dummy. Joe keeps having erotic dreams about Caitlin. While suspended from the SIU, Evan works as a bartender.


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    Yeardley Smith

    Yeardley Smith

    Stevie Strong

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    Dan Castellaneta

    Dan Castellaneta

    Eddie Day

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    Willie Garson

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      • (Nash is dreaming that Joe and Caitlin are in bed together. Joe rolls over to find Nash staring at him. Nash wakes up)
        Nash: My god. What a nightmare. (he lays back down and takes Caitlin's hand and covers it over his eyes)

      • Caitlin: Nash? What's up with Joe? He seems a little tense.
        Nash: Well, let's just say that it's been a little difficult for him since Inger and Lucia have been away. Let's leave it at that.
        Caitlin: Well, I'm sorry to say that, you don't seem to be very concerned. Nash, the guy's your best friend, maybe you should have him over for dinner.
        Nash: Caitlin, he'll be fine.
        Caitlin: You know this whole stoic-male thing is really just like you, you know, repressing one's feelings does not make them go away. You know that. Sometime's it makes them worse. Look, I think the best thing that you can do for him is, um... maybe listen to what is on his mind.
        Nash: I apperciate your sentimates, darlin', but trust me on this one, he'll be a lot better off if we just give him his space. (kisses her) You're beautiful. (walks away, Cailtin walks over to Joe's desk)
        Joe: Oh, hey Caitlin, what's goin' on?
        Caitlin: Joe, Nash told me what's been going on with you.
        Joe: Oh, really. I'm sorry, it's really embarrassing.
        Caitlin: Joe, it's okay. Believe me, I've been there too.
        Joe: Really? You mean that uh...
        Caitlin: Yeah. You know, you don't have to be embarrassed. I mean, sometimes it even helps to talk about it.
        Joe: Really? Okay. Uh... Well, the one last, the one where you ripped off my pants and belt in one move, man, that was great--
        Caitlin: Excuse me?
        Joe: And the lingerie that you were waering, or not really wearing... Do you really have muscles in your thighs like that? (makes motion with his hands)
        Caitlin: Joe, what are you talking about?
        Joe: My dream.
        Caitlin: You- You've been having sex dreams about me?
        Joe: W-What did Nash tell you?
        Caitlin: That you missed your wife. Oh, Joe, I'm sorry this- this is too weird. (walks away)
        Joe: ... You said I should be open.

      • Nash: So do you plan on telling me what's wrong with you?
        Joe: Huh? Nothing. Nothing's wrong with me.
        Nash: Nothing?
        Joe: Nothing. ... So, uh, what classes does Cassidy have this semester?
        Nash: Now, bubba, you can either tell me now or you can tell me later.
        Joe: Fine. I'll tell you later. (Nash laughs)

      • Evan: Look, Harv, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. You know, I set you up, and you got blindsided and it was completely my fault, and I owe you one.
        Harvey: Don't worry about it, man.
        Evan: No, anything that I can do. You want some food? You want anything? I-
        Harvey: Ev, Ev-- I said don't worry about it. (goes to pay for the soda even gave him)
        Evan: No, no. You're money's no good here. I mean as long as I'm workin' here, you're money's no good.

      • Harvey: So, Joey we're thinking that the killer lives in the area. He takes the bus. That's how he encounters the victims.
        Nash: Any thoughts?
        Joe: Huh?
        Nash: Thoughts. You know, those things that happen in the brain when the synaspes fire. We sometimes use them to solve cases.

      • Nash: Uh, rough night? Wrong time zone? You tryin' to tell me somethin' here or what?
        Joe: Sorry, I overslept.
        Nash (laughs): Well, catch up, bubba.

      • Nash: So how's it goin' with Inger? When's she coming back from Sweden? (Joe is sleeping and snoring) Joe! Joe!
        Joe (waking up): Huh? W-What?
        Nash: Joe. You were snorin'. (laughs)
        Joe: Oh, man. I was awake. You don't believe me? Repeat it. I'll tell you.
        Nash (laughs): Yeah, right.
        Joe: I'm sorry, I haven't been getting much sleep lately.
        Nash: Uh, I know how to fix that.
        Joe: Oh, really? How's that?
        Nash: Start by sleeping less during the day.
        Joe: Oh, that's very funny.

      • Nash: Okay, what's goin' on with you and Caitlin?
        Joe: Like what?
        Nash: Well, bubba, you're treating her like Typhoid Mary. She thinks that you're mad at her.
        Joe: No, no. It's not her. I just haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.
        Nash: Why don't we talk about it, and maybe it'll make you feel better? ... Speak.
        Joe: I've been having dreams about Caitlin.
        Nash: What kind of dreams?
        Joe: Erotic dreams.
        Nash: I can understand that.
        Joe: Man, I'm afraid to go to sleep at night.
        Nash: All right. You want the Freudian cure, the Jungian cure, or the Bridgean cure?
        Joe: Whatever works.
        Nash: You're not really dreaming about Caitlin at all.
        Joe: I'm not?
        Nash: No, you're actually dreaming about me. But since you can consciously accept your latent homoerotic urges, while your wife is out of town, you take my girlfriend and put her in as a substitute.
        Joe: Are you high?
        Nash (laughs): You just think about that before you go to bed. I guarantee those dreams will be history.

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