Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 18

Cuda Gráce

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 1998 on CBS
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Cuda Gráce

An investigation of a shot up car with five dead gang members, and an alive rival member in the trunk, leads Nash and Joe to a drug dealer from a rich family. Evan and Bettina go undercover at a transgendered beauty pageant to find killer that is a woman, pretending to be a man in drag. Harvey runs into an old flame.


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    James Black

    James Black


    Guest Star

    Lawrence B. Adisa

    Lawrence B. Adisa

    Obediah Crow

    Guest Star

    Scott Capurro

    Scott Capurro


    Guest Star

    Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck

    Richard Bettina

    Recurring Role

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      • Evan: So you're going to let your pride get in the way of you being happy?
        Harvey: It's cheaper.

      • Bruce (about the 'Cuda): How'd you like to sell it?
        Nash: It's not for sale.
        Bruce: You haven't heard my price.
        Nash: Well, that's the beauty of it. I don't need to hear your price when it's not for sale.
        Bruce: I'll give you $400,000 cash.
        Nash: It's not for sale.

      • Evan: What are you doing?
        Rick: This is a nightmare, I can't do it.
        Evan: Then quit.
        Rick: No, no. I can't quit, either.
        Evan: Okay, okay. Just relax. This kind of thing it gets easier with practice, okay?
        Rick: Well, yeah, sure, that's easy for you to say. You're stealing the show.
        Evan: You think that I'm enjoying this, Bettina?
        Rick: Oh, yeah, well why not? You make a great girl. 'Oh, what beautiful legs you have, Alyssa.'
        Evan: Oh, I get it. You're jealous, aren't you?
        Rick: No, I'm not jealous.
        Evan: Yes, you are.
        Rick: I'm not jealous.
        Evan: You are so jealous.
        Rick: I have pulled, plucked, I have shaved parts of my body I never knew existed until yesterday. Why? Because despite what you and your partners may think, I take my police work very seriously.

      • Evan: Simone, does this lip color go with my outfit?
        Simone: Oh, Alyssa, dollface. You are flawless.
        Harvey: Mmhmm. Two strong drinks and I might put the moves on 'ya.

      • Nash: How 'ya doing back there?
        Tommy: You wreck my crib, destroy my life and corner my ass to go along with ya'll. Rodney King wasn't treated this bad, man. I want my lawyer and I ain't helpin' you two dudes.
        Nash: Have you been eating paint chips? What's the matter with you? This car has reverse and I'm not afraid to use it.

      • Nash: Alright, just tell me where I can find Obadiah Crow and we'll leave you alone.
        Tommy: Never head of 'em.
        Joe: Somethings never change.
        Nash: You're still an incredibly lousy liar, Tommy.
        Tommy: It's Kareem! And I got nothin' to say, so unless you're gonna arrest me, leave.

      • Tommy: Oh, this is harassment. I'm callin' Johnny Cochran.
        Nash: Hey, come here. You just tell me where I can find Obadiah Crow and I'm out of your face, brother.
        Tommy (sees Devon in Nash's car): Oh my god, you brought her.
        Nash: Devon? Oh, you know I remember that ya'll have some unfinished business so we're just trying to do our part in helping you resolve it.
        Joe: No need to thank us.
        Tommy's Girlfriend (from inside): Kareem!
        Nash: Oops.
        Tommy: This is inhumane.
        Nash: We could go in the house. Do you want to go in the house? Then you can shut the door.
        Tommy: No, no, no. (sees Devon walking over) Get her outta here. Get her out of here!
        Nash: Yeah, okay. What do you say? Obadiah Crow.
        Tommy: I told you I don't know.
        Devon: Tommy.
        Nash: Oops.
        Devon: Is that Tommy?
        Tommy: Hey, Devon. I've been meaning to call you.
        Devon: What, for the last 18 months? You live here?!
        Tommy: I can explain, baby. You know--
        Devon: You wanna give me the damn house tour, huh? (starts pushing him back into the house) You left my ass in Oakland when you livin' up here in Pacific Heights?! (starts hitting him with her purse, Nash shuts the door to the house behind them)
        Nash: We better get away from the door. How long do you think we should give him?
        Joe: He'll be dead in 5 minutes.
        Nash: Okay, 3 1/2.

      • Rick: If I say I'm going to work this case, I'm going to work this case.
        Nash: Well, actually, that would be my decision. You see, I'm the commanding officer and the commanding officer picks the cases. And um, frankly, I've got some concerns about whether or not you're qualified for this perticular gig.
        Rick: Well, Nash, if this is a case about a beauty pageant, I promise you, I'm qualified. Now what is the gig?
        Nash: Okay. Uh, we're looking for a female con artist who's famous for killin' her marks. Um, she's on the lam from Miami, we got a tip that she's hiding out here in town as a contestant for a local beauty contest.
        Rick: Well, what's the problem? Why don't you just go down there and arrest her?
        Joe: Well, she's a chameleon, Rick. She uses a lot of aliases, she changes her look all the time.
        Nash: Uh, that means we don't know what she looks like.
        Evan: And we only know she goes by the name of Alex.
        Rick: That's it? That's your big case? Okay, I'm on it. End of discussion.
        Nash: Oh, okay. Look, Rick, you've got me convinced.
        Rick: Okay. (pulls out papers) Sign here, here and here. That's it. It's sealed, no take backs.
        Nash: No problem. Uh, Rick, did I mention this is an undercover case?
        Rick: No, you didn't.
        Nash: Uh, well, it is. And the contest is a transgender beauty pageant. Alex is a woman posing as a man, posing as a woman.
        Joe: That way she can blackmail rich guys who go for the fairer sex.
        Nash: It's pretty cleaver.
        Joe: It should be pretty challenging.
        Evan: Yeah, don't worry about it. It'll be fun.
        Rick: Wait, what the hell did you say?
        Nash: Uh, Evan will take you through the drill.

      • Nash: Alright, Darren. Where exactly did they car jack you?
        Darren: What do you mean?
        Nash: What do I mean? I mean, where were you, exactly, when they pulled their guns out and said 'Hey, this is a carjacking.'?

      • Nash: I think we got off on the wrong foot. So why don't you take yours out of your mouth and we'll start over?

      • (Rick and Evan are undercover at a transgender beauty pageant)
        Simone: Let's get something straight, right here, right now. Y'all ain't coming within ten city blocks of this pageant dressed like that.
        Evan (looking at his dress): What?
        Simone: Now this pageant is very important to the public relations and positive image of my community. It's bad enough we got a sociopathic killer trying to ruin everything. (Rick and Evan make shhing noises) I can't have y'all up in here downgrading the competition. (to Evan) You look like some trailer park floozy, look at you. (Rick laughs and Simone turns to him) And you lookin' like Sasquatch's wife on bingo night. (Evan laughs)

      • (After Ten Speed pushes him outta the way and starts running)
        Harvey: Why do they always have to run?

      • Rick: Bridges. I've been lookin' all over for you.
        Joe: How'd you find us?
        Rick: Great police work.
        Joe: No, really, how'd you find us?
        Rick: Ok, dispatch told me.

      • (Rick needs to work a case in order to stay the director of police investigations. His mom is married to the chief of police)
        Joe: You can get outta that, just have your mommy write you a note.
        (Nash and Evan laugh)

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