Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 20

Danger Zone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 1998 on CBS
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The SIU desperately try to find who is behind producing a very deadly virus. A woman shows up, claiming to be Joe's daughter. Evan and Cassidy start sneaking around together.

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    Dwayne L. Barnes

    Dwayne L. Barnes


    Guest Star

    Mark Drexler

    Mark Drexler


    Guest Star

    Stacy Haiduk

    Stacy Haiduk

    Pamela Smith

    Guest Star

    Patrick Fischler

    Patrick Fischler


    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguaz

    Recurring Role

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      • Cassidy: So what now?
        Evan: Well, I really think that it's time to cool it. It's been great, it's been better than great, really. But I think now is the time that we should just be friends.
        Cassidy: And you're saying this because?
        Evan: Because I don't see how this could turn out you know, okay.
        Cassidy: How do you know that?
        Evan: Trust me, I know.

      • Harvey: I had a dream last night.
        Evan: Oh, yeah?
        Harvey: I guess it was more of a nightmare, really.
        Evan: Really. What about?
        Harvey: You and Cassidy were stranded on this desert island--
        Evan: Wait. How could that possibly be a nightmare?
        Harvey: Wait, wait. I didn't get to the good part. You get rescued by a P.T. boat. Guess who was driving?
        Evan: Who?
        Harvey: It's Nash Bridges, he's carrying a big 'ol machete. He wasn't craving coconuts, if you know what I mean.
        Evan: Uh huh.

      • Maria: Joe, no matter what happens, especially if the results are negative, I just want you to know how much this has meant to me. I love Inger and your family. It was a comfort being in your home and having a chance to see like what it would have been like to grow up with a dad.
        Joe: Forget it, it's--
        Maria: No, really. Thank you.
        Joe: Look, I'll make you a deal, okay? If you don't want to, we don't have to do this damn test. I mean, if you want me to be your dad, well, I'll be your dad.
        Maria: Oh, Joe. That's what I want but only if it's true.

      • Maria (about Inger): You can't argue back with someone talking in Swedish.
        Joe (laughs): That's exactly why she does it.

      • Nash: How much does she have?
        Harvey: If I had to guess...
        Nash: You do.

      • Inger: I mean, what kind of a man would donate his sperm anyway, huh? For money? I'm not sure that she's any better off if you find him.
        Joe: Ah, honey, not all guys do it for money. I mean, some guys do it for research. Oh, this is what I've heard, I don't know.
        Inger: Don't defend him.
        Joe: I'm not defending anybody, honey. I'm just saying that this guy was probably some 20 year old college student who didn't understand the consequences 25 years later for something that he did 25 years ago.
        Inger: Oh, sure.
        Joe: Honey, I just think that maybe you shouldn't personalize this, okay?
        Inger: Well, then don't automatically take the side of the man.
        Joe: I'm not taking anybody's side.
        Inger: Well, it certainly sounds like it.
        Joe: Why are you getting so upset for?
        Inger: I am not upset!

      • Joe: See, what I don't get is, why do women always hit on you?
        Nash: Women don't always hit on me. What's your point here, bubba?
        Joe: Okay. You get all these great flirtations and I get women comin' up to me claiming to be my children.
        Nash: You know, you are married. Well, at least for another three or four more hours.
        Joe: Ah, don't worry. Inger won't let me out over this.
        Nash: You know, I got a funky feeling from that Pamela dame.
        Joe: You see, that's what I'm telling you.
        Nash: No, no, no, no. Not that kind of feeling.

      • (They are still wearing their cowboy clothes from when they were undercover)
        Joe: She says I'm her father, man. She's tracked me down and now she's infiltrated my house.
        Nash: You did say okay, didn't you?
        Joe: Well, what was I gonna say?
        Nash: Oh, I don't know. The first thing that comes to mind is 'no.'
        Joe: You know, that's a real good example as to why I'm married and you're not.
        Nash: Kiss my grits.
        Joe: Right here in the window?

      • Pepe: I didn't know you two were into chaps and spurs.
        Nash: Pepe, we're not--
        Joe: Save your breath, man. It don't compute.

      • Joe (about Maria): She's convinced that I'm her father. What am I gonna do?
        Nash: First you get the facts and then investigate it and find out if she is your daughter.
        Joe: That can't be true. I mean, I would know it if I had a kid, wouldn't I?
        Nash: Bubba, why don't I know about this?
        Joe: It happened before you and I met. I was at college.
        Nash: Well, did 'ya?
        Joe: Did I what?
        Nash: Donate sperm.
        Joe: I was going out with this girl, her name was Ellie Hunt, she was beautiful, smart. She could throw a curveball.
        Nash: Ah, killer credentials. Keep goin'.
        Joe: Well, she was involved with this experimental fertility program.
        Nash: Hmm. Weren't we all?
        Joe: Hey, I never slept with her. I just donated sperm, 'ya know?
        Nash: Oh, I get it. All the obligation with none of the fun. That sorta deal.
        Joe: Well, what I figured is if I donated sperm professionally, I might really get to donate sperm later if you know what I mean.
        Nash: Oh, I do. And I'm fascinated. It's truly wonderful to see the origins of Joe Dominguez logic way back in it's earliest form. (laughs) What happened?
        Joe: Well, she was all involved in medical school so we broke up. It's too bad. I really liked her. What am I gonna tell Inger?
        Nash: Ooh, that's a tough one. Uh, what are your thoughts on this?
        Joe: My thoughts? My thoughts are to say absolutely nothing unless I'm absolutely forced to.
        Nash: Even though nothing happened? Even though you have nothing to hide? This thing came totally out of the blue, through no fault of your own.
        Joe: Hey, you're the one who told me to investigate first, y'know. This is Inger we're talking about. Better safe than sorry. (Nash laughs)

      • Evan (about Cassidy's note): 'Meet me in the engine room.' What's that all about?
        Cassidy: I had to resort to it. You're avoiding me.
        Evan: Look who's talkin'.
        Cassidy: Why would I be avoiding you?
        Evan: For the same exact reason that I've been avoiding you. (leans close to her)
        Cassidy: So I'm not the only one who feels this way?
        Evan (looks over his shoulder to see Nash coming, moves Cassidy further back in the room): Look, let's not get caught in here, okay? I got a lot of work to do and I--
        Cassidy (leans close to him): When can we talk?
        Evan: What are you doin' tonight?
        Cassidy: Whatever you want.
        Evan (laughs): How about I pick you up around 8:00? And maybe sneak you out so nobody, like sees you leaving?
        Cassidy: I snuck in. (kisses him)
        Evan (leaving the engine room): I'm dead.

      • Nash: Harv, work the sales side.
        Harvey: I'll break out the terrorist directory.
        Nash: Yeah, well, make sure you look under the really, really, bad listings.

      • (The research company where Joe donated his sperm sold it)
        Nash: But... wait. They sold your sperm as an asset.
        Joe: Yeah. (Nash laughs) Very funny. But you know what that means, don't you?
        Nash: I'm afraid to guess.
        Joe: Well, I mean there could hundreds of little Joe Dominguezes running around out there. (Nash stops laughing and smiling)
        Nash: Oh... my god. That makes that sheep cloning thing look like a non-event.
        Joe: That's not funny.
        Nash: I wasn't being funny.

      • Pepe: Don't you just love weddings?
        Nash: Yes, that's why I keep having them.

      • (Joe's trying to find out what happened to his sperm he donated over 20 years ago)
        Joe: Well, I got an update on my sperm.
        Nash: Come again?
        Joe: There's no need to.

      • (Joe and Nash see Inger and Maria talking at Joe's desk)
        Nash: Whoa, you can run but you can't hide. (Joe turns to walk away but Nash grabs his arm)
        Joe: I'm gone.
        Nash: Too late, Bubba. Ah, come on, let's go. (they start walking towards them, they are smiling) Oscar time, big boy, go get 'em.
        Inger: Joe.
        Joe (smiling): Hi, honey. (phone rings)
        Nash: Oh. Phone.
        Joe: Wh-- What phone?
        Nash (as he's looking for a phone): Any damn phone.

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