Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 1997 on CBS
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After a series of murders in an inner-city community, Nash and Joe's number one suspect is a group of Urban Commandos who has been hired to protect the community, but seem more threatening than helpful. While awaiting the birth of the new baby, Joe searches for the family crib that he lent to Nash seventeen years ago.


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    Will Jennings (I)

    Will Jennings (I)


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    Vincent Klyn

    Vincent Klyn

    Larry Seau

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    Karmin Murcelo

    Karmin Murcelo

    Rosa Gomez

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    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

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      • Lisa: Was there something that you wanted to talk to me about?
        Nash: There was.
        Lisa: What was it? (Nash pulls out the letter) Oh.
        Nash: Why didn't you ever send it?
        Lisa: I don't know. I guess telling you how much I loved you on the day of our divorce wasn't such a good idea.
        Nash: Did you mean what you said?
        Lisa: Yes, I did.
        Nash: Do you still mean it?
        Lisa: Yes, I do. (Nash holds out his hand and Lisa takes it)
        Nash: I'm glad you do.
        Lisa: Do you think this is a good idea?
        Nash: No. (they laugh) But does it matter? (Lisa shakes her head and they kiss)

      • (After Inger gives birth)
        Nash: What do you think? I'm thinking bubba.
        Joe: Maybe Bubbette.

      • Joe: I don't have a car.
        Nash (throws Joe keys): Go. You're having a baby.
        Joe: You're letting me drive the 'Cuda?
        Nash: Go on. Get outta here.
        Joe: Yeah, right. I'm having a baby. Inger's in labor. I'm driving the 'Cuda, oh my, god.

      • Nash: Hey, you got it back.
        Joe: Yep. It only cost me 400 bucks.
        Nash: To get your own cradle back?
        Joe: I don't want to talk about it.

      • Lisa: I just remember we gave a lot of that baby stuff away to Nick's old retirement home.
        Nash: Which one? He was kicked out of five.
        Lisa: I think it was Shady Meadows. They had this charity yard sale I think that we may have accidentally given them the cradle.
        Joe: You gave my cradle away?!
        Lisa: Accidentally, maybe. I-I don't know what else could've happened to it.
        Joe: Oh, Inger's gonna kill me.
        Nash: Don't panic, don't panic. Just go to Nick and ask him which one.
        Joe: Nick's not going to know. He's got Alzheimers or half-heimers, man. He only remembers half the stuff half the time.
        Nash: Well, hopefully, this is the remembered half.

      • Joe: What's that?
        Nash: It's an unopened letter, addressed to me. It's Lisa's handwriting.
        Joe: Well, what are you waiting for? Open it.
        Nash: You think I should? I mean, it was never sent. There's no stamp on it.
        Joe: Hey, it's addressed to you. It's okay, you're a cop.
        Nash (opens it): It's dated August 12th. It's the day that we finalized our divorce. (Joe looks over his shoulder trying to read it) I can feel your breathe on my neck.
        Joe: Sorry. So what's it say?
        Nash: It-- It's private, Joe.
        Joe: Oh, my life's an open book but you got nothing to say to me, that's cool.
        Nash: No, no, Joe. Come on. It wouldn't be fair to Lisa.

      • Nash: You're awfully quiet today.
        Joe: You know, my great grandfather carved and painted that cradle by himself, it was the last thing he did before he died.
        Nash: Are you gonna keep obsessing on this cradle?
        Joe: The only Dominguez child not raised in that cradle was my brother Enrico and you know what happened to him.
        Nash: Oh, yeah. The rich one down there in Mexico with the big farm.
        Joe: Not anymore. Locusts. Ate the whole damn thing, man. Gone with the wind, no farm.
        Nash: Calm down, calm down. We're going to find the cradle. It's gotta be in the storage unit. But let's talk about what's really bothering you.
        Joe: Nothing. (Nash glares) Okay, everything. What if the baby is born with two heads or there's some complications in the birth process? Or... Man, that cradle has been in our family for generations, our good luck piece, man. It protects us. It keeps us safe, man, y'know?
        Nash: Joe, Joe, come on. Everything's gonna be alright, you know that. Think good thoughts. And we're gonna find that cradle, alright? Trust me.

      • Lisa: How you holding up, Joe?
        Joe: Oh, I'm fine.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, he's fine. He's the most nervous father-to-be in the history of fatherhood.
        Lisa (laughs): Oh, yeah?
        Joe: I'm fine. I'm totally calm.
        Nash: Mm, yeah. Calm. Like a volcano.

      • Joe: Hey, Nash. You still got the cradle I loaned you?
        Nash: Cradle?
        Joe: Yeah, cradle.
        Nash: Cradle?
        Joe: Yeah, cradle. Baby.
        Nash: Oh, oh, oh! Back when Cassidy was born.
        Joe: Well, it wasn't that long ago.
        Nash: I don't know. I'll have to check with Lisa.
        Joe: No, don't say that. You see, you have to have it.
        Nash: Well, why don't I just buy you a new one? I'll make it a gift to you and Inger, huh? How about that?
        Joe: No, no, no, no, man. You don't understand. This cradle has been in my family for four generations. It goes all the way back to Mexico, man. It brings the baby special luck, y'know? It can't be another cradle. It- It has to be that cradle.
        Nash: Bubba, aren't you being a little overly superstitious about this?
        Joe: It's not superstition at all. It's proven fact. My father was born in the cradle, I was, Cassidy, J.J... (Nash gives him a look) J.J is a very special boy in his own particular way, man. Everybody who comes out of that cradle is a very special person. I mean, it can't be duplicated.
        Nash: Okay, I got it, relax. We'll find it.

      • Inger: I want to talk to you about the cradle.
        Joe: Cradle? What cradle?
        Inger: Your great-grandfather's cradle. I've looked everywhere, through the whole basement for it and I can't find it anywhere.
        Joe: Uh, we lent it to Nash.
        Inger: We did?
        Joe: Yeah, when Cassidy was born.
        Inger: We still haven't got it back?
        Joe: Uh, well, I still haven't gotten around to asking him for it, but I will.
        Inger: Joe, it's been 17 years. You work with this man 24 hours a day, when are you gonna get around to asking him for it?
        Joe: I'll ask him for it today.

      • Joe: What's this?
        Inger: The phone list. These are the important people to call once the baby has arrived.
        Joe: That's half the population of Sweden, honey.

      • Joe: I think we should wait for that back up to come.
        Nash: I'm not sure that's the safest idea. Come on, Joe.
        Joe: Ugh, three words I didn't want to hear.

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