Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 6

Double Trouble

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2000 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Survivor stars from the original season guest star (Dirk Been, Joel Klug, Gervase Peterson, Sean Kennif & Jenny Lewis)

  • Quotes

    • Antwon: You eat all that peach cobbler?
      Harvey: Yes, I did. The King and I.
      Antwon: What? I help you stop a gunman in your own house, and you can't save me any cobbler? (laughs) Oh, that's cold man. I'm gonna remember that.

    • Cassidy: So what do we do now?
      Nash: Go to plan B.
      Cassidy: What's plan B?
      Nash: I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

    • Big Tiny: Hey, that's it. I got this client, her husband owns a car dealership. I got some photos of him boppin' a car lot bimbo in a hotel room near the Cow Palace.
      Joe: Jealous wife gets the dirt on a cheating husband, he takes his revenge on the private dick that she hired.
      Nash: Not real original, but it works.

    • Nash: Which one of our clients did you piss off?
      Big Tiny: How would I know? I've got over a dozen active cases.
      Joe: You have a dozen cases?
      Big Tiny: Yeah.
      Joe (to Nash): See? Advertising.

    • Nash: Now, look at that, a handcuff key. (hits Big Tiny) You ruined the allusion!
      Joe: Damn disappointing if you ask me.
      Nash: You're going to magic jail.

    • Nash (after Big Tiny escapes): Alright, now I'm losin' my sense of humor.

    • Joe: Hey, so I just got off the phone with Jason at the other Bridges and Dominguez-- I'm tellin' 'ya this kid is really on the ball, we should think of hirin' him if he doesn't go to jail as a co-conspiriter. (Nash laughs) Anyways, guess what Nash Bridges is doing today?
      Nash: Something for the good of man kind, I hope.
      Joe: Actually, he is. (next shot of them is entering a Children's Hospital)

    • Rachel: You have to fill out and file these forms.
      Cassidy: I didn't do this much writing in college.
      Rachel: Yeah, it gets worse.
      Cassidy: Oh, thanks, that's comforting.

    • Joe (walking into the fake Bridges & Dominguez office): They've got nicer offices than we do.
      Nash: Well, they probably didn't spend all their money on advertising.

    • Nash: How's it goin' with you an 'Twon?
      Harvey: Peachy. (Nash makes a face) No, seriously, y'know I think he's relieved that everybody knows about his whole epliepsy thing now.
      Nash: Oh, I think you're right.

    • Nash: I hate it. We're not doin' it.
      Joe: You hated the idea Cassidy being a cop, now look.
      Nash: Oh, no, no, no, no. I didn't hate that. I had reservations about that, this I hate.
      Joe: Well, how are we gonna increase our business without advertising?
      Nash: Oh, I don't know. How about, competence, hard work, word of mouth?
      Joe: Well, at least have an open mind.
      Nash: I don't want to do advertising. Advertising makes us look like ambulence chasers. Do you want to do that? I don't wanna do that. Forget it, we're not doin' it. (they pull up next to a bus that has a poster of them on it) Ohhhh!
      Joe: Well, you gotta admit it's a nice layout.
      Nash (putting his hand on his head): Ooh! I should've known.
      Joe: I thought if you saw a couple you might be convinced. You know, I only bought 5 ads for the week. If you don't like 'em, we can take 'em down.
      Nash: Are you breathing toxic chemicals in that new house of yours?
      Joe: Let's just wait and see if we get some calls.
      Nash: Oh, oh, we're gonna get some calls. Are we supposed to look gay?
      Joe: On a subliminal level, yeah. I mean that's been our baseline clientelle. (Nash groans) Hey, all those people at the ad agency thought those photos of you looked very flattering.
      Nash: Oh, that's good. Oh, nice try, bubba.

    • Nash (doing a magic show for kids, after he catches Big Tiny impersonating him): Now, let's see what else we can do with the handcuffs. Maybe we could do somethin' else with them, huh, Nash Bridges? Let's just have your hands out here... (Nash handcuffs Big Tiny under the towel) Okay... (singing to a group of children) Be careful, little hands, when you steal. Be careful, little hands, when you steal. There are cops everywhere, so bad guys must be aware....(takes the towel off Big Tiny's hands revealing he's handcuffed and the children clap)
      Big Tiny: And now it's time for my disappearing act. (to Joe) The box... Say bye-bye to Nash Bridges, kiddies.
      Nash: Probably for a long time, huh? (whispers to Tiny) Don't screw with me.

    • (After a guy shot at Big Tiny)
      Nash: You want a piece of him, Tiny?
      Big Tiny: Yeah could I?
      Nash: Joe?
      Joe: Fine with me.
      Nash: Go for it. (Big Tiny puts Ike in a choke hold) Ooh, he's got quiet a temper doesn't he?
      Joe: I'll say.
      Nash: What's the matter, Ike? You afraid of the little guy?
      Ike: Ahh! I want my lawyer now!
      Big Tiny: Yeah, well I'm not a cop. You got no rights around me bub.
      Nash: Well, actually, there are some technicalities surrounding that issue. (to Joe) You wanna go to dinner and discuss those?
      Joe: I could eat.
      Nash: I'm a little peckish, yeah. All right, listen, Tiny. Don't uh, kill him. (they start to walk away and Ike talks)

    • (Big Tiny was the one impersonating Nash)
      Big Tiny: Look, I'm sorry okay?
      Nash: No, not okay. Fraud is a crime. And fraud against me is a sin.

    • Joe (catching Big Tiny impersonating Nash): Big Tiny. I thought he was in jail.
      Nash: Yeah, and he's gonna be again.

    • (Nash got attacked by a guy who thought he was the fake Nash Bridges)
      Nash: One more time. Where's your boss?
      Jason: He's out on surveillance.
      Nash: Well, when you hear from him I wanna hear from you. Or you're gonna hear from me. Get it? Got it? Good. (referring to the guy who attack him and Joe) And call the cops on that guy he's dangerous. (to Joe) Come on. (Nash leaves pissed off)

    • (At the offices of the people pretending to be Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez)
      Jason: I know who you gentlemen are.
      Joe: Good.
      Jason: You're the models.
      Joe (reading the poster with him and Nash on it): "Professional models. Not real Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez for reasons of security."
      Nash: They're gonna die.
      Joe: Yeah.
      Nash: We need to see your boss right now.
      Guy (walks in): I'm looking for Bridges. Nash Bridges.
      Jason: Uh, sir, I'll be right with you.
      Nash: I'm Nash Bridges. (the guy starts attacking Nash and Joe, and after getting thrown around a bit Nash finally gets a chance to pull his gun out) Keep that ass down!
      Guy: You're really tough with that gun aren't 'ya?
      Nash: Yes, I am. So shut up.
      Jason: Would you look at this mess. Mr. Bridges is gonna be furious.
      Nash: I can tell you right now he is.

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