Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 7

End Game

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2000 on CBS
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End Game

The SIU try to track down a group of people who are killing in each as part of a survival type game. Boz becomes the prime suspect in a murder case when a body is found in his trunk.

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  • Nash and the gang keep San Francisco safe again.

    "End Game" is one of my favorite episodes. Nash and Joe discover a deadly game being played out in the city, Boz returns for his next to last appearance, plus Melinda Clarke is back, this time as Inspector Abby Gordon.

    The Boz storyline involves murder at his family's estate, which, up to this point in the series, we'd never heard about. Insp. Gordon is in charge of the case. Melinda's character in this episode doesn't have nearly the impact as when she first appeared in Nash in the episode "Out Of Chicago". But she's still VERY easy on the eyes. Boz's case, at least to me, was pretty confusing and I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out or the revelation near the end of the episode.

    The primary case involves a group of people involved in "the ultimate game", killing each other for a huge payoff. My favorite climatic point in any episode of the series was probably near the end of "Grave Robbers" and involved Brennen Shaw. The climax of this episode comes in a close second, and is the primary reason I like this episode so much.

    All you criminals need to remember this. Nash is a "sore loser".moreless
Marc Worden

Marc Worden


Guest Star

Richard Libertini

Richard Libertini

Tibby Bishop

Guest Star

John Patrick White

John Patrick White


Guest Star

Christian J. Meoli

Christian J. Meoli

Boz Bishop

Recurring Role

Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

Recurring Role

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    • (After Abby proves Nash was right)
      Abby: You could say 'I told you so'.
      Nash (laughs): No, that's okay. I prefer to gloat in private.

    • Abby: Why is it the more evidence I find the more confident that you get that Boz didn't do it?
      Nash: 'Cause Boz is bein' framed. If you didn't keep findin' so many clues, then I'd be worried.
      Abby: Don't be so sure.
      Nash (smiles): You either.

    • Nash: That's right boys, we're the new players in the game.
      Mike: Look, if you guys aren't gonna arrest us, we're takin' off, alright?
      Nash: Sure. That'll be fine. Except be advised ... that I'm a sore loser.

    • Joe: I'll tell you exactly what it is. It's a crossiant flake.
      Nash: Get outta here.
      Joe: Somebody else was eatin' in the 'Cuda and it wasn't me.
      Nash: Joe, it was a professional courtsey, alright?
      Joe (laughs, re: Abby): You're way into this chick, aren't 'ya?
      Nash: She's an attractive woman.
      Joe: Yeah and...
      Nash: And nothin'. That's as far as it goes.
      Joe: Yeah. Nothin'. (reaches down and picks something up from between the seat) Uh-oh! What's this? A lettuce leaf. It was... crossiant sandwich!
      Nash: You know, it could be said that you're maybe getting a little overly territorial about the 'Cuda.
      Joe: Well, just admit you have feelings for this chick.
      Nash: Why?
      Joe: Well, if you didn't really like her, you wouldn't let her eat in the 'Cuda.
      Nash: Alright, fine. I hear 'ya, I hear 'ya.
      Joe: No, no, no, no. 'I hear 'ya' ain't gonna get it man. Admit you have feelings for her, or is this one of those intellectual vs. emotional kinda deals, where you're not ready to admit to yourself how you feel?
      Nash: Okay, okay, okay! I let her eat in the 'Cuda! What the hell is this? You gonna put me through some psychological torture now?
      Joe: She have a drink too? (Nash glares at him)

    • Abby: I hear a lot of ridicule but not another explanation.
      Nash (laughs): That's because the ridicule comes before the explanation. We haven't worked together before.

    • Abby (discussing her evidence against Boz): First, forensics matched the water in the garderner's lungs to the water from the Bishop's estate. They use an old-style very specific filtration water softening system.
      Nash: Wait, a minute, lemme guess. He was drowned in Boz's bathtub and that's where you found the cap.
      Abby: Now, I know you're good, but don't be impatient.
      Nash (laughs): I'm good enough to know a frame up when I see one.

    • Boz (after Nash is helping Boz get cleared of the murder charge): How can I ever repay you?
      Nash: You can't. You owe me the rest of your life.

    • Abby: Boz Bishop, you are under arrest for the murder of Vernon Bauer.
      Nash: Whoa, wait a minute sister, I thought we were workin' this gig together.
      Abby: We are. (pulls out handcuffs) You can do the honors.
      Nash: I don't think so. I think you're goin' down this road on your own.

    • Uncle Tibby (about what Boz did the night Vernon was murdered): We spent the rest of the evening playing Scrabble.
      Uncle Ronald: A Bishop family tradition.
      Nash: Must account for his superior vocabulary.

    • Harvey (looking at a picture): Look. Venus Club.
      Rachel: How do you know?
      Harvey: I get out, Rachel, once in a while, don't you?
      Rachel: Out? Isn't that like when you get dressed up and go some place nice, right?
      Harvey: Don't tell me you don't have a social life.
      Rachel: Nah.

    • Abby (about Boz): He knows the victim, he admits to being with him last night. I'm guessing that he's not just out on a joyride this far from home. What am I supposed to think? What would you think?
      Nash: Well, I'd think he did it.
      Boz: What? Damn, man. You're supposed to be on my side.
      Joe: Uh, tell you what, we know this guy, let us take him and we'll help you on the gig.
      Boz: Gig? Gig... what gig? I told you I wasn't--
      Nash: Uh, Boz, this would be a good time for you keep your mouth shut, okay?
      Boz: Hey, man I ain't no pawn.
      Joe: Yeah, but you ain't no king either. Come on.

    • (After a guy makes Nash pull over)
      Nash: Son of a bitch.
      Joe: Alright, now. Don't kill 'em.
      Nash: Yo, junior, what the hell do you think you're doin'?
      Patrick: A '71 Hemi 'Cuda?! I didn't even know these were still on the road, man. Only 15 were ever made.
      Nash: Fourteen.
      Patrick: I'll give you 400,000 for it. I'll write you a check right now.
      Nash: Uh, uh, junior. My car is not for sale, at any price. So why don't you run along before I remember what brough us here?
      Patrick: Alright. 500 grand.

    • Patrick (after they arrest him): I guess this means the 'Cuda's not for sale.
      Nash: Better save your cash there, Sonny.

    • Patrick: It's not like I did anything wrong.
      Nash: Well, then we'll arrest you for being a punk ass, pinhead. We got all kinds of charges we can lay on you, baby.

    • Joe (reading the newspaper): "Cassidy Bridges was one of only five rookies choosen state wide by the FBI for their advanced weapons seminar this week at Quantico, Virginia training center." Congratulations.
      Nash: It's all her, bubba. I had nothin' to do with it. But I sure am proud of her.
      Joe (reads more from the article): "Bridges is the daughter of Captian Nash Bridges, head of Special Investigations Unit, who is rumored to be on the short list for Chief." You know, for a guy who's not interested in being chief, you get a hell of a lot of press.
      Nash: What can I tell 'ya? I told them I didn't want the damn gig. But I'm happy to be in the article with my daughter. She's gonna go a lot further than both of us if she stays with it.
      Joe: Yeah, well, she will.

    • Nash (shining a flashlight into Abby's eyes after he helped her on the case): That's a very interesting shade of green.
      Abby: It's not from envy, I'll tell you that.
      Nash: Oh, well.

    • (Boz is talking normal and Nash gives him a look like he's shocked)
      Nash: Boz, what happened to the hip-hop, ding-dong, thing?

    • Abby: I was in homicide with the Minneapolis P.D., transferred here 4 months ago.
      Nash: Ahh! Welcome. I hadn't heard.
      Abby: Ah, that's too bad. I've heard about you. Is everything they say true?
      Nash (laughs): Well, it depends on who 'they' are and what they're saying.

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