Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 22

Fair Game

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2001 on CBS
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Fair Game

The SIU try and track down a serial killer who uses a cab to pick up passengers, then murders them. Feeling guilty, Rachel reveals herself as the mole, and tries to help Nash take down Lt. Urbanski. Cassidy struggles with whether she wants to continue to be a cop.


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  • I had to cry

    Okay so the episode itself wasn't sad but there were parts that I had to cry on. Like when Cassidy goes to Evan's grave and Harvey is already standing there. He was such a big part of the show. He'd been there since the beginning and after he left the show lost something, even though his character was the biggest screw up, you had to love him. I didn't like the fact that Rachel was the mole because I really liked her, and she brought the team down. She definitely ended up getting the shaft from every angle. The hardest part was that when the episode was over, you really didn't know if the SIU was shut down or not. I mean you assume that it's not because Nash, with the help from Rachel, uncovered Ray's sceam. However, the audience isn't sure what happened. Cassidy leaving seemed like the thing to do since she needed to find herself. What better place than with her mom in Paris. It was a pretty good finish to a series that last 6 years.moreless
James Remar

James Remar

Mark Lee Page

Guest Star

Marco Rodriguez

Marco Rodriguez

Ted Madrid

Guest Star

Bill Smitrovich

Bill Smitrovich

Ray Urbanski

Guest Star

Suzanne Krull

Suzanne Krull

Betty Ann McCurry

Recurring Role

Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

Recurring Role

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    • Ray Urbanski: You lost, Bridges?
      Nash: Looks like you're movin', Ray.
      Ray Urbanski: Yeah, not too far though. Just one floor. Up.
      Nash: Yeah, Deputy Chief's office. I heard.
      Ray Urbanski: Yeah, too bad about Pettit. He's goin' to Cleveland, I hear, under a cloud.
      Nash: Gee, I wonder how that happened. (drops an envolpe containing the files Rachel sent him on Ray's desk) A little reading material. (Ray opens the envolpe and is shocked) They got it, Ray, all of it. (the FBI agents arrest him)

    • (Rachel is in jail after she broke into Urbanski's office)
      Rachel: Did you get my email?
      Nash: Yeah. That's gonna help 'ya. ... Personally, I was hopin' for a different ending to this.
      Rachel: Me, too. (she puts her hand on his, he puts his other hand on top of hers)

    • (On the phone, Rachel is sending Nash, Urbanski's files)
      Nash: Rachel? Where are you and what are you doing?
      Rachel: Something I should've done a long time ago.

    • Nash: You wanna know what I think?
      Cassidy: I'm not sure.
      Nash: I think that you don't know if you wanna continue to be a cop or not. You think you have to be. You don't, you know.
      Cassidy: I was trying to think of the reason of why I wanted to become a cop.
      Nash: And?
      Cassidy: Well, I know that it had something to do with Evan, but I was trying to remember his face, and I can't remember his face. And I couldn't get a clear picture of it. I don't think I can do this anymore.
      Nash: I know.

    • Nick: Well, then what's eating you?
      Nash: Cassidy wants to quit the cops.
      Nick: You must be overjoyed.
      Nash: Yeah. Why I am I not?
      Nick: Because she's your daughter, and she's going through something that you can't help her with, and that's sad for her... and for you.
      Nash: You may be right.

    • Harvey (Cassidy is looking at an ad for Paris): Paris? Ooh, baby, I remember Paris. I ever tell you I was there with two English girls I met at a Dead concert?
      Cassidy: Oh, yeah? How was it?
      Harvey: The concert? Or the girls? Very different time, remember.
      Cassidy: You know what? Never mind. I'm sure-- I'm positive I don't wanna know. (Harvey laughs)

    • Nash: Damn. Almost makes you admire Urbanski. I didn't think he had the lead.
      Harvey: So, I didn't miss anything? There's no way out?
      Nash: If there is, I missed it too.
      Joe: You're gonna fight this thing, right?
      Nash: Yeah, I'm gonna fight it... But I can't win it.
      Harvey: Don't tell me it's gonna end this way. There's gotta be somethin' we can do.
      Nash: There is. Keep workin' until they pull the plug.

    • Joe: You're outta here. Pack your stuff up now, and get outta here.
      Rachel: I don't work for you. You don't have the autority to tell me to leave.
      Joe: Oh, yeah? (puts a paper down on her desk) That's your transfer to the Sunset Division. Yeah. That's right. Go, get outta here. Now. Go. (puts a box on her desk, she packs her things as everyone watches her with disgust. She turns to leave)
      Harvey (opens the door): Oh, here. I'll get that for 'ya. ... Judas has nothin' on you, McCabe!

    • (On the phone)
      Nash: You kinda overstepped your bounds this time haven't 'ya, bubba.
      Ray Urbanski: You know what I'm thinkin' Bridges? You better pack up that barge of yours because the curtain's about to come down on you, pal.
      Nash: Ray, how do you sleep?
      Ray Urbanski: I'll tell you how I sleep, Bridges. Like a baby.
      Nash: Well, by God, that's about to change. (hangs up)

    • Joe: She's been funneling information to the enemy for over a year? Either she's really smart or we're really stupid.
      Nash: Well, we're not stupid. (Joe sighs) Don't worry. Urbanski's after me, he's not after you, Joe.
      Joe: I'm not worried about me, man. If he gets you, he gets you. If he gets you, he loses me anyway.
      Nash: Thanks.
      Joe: So this thing with Rachel, do you think she was just using 'ya, you know, to...
      Nash: She says 'No', Joe.
      Joe: What do you think?
      Nash: Right now, bubba, I'm thinkin' about my job. We got a serial killer out there, and I'm gonna catch him.
      Joe: After that it might be too late.
      Nash: You can only control what you can.

    • Rachel: You're setting him up, aren't you? You cooked the books to take Nash Bridges down, and you used me to do it. You set me up.
      Ray Urbanski: Now, let's see. I'm trying to remember a cop who wanted a bump to Lieuteniant and wanted her own investagative unit.
      Rachel: There is no way that you're gonna get away with this. No way. Now I'm gonna take you down.
      Ray Urbanski: Making threats. Leveling accusations. That's not something that you wanna do.
      Rachel: I am done. I don't work for you anymore.
      Ray Urbanski: You know the only person who handled those files was you. You moved them in and out of the SIU... Illegally. You have no witnesses. So the only person that you're going to bury, if you blow the whistle, is you. Now, I'm good Catholic, so I believe in forgivness. So I'm gonna forgive you this conversation and you're going to walk out of this office and take those crazy ideas with you, and you'll get through this untouched. Okay? (Rachel is silent) Now there's the door.

    • Nash: Come on, let's go.
      Joe (continues to eat his apple): Just a sec.
      Nash: Uh, hello. We gotta go. Come on.
      Joe: Hey, you're the one with the no eating in the 'Cuda rule.
      Nash: I'll suspend the rule for today. Come on.
      Joe: Okay. (gets in and they pull off quickly. Next shot is of Joe choking)
      Nash: You okay, bubba? You need a heimlick?
      Joe: No, it's not in my throat. I got a piece of apple caught up in the roof of my mouth, you know, up there where the sinuses are?
      Nash: How'd that happen?
      Joe: You pulled out too fast.
      Nash: I pulled out too fast? So- So it's my fault?
      Joe: I'm not saying that it was your fault, I'm just telling you what happened. (clears throat, then blows his nose into the tissue)
      Nash (makes a face): Ugh, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.

    • Rachel: I'm making my grandmother's famous lasegna tonight. Would you like to help?
      Nash: You know, I love to if I can get out of this gig at a decent hour.

    • Joe: Maybe I should talk to her.
      Nash (sighs): I'll talk to her, I'm her boss... and her father.
      Joe: Yeah, well, my point exactly.
      Nash: I'll do it. (walks over to Cassidy's desk) Where were you this morning?
      Cassidy: Oh, I was gonna talk to you about that. I didn't plug in my cell phone last night. I didn't get the call.
      Nash: Where were you when I called your apartment?
      Cassidy: Unavailable.
      Nash: If you wanna keep this job you better start actin' like it.

    • (Nash and Joe are watching Harvey and Antwon chase after a guy who might have witnessed the crime)
      Nash: Ut oh. We've got a Frank Shorter. My money's on Harvey.
      Joe: Are you kiddin'? Antwon's got him. Look. Ten bucks.
      Nash: You're on. (watches Antwon pull the coat off the guy, but doesn't get him) Ooh, wait-- Almost. Your guy looks like he's slowin' down. (they watch some more and eventually Harvey tackles the guy, Nash pumps his arm in victory) If he confesses I won't collect.
      Joe (mutters): Slow people.

    • (Joe is staring at Nash)
      Nash: What?
      Joe: Oh, nothin'.
      Nash: Well, bubba, either you're in love or I got somethin' stuck in my teeth. What is it?
      Joe: I don't know, you got this sort of glow happening.
      Nash: Maybe it's just the look of a man who's comfortable with himself and the world around him. (laughs)
      Joe (laughs): Now I know something happened. That's the look of love.
      Nash: This is not the look of love. (turns his rearview mirror towards Joe) Here. That's the look of love.
      Joe: What?
      Nash: You know, a little more pie eyed, the same exact look you've had for 25 years. (laughs)
      Joe: Whoa, whoa, wait how'd this thing get turned around to be about me now? You're into her, huh?
      Nash: Who?
      Joe: Rachel. (Nash looks at him but says nothing) Whoo!

    • Nash: What's up?
      Rachel: I did something that I uh--- I did something that--
      Nash: What did you do? (Rachel is silent) Maybe I can help you. ... Who do you work for?
      Rachel: You knew?
      Nash: Not until this moment.
      Rachel: Well then you know who I work for.
      Nash: I want to hear you say it.
      Rachel: Urbanski. He recruited me.
      Nash: Why?
      Rachel: He said that, uh, the Mayor enlisted the Deputy Chief to, ah, remake the image of the SFPD. To get rid of the maverick captains and bad cops. And I realized as soon as I started working for you that you were not who they said you were.
      Nash: But you were gonna get what? A promotion?
      Rachel: Yeah, I uh... figured that I would just get the files and they would see what was there, which was nothing, and you wouldn't get hurt and I'd get what I wanted.
      Nash: Why are you telling me this now?
      Rachel: Well, I didn't know until now that Urbanski is the dirty cop. He's totally set you up, Nash. He doctored the files and he used me to do it... And I'm hoping-- I'm really hoping that there is a way out of this. And that you won't hate me for what I did. ... But mostly that you won't hate me.
      Nash: I don't hate 'ya. (walks off)

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