Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 1998 on CBS



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    • Cassidy (after Nash gave Caitlin back her wallet): Well, what happened?
      Nash: Uh, she said thanks.
      Nick: It looked like a lot more than that to me.
      Nash: Uh, you're wrong.

    • Nash (handing Caitlin back her wallet): I believe this belongs to you.
      Caitlin: So you finally decided that your little prank got old.
      Nash (laughs): If there was a joke, I wasn't in on it.
      Caitlin: Sit.
      Nash (sits down): Oh, okay. For a minute, sure.
      Caitlin: Next question. How'd you find me?
      Nash: I'm a cop.
      Caitlin: I've decided to recommend that Cortez only be reprimanded.
      Nash: Really? May I ask what changed the wind in your sails?
      Caitlin: Well, this time and only this time, I took your advice to heart.
      Nash (laughs): Wow. Do you wanna check that and make sure that everything's there? I mean, you never know, discrepancies.
      Caitlin (opens her wallet and a feather falls out): Well, that's bizarre. How did that get in there? You want to stay for dinner?
      Nash: I can't.
      Caitlin: Yeah, it's no problem, of course.
      Nash: No, it's uh, I have my double crossing family out there we're late for my surprise party which is at Miller's and we're headed to Jacobo's. So I'm sure they're sitting out there in a dead on panic trying to figure out how they're going to get me from Jacobo's to Miller's. Uh, would you like to join us?
      Caitlin: Maybe next time.
      Nash: Okay. I'll see 'ya tomorrow.
      Caitlin: See you tomorrow. Hey, Nash? Happy birthday.
      Nash: Thank you.

    • Evan: There she is.
      Harvey: Oh, man. She look like a runner?
      Evan: I think you might be able to catch her, Harv.
      Harvey: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

    • Caitlin: Is this some sort of practical joke? Some sort of childish institutional hazing or something?
      Nash: That depends. What are we talking about?
      Caitlin: My wallet, Nash. It's missing for my purse which was in my desk drawer.
      Joe: Did you have your desk drawer locked?
      Caitlin: It's a police station.
      Joe: I always lock my drawer. I mean, there's a lot of criminals around here if you haven't noticed. (Nash laughs, Caitlin glares at him)
      Nash: Hey, don't look at me. I have insidiously stayed away from your drawers.
      Caitlin: What are you gonna do about this?
      Nash: Um, I'm gonna start by locking my drawer.
      Caitlin: Nash, I want something done.
      Nash: Okay, like what?
      Caitlin: Like how about nobody leaves this building until I get my wallet back? How's that?
      Nash (stands up and announces): Okay, total amnesty that's been near or in Ms. Cross' drawers. I'm sorry, who took her wallet. Anyone? (everyone laughs, Nash laughs and sits back down) I'm sorry, no one seems to know anything about it. Oh, although I do have a robbery report form here that you could fill out. And if you need a loan--
      Caitlin: I don't need a loan. And I'm so glad that you find this all amusing.
      Nash (points to the coffee stain on Caitlin's shirt): You know, a little paste of baking soda and ginger ale will life that stain right out.
      Caitlin: What?
      Nash: Uh, the sugar in the ginger ale lifts the stain right out. (Caitlin shakes her head and huffs) What? Your mouth is open but no words are coming out.
      Caitlin: I hate you. (walks off)
      Nash (to Joe): Was it something I said?

    • Angel: Can I go now?
      Nash: Oh, Angel. I'm sorry. I forget that you were even here.
      Angel: I've already given you what you need. It's up to you now.
      Nash: Oh and here I thought that you were going to deliver him up to me on a silver platter.
      Angel: Sometimes you look but you do not always see. Goodbye, my friend and happy birthday.
      Nash: Thank you, Angel. Buh-bye. (Angel leaves)
      Joe (walks up): What did that mean?
      Nash: Uh, I have no idea. I think it means that he wants me to get laser eye surgery.

    • Caitlin: Why did you become a cop? Because you were expected to or because you wanted to?
      Evan: Uh, I guess I never really thought about it.
      Caitlin: Come on. Nobody becomes a cop at random.
      Evan: Why'd you become a cop?
      Caitlin: Possibly as a reaction to my father. He was a powerful guy in the Washington D.C political world. I guess I wanted to help people, but just not in his world.
      Evan: Well, I'll tell 'ya a little story. When I was about ten years old my father picked me up from school, right? And on the way home, he gets a call that there had been a mugging. So we go over there, and it turns out to be our parish's priest, Father Mike. By the time we got there, he was already dead. You know, I'm standing there and there's blood all around and I couldn't stop staring at his hands. I was thinking to myself that, you know, Father Mike, he could throw a football farther than anybody. I don't know. I guess if I had to pick a moment to when I decided that I wanted to be a cop that would've been it.
      Caitlin: And do you still think about what happened to Father Mike 20 years ago?
      Evan: I said my prayers for Father Mike a long time ago.

    • Nash: What's he doing here?
      Caitlin: He filed a complaint against Cortez in '95.
      Nash: Oh, I know what he did. What is he doing here now?
      Caitlin: Well, it's called establishing a pattern of behavior. I'll also be talking to a Bobby Slazak, and an Edmundo Realto.
      Nash: You know, the opinion of two people out of the thousands that we've dealt with isn't going to lead you to the truth.
      Caitlin: I'll be the judge of that.
      Nash: Judge, jury and executioner, right?
      Caitlin: Excuse me?
      Nash: I know what's happening here. You can't find any dirty on me so you're going after my guys.
      Caitlin: I'll get around to you, Nash.
      Nash: If you want me, then come on. Come on straight ahead of me. Evan is a good cop. If you wanna take a run at me, run. But leave my guys alone.
      Caitlin: Lecture over?
      Nash: Not quite. Rules are written in black and white. Lives aren't, especially if you're a cop. Is that worth anything to you?
      Caitlin: Yeah. Worth enough for my undivided attention.

    • Nash: Alright, what's up?
      Caitlin: Three years ago Cortez threw a suspect through a plate glass window.
      Nash: Uh huh. That was right after he broke four of his wife's ribs, as I recall, ruptured her ear drum and collapsed one of her lungs.
      Caitlin: He's been characterized as an erratic, aggressive hot head, comes from a family of hot heads.
      Nash: Evan Cortez is an excellent cop, Ms. Cross.
      Caitlin: I just wanted to tell you where I'm going with this, alright?
      Nash: Alright.
      Caitlin: If I can establish a pattern of inappropriate behavior, I am going to recommend that he be relieved. Or at the very least, be reassigned.
      Nash: Never happen.
      Caitlin: I just hope you're smart enough not to get in my way.
      Nash (laughs): I'm pretty smart.

    • Nash: How was your day?
      Nick: Very interesting. I found out that your daughter and your so-called best friend are planning a surprise party for you tomorrow night even though everybody knows that you don't want one.
      Nash: I knew it. Those rats.
      Nick: Well, I thought I should tell 'ya. I hope you're not mad.
      Nash: Oh, hell no. I'm glad you're an ally.
      Nick: Always, son. What do you want me to do?
      Nash: Uh, just keep abreast of the situation. I do not want to get trapped into some damn surprise party, alright?
      Nick: Absolutely. We'll fool 'em all. We'll go to Jacobo's and have some puenta nesta.
      Nash: Beautiful. That's a beautiful idea.

    • Caitlin: I'm going to need to talk your suspect and then when I'm done talking to him, I have to talk to Cortez.
      Nash: Uh, excuse me. Did I miss a memo here? Joe, did something come in that says that she's working this case?
      Joe: I don't know. You better ask her.
      Caitlin: Travis Owen's lawyer has filed a police brutality suit against Inspector Cortez.
      Nash: And you're going to give that credibility?
      Caitlin: I have to investigate all cases, Nash.
      Joe: You're going to take that sleezeball's word over ours?
      Caitlin: I am not taking anybody's word. I'm just trying to find out the truth.
      Nash: Well, lemme save you some time. He did it.
      Caitlin: And that's what you're going to hand to the D.A., huh? An unreliable witness and a battered suspect that you're going to have to let go unless Mr. Angel over here can positively I.D. which wouldn't hold up to much scrutiny even if he could.

    • Angel: Hello, Caitlin.
      Caitlin: Do I know you?
      Nash: Uh, this is Angel. Angel, this Inspector Cross. She's our new, um, addition around here.
      Angel: I know.
      Nash: Angel knows things, get used to it.

    • Angel: That's him. Second from the left.
      Joe: Positive?
      Angel: I recognize his aura.
      Nash: His aura?
      Angel: Blessed auras are from the blue/green hue. Evil auras tend toward the red.

    • Cassidy: Ev, you got a sec?
      Evan: Yeah, what's up?
      Cassidy: It's about tomorrow.
      Evan: Oh, the surprise party?
      Cassidy: Yeah. I mean, we're both gonna be there and I just didn't want anything weird to happen.
      Evan: Yeah, I'll try not to make a scene.
      Cassidy: Oh, good. I mean, thanks.
      Evan: I miss you.
      Cassidy: Anwyay, I just didn't want it to be awkward.
      Evan: Right, um, it'll be fine.
      Cassidy: Good. I feel better.

    • Joe: Have you ever noticed that every time Angel drops into your life somethin' really strange happens?
      Nash: No, I never noticed because if I noticed then I'd have to think about it. If I thought about it, then I'd have to explain it.

    • Nash (about Angel): Joe, shall we go up and chat with our fine-feathered friend?
      Joe: You got a plan?
      Nash: Hell no I don't have a plan, I'm more worried about the plan he's got for me.

    • Nash: Whoa, whoa. What's going on here?
      Caitlin: Didn't they tell you, Nash? I'm movin' in.
      Nash: Okay, well, the second question would be why?
      Caitlin (as a mover is bringing in her boxes): Oh, watch your back.
      Nash: Always when it comes to you.
      Caitlin: M.C.D has asked me to do a full audit investigation on your unit. So I'm going to be going through all the old S.I.U files. Fun, no?
      Nash: Fun? Oh, yeah. Like a good case of the gout. Now how long are you planning to stay with us?
      Caitlin: I don't know. Six months, maybe. I mean, unless I find something really wonky then maybe longer.
      Nash: Well, would you be a little more comfortable back up there where my office used to be? It's got a nice view, quiet--
      Caitlin: Very sweet of you, Nash. But I really like it here with you boys.
      Nash: Uh huh. So, uh, what kind of vitamins do you take for breakfast? Or do you just eat the nails?
      Caitlin: You know, Nash your acoustic humor seems to covering some worry. You hidin' somethin' maybe?
      Nash: Sister, the only thing you're going to find in those boxes is the occasional rat dropping.
      Caitlin: Well, I'm sure it'll lead me to a whole lotta rats.
      Nash: Well, betcha it doesn't.

    • Nash: Are we giving a CPR demonstration this morning, Ms. Cross?
      Caitlin: Why, Nash? Would it make you wanna sign up?
      Nash (laughs): Oh, no, no, no. It would make me want to vigorously avoid a heart attack.
      Caitlin: Aw, well, you'd have to have a heart first.
      Nash: Yeah, right after you.

    • Angel: I had a feeling I'd be seeing you today.
      Nash: Oh, god. I wish you wouldn't say it like that. What have you got for me? You saw the guy?
      Angel: Yes, I did. But I'm afraid that you won't believe me.
      Nash: Well, try me.
      Angel: He was the devil, Nash.

    • Nash: (reading a card) 'Dear Nash, You love your work, but you work too hard at love. It's right in front of you if you'll just open your eyes, you'll see through the disguise.' (laughs) Angel.

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