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SIU's strange locations?

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    [1]Dec 4, 2007
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    What was up with the odd querks about every well-seen location?

    I know the SIU started the series in an "earthquake demo" building (formerly a bank?) while the "city building" was being renovated. Or something. I don't recall though, having only been able to catch reruns here and there, whether they ever actually made it back there though.

    Thenk it ended up on a converted floating barge? How is that anything of a normal place for a police station?

    Finally, Nash's home was at the top of an earthquake condemned building. Is there any real way that could happen, and why would one want that?

    Was there any normal standard location on that show?

    (I'm also curious as to the history of when and why SIU moved...)

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