Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 11

Found Money

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 1997 on CBS
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Found Money

Nash and Joe get in a car chase, and afterward discover that there was three million dollars in the backseat. They soon learn that there was supposed to be six million. Bettina is now the head of S.I.U. and is determined to pin the missing three million on Joe, who was at one point alone with the money. Harvey bumps into a woman he once arrested and they start a relationship. Evan worries that Harvey may be getting conned.


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    Sharisse Baker-Bernard

    Sharisse Baker-Bernard


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    Anthony Guzman

    Anthony Guzman


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    Leslie Hardy

    Leslie Hardy

    Anna Paxton

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    Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck

    Richard Bettina

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      • Rick: Well, look, the bottom line is that I'm relieved to see that Dominguez was not involved.
        Joe: Really?
        Rick: Yeah. Hey, Joe, come on, no hard feelings, but you know, it didn't look so good. You know, failing the polygraph test.
        Nash: How uncharacteristically humble of you Rick.
        Rick: Right. The important thing is the team work, right? We did it together. Found the money, caught the bad guys, cleared Joe's name.
        Nash: Yep, it was sure one big team effort alright. Let's see, what was your contribution again? Oh, yeah. You're the guy who gave immunity to a violent felon in exchange for bogus testimony implicating a decorated veteran cop.
        Joe: But, what's important is we got this big W on the board for the team. Yay.
        Rick: I'm glad you see it that way, Joe.
        Nash: Hell, Rick, at this rate, you can make chief by next year. You could have your own office. (gasps)
        Joe: And you could marry your mother. (everyone laughs)
        Rick: Okay, okay, you guys, you don't get it, you just don't get it. This may be a team but I am the new head coach and I want a little respect.
        Nash: Sure.

      • Rick: You don't really have a problem submitting to a lie detector, do 'ya?
        Joe: No. Do you have any problem taking an I.Q test?
        Rick: Alright, see, now I'm trying to give your partner a chance to clear his name.
        Nash: Here's an idea. Clear it now. He didn't do it.
        Rick: I'll be back. (walks off)
        Joe: What does this guy have against me?
        Nash: Hmm. Maybe he's jealous.
        Joe: Of what?
        Nash: Has he seen you naked?

      • Harvey (about Anna): I often wonder if she was the one who got away.
        Evan: No, Harv, she was the one who was sent away.
        Harvey (laughs): I'll have to owe you a smart ass retort.
        Evan: Fair enough.

      • (Rick is taking things off of Joe's desk)
        Nash: Hey, Rick, what are you looking for? Your integrity?
        Rick: Ah, you can't stand it, can you, Bridges? You might have a chink in your armour. And that chink might be your partner.
        Joe: I'm Mexican, okay?
        Rick: Ha. Ha. Okay, I'm not going to let you bait me, Dominguez, but I want to make something clear to you. If you try stop my investigating this case against you, I'm gonna assume you got something to hide.
        Joe: Bettina, if I had something to hide, you'd never find it.
        Nash: Uh, excuse me, gentlemen. I don't give a damn who daddy is, nothing leaves this place unless I say so.
        Rick: Okay, Bridges, what do you want? You want probable cause? Explain to me how all of a sudden Dominguez is looking to buy some land in the Napa Valley. (Nash looks at Joe) Oh, look at that, you didn't know your partner as well as you thought you did.
        Joe: Well, there's a perfectly good explanation for that.
        Nash: Yeah, you see that? Tell him Joe.
        Joe: Okay, this real estate company was offering a free prize to anyone who'd listen to their pitch, okay? So Inger and I drove up there, put our time in at the lecture hall, had a nice lunch, and walked away with a brand new VCR. End of story.
        Rich: Uh huh. That's-- That's your story?
        Joe: You can check it out with my wife.
        Rick: Oh, I'll check it out. I'm gonna check it out in court.
        Joe: Court? What are you talking about in court--
        Rick: Take this stuff!
        Nash: Put that down. Now, get outta here before you really start to piss me off.

      • Joe: So Bettina's our boss. How much does that suck?
        Nash: Well, you know, nepotism is only one step removed from inbreeding. If Bettina's smart he'll stay the hell away from us.
        Joe: So you're pretty much in total denial, yeah?
        Nash: Yeah, pretty much. Just tryin' to keep your blood pressure down.

      • Nash: There was three million dollars in that backseat, where'd you get it?
        Axel: Three million?
        Joe: Yeah, dollars. You know, those little green things about that long, they have pictures of dead presidents on 'em, y'know.

      • Axel: Hey, I didn't do nothin', man. Some crazy guy with a gun jumps in my car and tells me to drive.
        Nash (laughs): Axel, before we get started here, let me explain somethin' to 'ya. You see, it's your job to convince us you're not involved in this. Now, starting out so defensive, not so good. Kind of a dead giveaway.

      • Joe (after he takes his blood pressure): 115. I'm under 120. I feel like celebrating. Pull over, I want a candy bar.
        Nash: Forget it. I'm not contributing to you falling off the wagon.
        Joe: Hey, man, I've been good. I deserve a reward, man. I've been exercising, I've been dieting. And tell me the truth. Have I been crabby?
        Nash: Don't make me answer that.
        Joe: Hey, one candy bar is not gonna kill me, man. Besides, my triglyceride level has plummeted below 130, I think I'm going into a coma.
        Nash: Alright, but it's your insurance premiums if you flunk the exam.
        Joe: This is not the SAT you don't flunk it.
        Nash: No, worse. Just pay jacked up insurance premiums.
        Joe: Hey, pull over, I'll be fast. (Nash pulls over) You want anything?
        Nash: Ah, no thanks. My triglycerides are just fine.

      • Nash: You know, Rick normally I find your affable, boneheaded, can't-get-out-of-your-own-way-self quite amusing, but lately you're becoming a mighty big pain in the ass.
        Rick: What is that--- Is that a threat? Are you threating me, Bridges?
        Nash: Oh, yeah, yeah, Rick, that's a threat. Get a clue, will ya?!

      • (About Rick)
        Joe: He moved our desks. Is he authorized to do this?
        Nash: Move furinture? It's probably the only thing he's autohorized to do.

      • Joe: So does anyone else but me around here see my career going up in flames?
        Nash: He'll implode, bubba. Just let nature take it's course. What a nightmare.

      • (During an interrogation)
        Nash: You see, I'm gonna find out one way or another, and if I found your lying to me I'm gonna get my really big eraser and I'm gonna use it on you.
        Axel: I've got immunaity, man.
        Joe: Not only is he a liar, but he's delusional man.
        Nash (laughs): You can't even go to the bathroom without my permission, bubba.
        Axel: I talked to the head guy.
        Joe (thumbs to Nash): He's the head guy genius.
        Rick (walks up): Oh, not anymore. I'm taking over this investigation.
        Nash: No, no, no, no, you're not.
        Rick: Here's my advice to you: A, do what you're told. B, stay outta my way. C, stay away from my witness.
        Nash: Whoa, whoa, whoa. (pulls Bettina to the side) You better talk to me.
        Rick: All right. You want the bad news? Here's the bad news. Munson is prepare to testify that your partner Domiguez stole 3 million dollars cash from the trunk of his car, prior to being taken into custody. (Joe starts speaking spanish at him)
        Nash (puts a hand on Joe's chest): Easy, easy, easy.
        Rick: And I think his story's crediable.
        Joe: Are you kiddin' me? You're gonna take this lying scum--- you're gonna take his word over mine?
        Rick: Okay, let's go over this. Who amougst us spends all his off duty time scrouging for every extra nickel? Beep! Joe Dominguez. How about another one? Out of everyone here, who's always looking for a moonlighting job? Beep! Once again, Joe Dominguez.
        Nash: You're reaching, bubba.
        Rick: He had means, oppurtunity, and motive and I'm gonna prove it.

      • Harvey: You see this mornings paper? "All official task force including the SIU, night investigations, CRUSH and the antigang task force. Will be reorganize under a new unified comand effective today."
        Evan: What does that mean, we got a new boss?
        Nash: Ah, it's political featherbedding. It means some bozo with connections got a cushy new job. And that's it.
        Evan: We're gonna have to answer to this guy right?
        Nash: Nope. It just means we're going to have to send all of our reports to a new address. (Joe sees Rick coming into the SIU and grabs Nash's shoulder) Everything else around here stays the same.
        Joe: What the hell is he doing here?
        Harvey: Oh my god, it's Bettina.
        Rick (reaches Nash's desk): Bridges, Dominguez.
        Nash: Rick Bettina and dawn ladies and gentlemen! (everyone claps)
        Rick: That's the best you can do Nash?
        Nash: On short notice.
        Rick: Well, for your information, Tony Orlando is alive well and living in Branson, Missiouri making a hell of alot more money than all of you combined.
        Nash: Well, now that's fascinating, but, uh, what the hell do you want? We're kind of busy.
        Rick: Well, you could say hello, to your new boss. (throws a piece of paper down on Nash's desk)
        Nash (reads the paper): "Director of Police Investgations?"
        Joe: Dopi?
        Rick: Okay, it's Director of Police Investgations. The next person to refer to it as "dopi" is guarateed an imidiate suspension without pay. Are there any other questions?
        Nash: Uh, yeah, just one. How in the hell did this happen?
        Rick: Well, I was recruited by a executive search comittee, I survived the grueling screening process, and I was deemed to be the most outstanding canidate.
        Nash: Which means it has everything to do with your mother's marriage to the chief.
        Joe (smirks): Your mommy got you this job? (everyone laugh)
        Rick: Her marrying the chief has very little to do with it. Almost nothing in fact-- look the bottom line is I'm the new guy in charge. You got a problem with it, take it up with the chief. (hands Nash more papers) Here.
        Nash: Let go. (A photographer takes a picture of them both holding the paper, Nash looks pissed and shocked)
        Rick: For the newspapers. Transfer of power. The SIU is now offically my domain. I'll be in touch. (leaves)
        Evan: Oh, man!
        Harvey: Who in their right mind would put Bettina in charge of anything?
        Nash: I think you just answered your own question. "Right mind" being the operative words.
        Joe: Now is a good time to wake up. (hits his cheeks)
        Harvey: I can't believe this.
        Nash: All right, all right. Everybody relax, everybody relax. I'll handle dopi.

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