Nash Bridges

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Nash tries to stop the car with the dead driver his police lights are on when the camera zooms out, but not when the camera is close-up.

    • In this episode, we learn that Nash's call sign is 5-George-31, and that he has a photographic memory.

  • Quotes

    • Nash: Who the hell are these guys?
      Joe: They're Chinese.
      Nash: Bubba, you got a flare for the obvious like I've never seen. (laughs)
      Joe: Well then you use you're photographic memory and tell me who these guys are then.
      Nash: They'd be Chinese. But I don't recognize them.

    • Nash (about Lisa): That woman has the worst judgment in men, that I've seen in my whole life.
      Joe: Clearly.

    • Lisa: I thought you retired, Joe.
      Joe (laughs): Why should I sit at home and watch Jerry Springer, when I can see this stuff live? (Nash and Lisa glare at each other) See 'ya, Lisa.

    • Joe (about Lisa): Hey, wait, you're not still in love with her too, are 'ya?
      Nash: That was over a long time ago. You know, it's funny. I have been dreamin' a lot about her lately.
      Joe (laughing): Oh, man, are you in a hole.
      Nash: Go ahead, laugh. I'm glad my life in a shambles amuses you.
      Joe: You're life is a cartoon series, jeez.

    • Joe: So what happened with Kelly? I mean, jeez, last time I saw you, you were in that trancendent sex faze.
      Nash: Yeah, and an hour before that we were practically trading gun fire.
      Joe: So what does Kelly want anyway?
      Nash: She thinks it's simple. I just join her world, quit my job, put on the suit, work for dad and make a lotta extra cash.
      Joe: Ah, homeboy, you knew all of this goin' in.
      Nash: Yeah, well, I thought one of us would change.
      Joe: Oh, yeah, that'll happen.

    • Kelly: You're late.
      Nash: You're later, as usual.
      Kelly: Oh, fight mode.
      Nash: Consider it a warm-up toss, I could go either way.

    • Ferguson: This is fake.
      Nash: That's true, Fergie. And you know why that is? 'Cause it's a real bitch to requistion 5 million dollars in city money. You gotta go to the federal reserve, you gotta wait on them damn hard benches, nobody's friendly and the paperwork is a nightmare. You wouldn't believe it, even if you get the money it'll take you 3 days to do the photocopies on the serial numbers. No, forget about it, it's crazy. See, you boys are under arrest, so the best thing for you to do is surrender.

    • Nash (Ferguson wants Nash to cut the rope, killing Bettina): Alright, gimme the machette. Nevermind the cops reactions when they found out one of their own has been dropped 7 stories to the ground, splat. C'mon, gimme the machette, then get yourself another partner. (takes two swipes at the rope, doesn't cut) You don't even have a sharp knife. (starts walking away) Adios, bubba.
      Ferguson: Wait a minute.
      Nash: What?
      Ferguson: Maybe I was bein' a little hasty.
      Nash: Say you're sorry.
      Ferguson: I'm sorry.

    • Nash: You know, there was a time where I used to make you laugh. Now all I do is piss you off. Why is that?
      Lisa: You want the whole laundry list? (Nash's face twists into a dreading expression) Starting with A for Anniversaries that you missed or when your pager went off. Or we could go to B for booze. Let's go right to W for women.

    • (Nash just told him where to find someone in a case he worked more than 5 years ago)
      Evan: How does he remember all that?
      Joe: Ah, yeah, he's got a pornographic memory.

    • Nash (to Joe commenting on his purple suit): What's up with this? You look like a giant grape.

    • (Harvey is on the phone and Nash snaps his armband)
      Harvey: Hey, don't bother me I'm having phone sex.

    • Bryn: Nash, your ex-wife on line 4.
      Rick: Oh, yeah which one?
      Nash: Fook you.

    • A.J.: Hey when is Harv gonna take off that black armband, man? Jerry Garcia's been dead for months.
      Nash: Maybe when he runs out of LSD.

    • (After being undercover and Bettina got himself found out and he ended up hanging over the side of a building for it. The bad guys wanted Nash to kill him so Nash takes the machette and takes two strikes at the rope and it doesn't cut it)
      Evan: Tell me something, Nash. How'd you do that with the machette?
      Nash: Oh, that? That was nothing there just a little magic.
      Bettina: Oh, magic, that's very interesting.
      Nash: Yeah well when I was a kid I used to fool around with magic---you know, pulling cards, palm and scarves and stuff like that. (holds up the machette) So what I did was--See, this side is dull. I just rotated it. Good thing I wasn't rusty. (takes another hack at the rope and it breaks) Oops. (Bettina charges at him Evan and Harvey hold him back) Bettina what is your problem?
      Bettina: Problem? Your methodology is the problem.
      Nash: Oh, good, my methodology. Well, next time I find a cop who manages to get himself suspended seven stories over San Francisco. I'll keep that in mind. You got a knot there in your stomach. (they have to hold Bettina back again)

    • (Nash is undercover where the suspect thinks he is a cop. They already found out Bettina is one and he's hanging over the ledge of a building)
      Ferguson: Have you met Inspector Bettina from the San Francisco PD?
      Nash: No I haven't. But obviously we don't hang out in the same spots.

    • Nash: Inspectors Bridges and Dominguez.
      Mr. Wojak's House Boy: Is this a police matter?
      Nash: Ah, yeah. We're here to check the tags on the pillows.

  • Notes

    • Jaimé P. Gomez (Evan) is credited as just Jamie Gomez, for the first season.

    • Ronald Russell is better known as Officer Ronnie on Nash Bridges but in this episode he plays someone else and not in the cast credit.

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