Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 8

Get Bananas

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 1999 on CBS
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The SIU try and track down a well known drug dealer. When $40, 000 go missing during one of the busts, all eyes are on Evan, which causes a rift between him and the team, especially Harvey. Joe and Nash do an off duty case of protecting a famous chimpanzee. Their case gets linked to an undercover one of Jake Cage, who wants to use the chimp as bait.


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    Susan Gibney

    Susan Gibney

    Melissa Toland

    Guest Star

    Robin Atkin Downes

    Robin Atkin Downes

    Bruce Jenkel

    Guest Star

    Antwon Tanner

    Antwon Tanner

    Curtin Medders

    Guest Star

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Det. Jake Cage

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Nash: Evan... In order to run a unit like this, you need the absolute, total and complete trust of every person in that unit. You don't have that with anybody here anymore.
        Evan (sighs): You still think that I was gonna take that money?
        Nash: What you did... Even if I gave you every benefit of the doubt, was a violation of that trust. I'm gonna need your shield and your gun. I'm suspending you.
        Evan: For how long? (hands him his badge and gun)
        Nash: 60 days. ... Use the time wisely. It's your last chance, bubba.

      • (After they got caught by Jenkel, they are locked in a cage, Jake is pounding on the cage. Bananas is in the cage next to them)
        Nash: Jake! You're giving the monkey a migraine! How are 'ya feelin' about your plan now?
        Jake: You might wanna back off on the attitude, Bridges. (Bananas makes a noise) Yeah, this is all your fault you stupid little monkey!
        Nash: Actually, you should be kissing his furry little butt.
        Jake: Oh, how's that?
        Joe: Because he found a way out.
        Jake: What?
        Nash: He swiped Jenkel's keys.
        Jake: Well, I'll be damned. (goes over by Bananas' cage) Come here. Come here. (Bananas just jingles the keys) Now, bring your little fuzzy carcass over here and bring me the keys. (Bananas sticks his ass in the air and hits it)
        Nash: Great bedside manner. Joe, get there. Do your magic, you read the book.
        Joe: Ah, alright. ... Hey, buddy. Come here. Come on. Bring the keys. (Bananas just puckers his lips as for a kiss, and jingles the keys) Uh, I think you're up, bubba.
        Nash: Oh, no, no. I'm not kissin' the monkey in exchange for the keys. I'd rather go to Africa (Bananas gets upset and jingles the keys) I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No, no, no, I didn't mean that. I was just kidding. It was just a little joke. Alright, you're the only monkey that I've ever had feelings for. (Joe and Jake burst out laughing. Nash glares at them, and they stop) Come on. Bring me the keys. Be a good boy. (Bananas walks over to where their cages meet and puckers his lips) Good boy! Now just give me the-
        Joe: Uh, I think he wants his kiss first.
        Jake: I won't tell Caitlin, if you won't.
        Nash: I'm not kissin' the monkey.
        Joe: Come on, man. Take one for the team. Let him get to first base.

      • Jake: Bridges.
        Nash: Well, Jake, you've done it again. You've managed to take a monkey and turn yourself into a horse's ass.
        Jake: Yeah, well, I can't let you take him Bridges.
        Nash: Jake, have you lost your mind? You wanna work the white zone at the airport?
        Jake: Hey, Jenkel's on his way, 15 minutes and everybody gets what they want.

      • Evan (comes in to find Harvey's house trashed): What happened?
        Harvey: You tell me.
        Evan (dumps out the 40,000 grand from a bag): You wanted Bapitiste, right? I mean, you know his rep. His cred on the street is based on the fact that nobody steals from him, not even a cop.
        Harvey: So you took the the money, hoping that he'd come gunning for you. And you didn't tell me.
        Evan: Yeah, exactly.
        Harvey (slams Evan against the wall): You son of a bitch! What if my kid was here when they came, did you think of that, huh?
        Nash: Harvey, Harvey, back off. Back off. (Nash gets Harvey off Evan) You do not make plans. You do not run the SIU. You got that?
        Evan: Yeah, I get it. I just thought that--
        Nash: You thought what?
        Evan: I thought it was something that you would do. You know, a bold move, to close a case.
        Nash: You ain't me.

      • Evan: What, Harv? You still not talkin' to me today, man? ... Look, Harv, if you think I took the money, why don't you just say it.
        Harvey: I don't think you took the money. On the other hand, I don't know who's gonna show up in the morning, man, the messed up Evan or the good one. I can't live like that and neither can you.

      • Joe: Come on, admit it, man. Between you and Bananas, there's somethin' special.
        Nash: He just happens to be an affectionate animal.
        Joe: Not with everybody.
        Nash: What are you saying?
        Joe: Come on, the way he looks at you... Hey, bubba, it's monkey love.

      • Jake: You idiots screwed up the whole plan.
        Nash: Hey, hey, careful with the infectives there, Jake. It's a hell of a long way down to the water? And what plan? Your plan was gonna be that you were gonna run through the book store with our chimp?
        Jake: Your chimp? What the hell are you talkin' about?
        Joe: We work for the monkey, eggheard.
        Nash: No, no, we don't work for the monkey. We we for the representitives, that hired us to orchestrate the security for the monkey.

      • Nash: For future reference, we are clear on the ground rules, correct?
        Joe: If I waited for your approval, we'd never do anything. You're too picky.
        Nash: I'm too picky?
        Joe: Yeah.
        Nash: We're bodyguarding a monkey.
        Joe: For triple our normal rate. And it's a chimpanzee.
        Nash: And I think I'm allergic to him.

      • Nash: Where's Evan?
        Harvey: Boss... I am no longer my brother's keeper. He said that he had some leads to run, so he ran.
        Nash: No other details?
        Harvey: None.

      • Caitlin: Ricter's claiming that the count on the drug bust is 40,000 light. He's claiming that Evan took it.
        Harvey: Ricter's trying to save his ass.
        Caitlin: Yeah, but do you think it's possible?
        Harvey: That Evan took the money? Caitlin... there were cops all over that place. How could he even pull that off?
        Caitlin: Harvey, what I'm asking you... I that if he could, do you think he would have?
        Harvey: Look, Evan's sunk low, alright? But do I think he's gone ciminal? No. Uh-uh.

      • Nash: Well, I apperciate your offer, but my partner and I, we're just not-- We're just not available. (Bananas screams) O-kay. Joe, we're outta here. (Nash and Joe go to leave)
        Alex Crow: No, no, no. Wait, wait. Please, wait. Look, he's a chimpanzee, I know that, but, he's a very important chimpanzee. And not just to me but to people all over the world, especially to children.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. Don't pull the children card on me. Nah, don't go there.
        Alex Crow: It's true, and besides he was raised like a human being, it's the only life he knows. He was a child actor. The SLA expects him to live in the jungle like some wild animal. He's never even been to Africa. It's a death sentance.
        Joe: Nash, he's right you know.
        Alex Crow: Look, I'll double your standard fee.
        Nash: No, no.
        Alex Crow: Triple it.
        Nash: No, come on. Joe.
        Joe (shakes Alex's hand): You got a deal. (walks over to Nash) He tripled it.

      • (After Bananas flipped over a plate of fruit)
        Nash: If he doesn't like the food, then why come to this restaruant?
        Mr. Crow: He like the atmosphere. If he finds something you like, he might wanna eat it off your plate.
        Nash (laughs): Not unless a couple of those furry little fingers.

      • Joe: You haven't heard of him?
        Nash: No.
        Joe: You haven't seen any of his movies, even on cable?
        Nash: No.
        Joe: Well, they're 'B' movies but they're pretty good. I mean, you know you should rent that one 'Banana Split'. It's like a divorce comedy. Yeah, where he did this 'Mr. Smith goes to Washington' kinda thing, and it's called 'Banana Republica', and it's pretty good.
        Nash: Where did you get this gig?
        Joe: Well, Banana's people found us. Apparentally our reputation preceeds us.
        Nash: We have got to downgrade our quality.

      • Nash: Ricter is claiming that Evan stole 40,000 dollars of Baptise's drug money.
        Caitlin: Oh, Nash. What are you gonna do?
        Nash: Well, that's where you come in, I hope.
        Caitlin: Oh, you want me to use my MCD training. Want me to dig around to see if I can find anything that can corrborate Ricter's story?
        Nash: Yeah, please.
        Caitlin: You know, you may not like what I find.
        Nash: I already don't like it. But thank you.

      • Nash: You can't take gig without letting me on it. It's only fair.
        Joe: I'm sure I told you about it the other night. When we had dinner at the--
        Nash: No way. (they arrive at the hotel, and talk to the client who takes them to Bananas the monkey) I am absolutley certain that you never said anything about this.

      • Joe (about Bananas): Thanks for not letting him sit in my seat, man.
        Nash: Hey Bubba, he may love me, but I still love you.
        Joe: Shh! You can't say that in from of him. He understands everything that you say, he's sensitive, man.
        Nash: Fine, fine. I apologize. (Bananas smiles)
        Joe: I think he forgives you. You know, he reminds me a lot of your relationships with your ex-wives.
        Nash: I'm gonna pretend that you didn't say that.

      • (After Bananas knocked out Jenkel with a wrench)
        Jake: He's got wicked aim.
        Joe: Yeah. Well, he's good with a monkey wrench.

      • Nash: That's another thing, I put you undercover a month ago. I've barely heard from you. What the hell have you been doing?
        Jake: Hey, I had to go subterrianian, man. For animal lovers, they're the most paranoid bunch of people I ever met.
        Joe: Well, it might have something to do with the head of their organization's wanted for murder.
        Nash: Okay, now, Jake, you've been under a month. What do you go on Jenkel?
        Jake: The night after he killed the zookeeper he fled to Mexico. He sent the two condors free out of Chihuwawa. Six months ago, he married Melissa Toland. She's currently the president of the SLA. But he's still pullin' the strings.
        Nash: So where's Jenkel now?
        Jake: Well, he's no on place. He's always on the move. He never sleeps in one place more than twice in a row. Like I said, paranoid bunch. That's why I need Bananas.
        Nash: Because Bananas is too big of a prize to let slip through his fingers, right?
        Jake: Right. According to my sources, Jenkel wants to personally transport back to Africa.
        Joe: And all you gotta do is deliever him up, huh?
        Jake: Yeah.
        Nash: Yeah, except for one thing, you're not getting your hands on my monkey.
        Jake: You're tellin' me that a monkey's more important than an international fugitive?
        Nash: No, no, no, no. I'm not sayin' that at all. But we're not gonna put the monkey in the middle of to catch Jenkel, it's bad for business.
        Jake: Then lemme borrow the monkey for 24 hours.
        Nash: Jake! You're not gettin' your hands on my monkey!

      • Joe: You sure that this guy Stuart's the inside guy?
        Nash: Well, I'm pretty sure.
        Joe: Pretty sure. You wanna tell me about how you arrived at this deduction?
        Nash: Well, Crow is into leathers. Kin, the secretary she wears furs. The real deal furs. The driver... He's a meat eater. So that leaves Stuart, he's a vegetarian, and wears nothing but natural fibers, right down to his hemp belt.
        Joe: So that's it? That's what we're goin' on? (Nash looks at him) I'm down with it, I'm down with it. I was just wondering. (they follow Stuart to a huge boat Jenkel is on) I never really doubted 'ya.
        Nash: Liar.

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