Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 4

Girl Trouble

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 1999 on CBS



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    • Pepe: It started out innocently enough. Two lonely men seeking a little something to share over the internet.
      Nash: Wait, wait, wait. What?
      Pepe: You know, the chat room? That's where I first met 'J'.
      Nash (laughs): You're 'P', right? You're Joe's pen pal, right? (continues to laugh)
      Pepe: Please, don't be mad, Nash. Nothing happened. (Nash is still laughing) Wait, so you know about it?
      Nash (laughing): Yes, yes.
      Pepe: That's why I'm here, Nash, you and Joe, it hurts me to think of you two not being together.
      Nash (laughs): It's okay, Pepe. It's alright. (finally stops laughing, but cannot stop smiling) Listen, we had a big fight, and because Joe doesn't feel like he can confide in my anymore. (Pepe gasps) Yeah, yeah, so we broke up. (sighs) You want him, you got him. He's all yours.

    • Nash (about Mia): A woman might kill her boyfriend but she'll never abandon her cat.
      Caitlin: Wh-What? What? You didn't really mean that.
      Nash: What?
      Caitlin: 'A woman might kill her boyfriend but will never abandon her cat?' You're not serious, right? I mean--
      Nash: Wait, wait, wait. I didn't mean every woman, maybe it's just this woman.

    • Joe: How'd this guy Hicks get involved?
      Caitlin: Mia met him at a dry cleaners. She starts sleeping with him, then threatens to tell his wife, if he doesn't stash the body for her.
      Nash (laughs): I can't wait to meet this one.

    • Nash: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. Out of prison for four weeks and already ass deep to a ten foot jackass in trouble. Maybe you're getting too old for the drug business.
      Joe: This really is a young man's game, y'know?
      Frankie: I don't use drugs. I don't deal drugs. I'm in the recycling business, period.
      Nash: But you did send that cocaine over to Mia's, didn't 'ya? And you did hire that fancy pants lawyer for Desmond Kenner.
      Joe: I bet you even gave him that card to carry around, huh? I guess you had a lot of time in prison to think this all up, huh?
      Frankie: See, if you could prove that I was guilty of any wrongdoing, then we wouldn't be sitting here having this pleasant little chat right now. I'd be in cuffs. So, gentlemen, I have a business to run.
      Joe: Well, wait, listen. We'll get out of your hair as soon as you tell us one thing. Where can we find Junior Bellsario?
      Frankie: Can't help you. You lose track of people when you go to prison.
      Nash: Well, let me bring you up to date. He's been runnin' drugs with Mr. Lee and his crew and Tommy Orlando out of Chong's. Now, there, I gave you one, now you tell me what's going on between Junior and Mia.
      Frankie: As I told you, I'm in the recycling business now. I'm environmentally friendly. Whatever Junior is up to, I really can't say.
      Nash (laughs): You don't know where he is either, do 'ya? (laughs) Thank you very much, that's been very enlightening. (Frankie moves to get up)
      Joe: No, no, don't get up. You'll be back.

    • Nash: Who sent 'ya?
      Delivery Guy: The restaurant. I just deliver food.
      Nash (pulls a gun out of the guy's waistband): Really? What's this for, really big tips?

    • Desmond: This interview is over, I want to call my lawyer.
      Joe: Oh, yeah? And who would that be?
      Desmond: My wallet.
      Joe (opens Desmond's wallet): Churchill McCullen? What'd you rob somebody represented by Churchhill McCullen?
      Nash: What are you doing with a $600 an hour lawyer, Desmond?
      Desmond: You got other questions, ask him. I'll be out on bail.
      Nash: Well, with a guy like Churchill McCullen I bet you will be. Uh, let me just ask you one other question. What's he look like?
      Desmond: Uh... tall, old.
      Nash (laughs): You've never even seen him, have you? You dumb bastard, get outta here.

    • Evan: Cassidy, um, don't you think maybe you could treat me a little better? I mean, at the very least, could we be cordigal?
      Cassidy: You're right. Hey, Evan, how are you? Great. I gotta go.
      Evan: Cassidy, you wouldn't be acting this way unless you feel the exact same way that I feel.
      Cassidy: You know, I did have feelings for you, but you blew it, okay? And the only feeling I have for you now is the sick feeling I have in my stomach when I see you. I gotta go.

    • Pepe: Joe, I'm 'P'.
      Joe: What? Really?
      Pepe: Yeah, fate has a really pecuilar way of bringing us together, doesn't it?
      Joe: Oh. (laughs) I thought you were a woman.
      Pepe: No. You were in the man-for-man San Francisco chat room.
      Joe: I thought I was just in the plain ol' San Francisco chat room.
      Pepe: Believe me. I know more than you think. Joe, I'd like to be your special friend, and yes, it might lead somewhere magical, but I can't.
      Joe: You can't?
      Pepe: No. Your heart will always be with Nash. 20 years is an eternity in a gay relationship. You two are bonded, you fit.
      Joe: Pepe, I'm gonna tell you for the last time. Nash and I are not together.
      Pepe: Look, I know that you're going through a hard time, but being with me or a dozen other guys is not gonna make it better. It's just not.
      Joe: Okay, okay, Pepe, look, I'm gay, Nash is gay, the whole world is gay.
      Pepe: Well, no, just San Francisco. (Nash pulls up in his car)
      Nash: There you are. I've been lookin' all over for 'ya.
      Pepe: Thank god you're here. He's having some sort of psyhcotic breakdown.
      Nash: Uh... Joe? ... Uh, (tentatively reaches his hand out, then places it on his shoulder) I'm sorry for the things I said, and I want you to come home.
      Joe: Okay. (he puts his arm around Nash) Bubba, you have no idea how glad I am to see you.
      Nash: Don't be too glad. (they walk over to his car, Nash opens the door for Joe) Here, lemme get this for you.
      Joe: Oh, so thoughtful of you.
      Nash: What would you like for dinner?
      Joe: I don't know. How about something very manly. How about uh. Italian?
      Nash: Italian it is. (Pepe watches clearly touched)
      Pepe: Bye, guys.
      Nash: See 'ya, Pepe. (they drive off)
      Pepe: And one of the world's greatest love stories continues.

    • Harvey: You gotta pull youself outta this, man.
      Evan (sighs): I know.
      Harvey: You understand me, right?
      Evan: Yeah.
      Harvey: It's just... that's serious self-destructive behavior, brother. You take on Nash, you can't win that.
      Evan: I know... I know.
      Harvey: So this is the bottom, yeah?
      Evan (laughs, but is crying too): I've been such an ass, Harv. Such an ass. This is the bottom, bro.

    • (After Nash told Caitlin about Joe meeting the woman from online for dinner)
      Joe: Hey, since when did the cone of silence expand to include Caitlin?
      Nash: You're a little edgy for a guy who's convinced that he's doing nothing wrong.
      Joe: Well, for your information, nothing happened. She didn't show.
      Nash: Oh, so nothing happened by accident?
      Joe (sighs): Okay, how long have we been friends?
      Nash: Joe, you told me it wasn't a big deal. Am I wrong?
      Joe: You know, next time I need somebody to confide in, it won't be you.

    • Evan: I've missed you so much.
      Cassidy: Evan, don't. Don't, okay?
      Evan (tries to grab her hand, she pulls it away): Cassidy, Cassidy, standing right now, tell me you're not feeling exactly the same way that I'm feeling.
      Cassidy: I'm not.
      Evan; Change your mind. (Evan kisses her, she struggles against him, so that he will stop. He doesn't. Nash comes up from behind him and throws him on the counter)
      Cassidy: Daddy! Daddy, don't. Come on.
      Nash: You walk out the door, and you never step foot in this apartment again, without my permission. Do you understand?
      Evan: I understand.

    • Pepe: How's Nash?
      Joe: Well, he and Caitlin are living together.
      Pepe: Really? Back to that again, huh?
      Joe: Yeah, well, you know Nash.
      Pepe: Does he honestly think that living with a woman is going to change him?
      Joe: Um, apparentally so.
      Pepe: And you two have what? An open relationship?
      Joe: Pepe we're not together.
      Pepe: I'm sorry.

    • Nash: You're meeting her for dinner?
      Joe: Yeah. In a public place, with a lotta people around. We're just gonna have dinner and talk and... that's it.
      Nash: Yeah. Bubba, look, I know it's been awhile for you, but lemme clue you in on a couple of things. Dinner is a hell of a lot different than lunch, and lunch is a lot different than coffee, if you get my drift.
      Joe: You know, I'm glad that you find this so very titillating.
      Nash: Tell me you don't.
      Joe: Well, I admit, I do find it a little titillating,
      Nash: Joe, I'm just gonna tell you this one time. A lot of delicate feelings here, you know? And not all of them in this car.

    • Caitlin: What's goin' on with Evan?
      Harvey (groans): Ah. He's got a lotta problems.
      Caitlin: Yeah, and I have a feeling that Nash, once turns on somebody, it's pretty hard to come back.
      Harvey: That's the thing. I'm hopin' for the best, but preparing for the worst.

    • Mr. Lee: We didn't think that you were police officers. We thought maybe you were Russian gangsters.
      Joe: Yeah. I get mistaken for a Russian gangster all the time.
      Nash (laughs): That's your best effort? Come on you can do better than that.
      Mr. Lee: It's the truth.
      Nash (laughs): Well, you better try again because I know you guys don't wanna spend the next 10 years in jail. It's okay you can talk amongst yourselfs. Confer, go ahead. (Mr. Lee and his two partners talk in Chinese, the partners wanna make a deal, Lee says not to)
      Mr. Lee: Sorry, we really have nothing more to say.
      Nash: Really? (speaks Chinese) That's too bad. You should've listen to your friends.
      Joe: Yeah, what he said. Because uh, you see, I just bought this (takes out recorder) next door at the eletronics store. 24.95 with the batteries included.
      Nash: Looks like he's the one who got the better deal. Let's go girls.

    • Joe: Are you accusing me of cheating on my wife?
      Nash: Bubba, I am not accusing you of anything. But there are some people that would argue that an email relationship, such as the one you're having could potentially be dangerous on a romantic level.
      Joe: Yeah. People like Caitlin.
      Nash: She would be one of them.
      Joe: How about you?
      Nash: I think you miss your wife. And I think that you're probably feeling a little bit vulerable right about now.
      Joe: You're reading way too much into this, Nashman.
      Nash: Maybe we oughta run it by Inger. (Joe glares at him)

    • Nash: But until we get this thing figured out you can't live here.
      Cassidy: Well, what about school?
      Nash: You can go to school but you can't live here.
      Cassidy: Well, I guess I can stay with some of my friends at Berekley.
      Nash: And you're gonna have to have a protection detail.
      Cassidy (whiny voice): Oh, really?
      Nash: Non-negotionable.

    • (After somebody sent food to Cassidy's apartment, and hid cocaine with the food)
      Joe: So we got soup for 4 and cocaine for 200. You got this figured out yet?
      Nash: No, but the fact that my daughter's right in the middle of it has got my fuse a little short.

    • Joe (about Cassidy's apartment): It remembers of the place I stayed at when I was in college. ... Not.
      Nash: I can't believe I'm payin' for it.
      Cassidy: Pretty cool, huh?
      Nash (laughs): Yeah.
      Joe: So what were you carrying your lease on you at the time? Maybe they were tryin' to steal that.

    • Harvey: You know, if it's any consolation, Cass, you know, Ev's really torn up about what happened between you two.
      Cassidy: It's not, but thanks.
      Harvey: I don't mean to be getting in the middle of you or suggesting that you do anything about it. It's just... I spend a lotta time with guy and I thought, in case you didn't realize...
      Cassidy: Harvey, I really... it's okay. ... Harvey, can you do something for me?
      Harvey: Yeah.
      Cassidy: Can you tell him I don't love him anymore?
      Harvey: Oh, I can tell him. I don't think he'll believe it, but I can tell him.

    • Joe: Hey Nashman, have you ever chatted online?
      Nash: On the internet? Nah.
      Joe: Yeah. I mean, it's interesting just to meet someone through the written word, you know?
      Nash: Interesting how?
      Joe: Well, you know, I did it the other day, you know. Just a little lark, you know? And I met this really interesting woman. It's amazing how much she understands me.
      Nash: Uh, how long has Inger been in Sweden?
      Joe: Uh, four weeks.
      Nash: Four weeks, okay. Now tell me about this other woman, you've been chatting with.
      Joe: Well, we don't disclose identities. See, it's one of the rules of this site.
      Nash: So, uh, lemme get this straight, you're just chatting with this woman and your wife is in Sweden, caring for her dying mother. Is that correct?
      Joe: No, that's not correct.
      Nash: Oh, really. What's not correct?
      Joe: Inger's mother is not dying. (Nash laughs)

    • Nash: Take Cassidy home for me, will 'ya?
      Cassidy: Daddy...
      Nash: Humor me. (he walks off with Joe)
      Harvey: Your car's here, hun?
      Cassidy: Yeah, Harvey, you know it's cool, I can drive myself home. My dad's just paranoid, you know?
      Harvey (chuckles): And have him hang me by my thumbs?

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