Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 24

Goodbye Kiss

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 14, 1999 on CBS
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Goodbye Kiss

The SIU gets a one week reprieve, and are back in action. They work with Jake Cage to try and hunt down Brasher, who escaped while being transported. Caitlin prepares to move to Boston. Cassidy has second thoughts about getting married. Harvey tries to figure out if he is the father of Anna's baby.


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    Leslie Hardy

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    Amanda Foreman

    Amanda Foreman

    Gina Banks

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    Cliff DeYoung

    Cliff DeYoung

    Reuben Banks

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Det. Jake Cage

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      • Nash: Am I dreaming?
        Joe: Well, if you are, I am, too.
        Nash: Harvey, what's goin' on?
        Harvey: Banks didn't call you?
        Nash: No.
        Harvey: Ah, of course he didn't.
        Joe: Alright in English, Harvey.
        Harvey: He withdrew his recommendation to shut us down so the police commission cancelled their administrative reorganization, meaning, boys, the SIU has been uncancelled.
        Nash (laughs): Well, alright!
        Jake (walks up): Hey, Bridges. I guess you got your boat back. And you can thank me whenever it's convenient.
        Nash: Oh, well, thank you. It happens to be convenient.
        Joe: Oh, right. Like you had anything to do with it.
        Jake: I've had about enough of you, Dominguez.
        Nash: Hey, hey, hey. Now why would I wanna walk away from this? So much love, so much tenderness.
        Jake: Hey, by the way, where's Cross?
        Nash: Uh, well, she didn't unchange her plans. She's gone to Boston.
        Jake: Well, that's too bad for her. I guess that means I gotta keep movin'.
        Nash: I know how you feel, Jake.
        Jake: Well, I'd like to sit around and shoot the bull all day long but there's a hell of a weather front comin' in and it's fixin' to be rainin' cats and dogs. (walks away)
        Joe: What's he talkin' about? It's beautiful out.
        Nash: Well, I know one thing. He's right about this. We've gotta have faith, you gotta go where the wind blows 'ya.

      • Harvey: I came by because I didn't want you to get hit with this out of the blue. I hired a lawyer, tomorrow you're gonna get a subpoena for a hearing regarding DNA testing, okay?
        Anna: Fine.
        Harvey: Okay.
        Anna: If we have to, we'll take the test. ... But it's not necessary, Harvey. Harvey, he's your son. I haven't slept with anyone else. Not since we split up.

      • Nash (after Jake comes out from behind the van and hits Jimmy): Jake, you idiot.
        Jake: Who's the idiot now? (one of Jimmy's men pull a gun on Jake)
        Nash: Still you, Jake.
        Jimmy: Try anything, you're over. Back off or you got a dead cop.
        Nash: Let me think about that for a minute.

      • Nash (as Jake is making coffee): Jake Cage, ladies and gentlemen, he cooks, he dances.

      • Evan: So why'd the pick up Zaccari yesterday?
        Joe: It seems like a risk that they didn't need to take.
        Jake: I'll tell 'ya why, 'cause Antwerp airport was closed yesterday due to ground fog all over the middle of the region.
        Joe: Do you tape the weather channel?
        Jake: Just the highlights. And the reason that we didn't find Zaccari is because they're holding him until she shows up with the ice.
        Nash: That's very sagacious and astute of you, Jake.
        Jake: Well, hey, it was your edification, man.
        Nash (laughs): Whatever.

      • Jake: And by the way, you know she's moving to Boston because of you? And I'll tell 'ya somethin', if makes me sick to my stomach.
        Nash: She's moving to Boston because she has a new job.

      • Caitlin: How come you're so late?
        Nash: I was working.
        Caitlin: Come on, Nash. At least try and come up with a better excuse.
        Nash: I hate good-byes.
        Caitlin: Well, then, why'd you bother coming at all?
        Nash: You're worth it. (kisses her, then turns to walk out)

      • Cassidy: Grandpa, when you got married how did you know that Grandma was the one that you wanted to be with for the rest of your life?
        Nick: Because every other woman that I ever met I always compared to Virginia. They were in one category, she was in another. No one else ever came close.
        Cassidy: So you never had any doubts?
        Nick: Doubts? Are you kidding? I was so nervous the first time I asked her to marry me she sent me off, told me to come back and ask again when I really meant it.
        Cassidy: I never heard that. What'd you do?
        Nick: I got up my nerve and I came back in a couple days and I asked her again. This time with more conviction.
        Cassidy: So it took you awhile to figure out that she was the one?
        Nick: No. We were young. I was afraid of the responsibility of getting married. I never doubted that she was the right one.

      • Jake: Man, I got things that I've gotta do.
        Nash: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That sounded very much like 'I've got some leads that I haven't told you about.'
        Jake: Hey, if something comes up, you will be the first to know.
        Nash: I better be. Before you go, put him into lock-up. And I'm charging you for these chairs.
        Jake: Aw, man.

      • Nash: You know what, next time I'm comin' alone.
        Jake: You say that but I know you don't mean it.

      • Nash: Where's the girl?
        Wong: What girl? (Jake slaps him on the back on the head)
        Jake: Hey, next sound out of your mouth better be useful information.
        Nash: I'd listen to him if I were you. He got up on the wrong side of life.

      • Jake (about Caitlin): Hey, just so you know, man. I don't mind sharing her with you for now, but you got to understand that in the long run you ain't got a chance.
        Nash (laughs): Whatever you say, Jake. You know, it's a free country.
        Jake: Hey, don't under estimate me, man. I'm pretty tenacious.
        Nash: Oh, is that what you call it?
        Jake: Well, what do you call it?
        Nash: Uh, supercilious, uncouth, contumelious.
        Jake: Ooh, that hurts. Oh, by the way, what does uncouth mean?
        Nash: Lack of polish, sense of grace, and you certainly don't have either one of those. (Jake laughs)

      • Caitlin (trying to take down a wall sconce): Actually, this is about the only thing that I have left of my grandmother's. It was her wedding gift to my mom. (drops the screwdriver) Ow.
        Nash: Uh, why don't you come down from there? I'm actually pretty good at this. I got it. (takes the screwdriver from her) So, uh, how long were your parents married?
        Caitlin: Oh, um, well, 22 years. But, um, they knew each other a long time before that. They started dating when they were 15.
        Nash: Wow.
        Caitlin: Yeah, so, in another words, don't break it, alright?
        Nash: You got it, sister. ... Uh, it's about this moving thing.
        Caitlin: You don't want me to go.
        Nash: No. I mean, I don't have a problem with you moving. Um, I just don't want you to... runaway. (Caitlin's doorbell rings)
        Caitlin: Yeah. Hold that thought. I really wanna hear this.

      • Harvey (about Jake wearing a sleeveless shirt): Anybody tell you that we're in San Francisco? It gets cold out there, brother.
        Jake: You know, any jack ass can look at a millibar chart and see that the fog is gonna lift by 11. And hell, son, by noon it'll be 75.
        Harvey (to Nash & Joe): How's he know that?
        Jake: I watch the weather channel a lot. It relaxes me.

      • Jake: Hey, Bridges!
        Nash (to himself): Oh, boy.
        Jake: Hey, where the hell's my suspect?
        Joe: Wait a minute, he's not your suspect anymore, Cage. He's ours.
        Jake: Oh, well, until I take him back.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no, no. That's not the way it works. See, possession is 9/10ths of the law, even in law enforcement, if you can believe it.
        Jake: And you think that I give a damn about that?
        Nash (laughs): No.
        Joe: Hey, look, you had your chance, Jake. We came and offered to work with you and you blew us off.
        Jake: Oh, out of my way, Dominguez. (Joe steps in his way) I'm not gonna let a couple of mendacious miscreants like yourself back me off my own gig.
        Nash: Mendacious miscreants?
        Jake: What's the matter, Bridges? You can't handle my word power?
        Nash: Oh, I got your word power. What we should do is, pool our resources.
        Jake: Man, you ain't got no resources. I think I'm gonna stay on my own.
        Nash: Well, Jake, I don't have much but whatever I have is yours including the suspect who we both know is the next step in this gig.

      • Joe: So you're gonna let her walk away, just like that?
        Nash: Joe, I made a rule for myself a long time ago. Never chase women who don't wanna be caught.
        Joe: You think I don't know that? You think Caitlin doesn't?
        Nash: What's your point?
        Joe: My point is, she never met a rule she didn't like and you never met a rule that couldn't be broken. So, why don't you hold up your end of the bargain?

      • Nash: Well, well, well, Ms. Cross. You're a better detective than I gave you credit for. How'd you find us?
        Caitlin: Well, it wasn't all that hard once you endeared yourself to Reuben Banks yesterday.
        Nash: How was Boston?
        Caitlin: It was good. The job is perfect. I heard you got yourself allowed a week reprieve.
        Nash: That would be correct.
        Caitlin: Yeah, so, what happens after that?
        Nash: Well, let me put it this way: If this place turns back into a rave club, it didn't work out. What are you doing here?
        Caitlin: I, uh, I just came to get the rest of my stuff.
        Nash: What stuff?
        Caitlin: Stuff. I've got stuff. (Nash laughs)

      • Banks: Look, my daughter's future depends on Brasher being back in custody and convicted. That's the only way she gets her immunity deal.
        Nash: Well, then you better make us your best friends because I promised the mayor that we'd get Jimmy Brasher back in jail.
        Banks: Fugitive recovery is handling this case. You stay away.
        Nash: You know Reuben, I think you're mistaken me for somebody who gives a damn about your opinion. Excuse me. (pulls away in the 'cuda)
        Joe: Oh, I get it. So if we solve this case, put the bad guys back in jail, it's gonna be very hard for the police commission to shut us down, right?
        Nash: No rust on you, baby.

      • Joe: So what's goin' on, man?
        Nash: About what?
        Joe: About you being in a daze all week, man. Look, if you don't want Caitlin to go back to Boston and accept that DEA job, why don't you just tell her?
        Nash: Well, to tell you the truth, Joe, I did tell her. I told her that I loved her.
        Joe: What, you waiting for my big reaction? Okay, I'm amazed that you finally admitted it. How's that?
        So what happened?
        Nash (laughs lightly): She got a plane and flew to Boston to discuss the details of the job. She got back yesterday. I haven't talked to her yet.

      • (Nash turns around, surprised)
        Caitlin: Hey. (pause) My flight was cancelled. I forgot to tell you something. I love you too. I love you so much. (they kiss. She moves towards bedroom. She starts to remove her clothes. Nash smiles, as he removes his jacket)

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      • At one point in this episode, Cage picks up a Folding Steel chair and Nash tells him he won't need it this time. This is a reference to Wrestling, which uses identical chairs and Cage is played by World-Famous Wrestler, Steve Austin.