Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 18

Gun Play

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 14, 1997 on CBS
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After Cassidy is shot at school, Nash and the SIU's investigation leads them to an illegal gun selling plot. Nash's home is under construction, so he and Nick move in with Lisa and Cassidy for a few days.

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    Marla Adams

    Marla Adams

    Mrs. Van Pelt

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    David L. Lander

    David L. Lander

    Norman Guilfoyle

    Guest Star

    Carlos Leon

    Carlos Leon


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    Ronald Russell (I)

    Ronald Russell (I)

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Nash: Whoa, you got into Berkeley? That's great, sweetheart. That's terrific.
        Cassidy: And I'm going... A year from this fall. I already called and asked if I could defer, and they said yes. Are you mad?
        Nash: Disappointed. But, I'm still-- You got accepted to Berkeley. That-- That's great.
        Cassidy: Thanks.
        Nash: Cassidy, listen, I-I know we don't always see eye to eye on things, but... what I've wanted-- What your mother and I always wanted for you was to be happy, that's all.
        Cassidy: Love you, daddy.
        Nash: Love you too, brat.

      • Lisa: Hey. I thought I heard you.
        Nash: Whoa, look at you. You look great.
        Lisa: Thank you. I have a date.
        Nash: Oh, yeah? Anybody I know? Whoops, sorry. None of my business.
        Lisa: It's nobody I know, blind date. Oh, by the way, the earthquake guys called, they said they're all done, for now anyway.
        Nash: We can go home, Nick.
        Lisa: Before you go, Cassidy has something she wants to show you. Um, she has had her dinner, her medications by the bed, she has my beeper number and I won't be late. (walks off)
        Nash: Damn, if I was half that organized--
        Nick: You two would've combusted a long time ago.

      • Lisa: Good morning.
        Nash: Good morning.
        Lisa: I'm not used to waking up to this. This is like, a major household thing happening here.
        Nash: Yeah, well, with any luck, Freddie will make your daughter an honest woman and you can wake up every morning to huevos rancheros gourmet style.
        Lisa (laughs): Least you haven't lost your sense of humor.
        Nash (seeing Freddie walk in): I just did.

      • Cassidy: Where's Freddie?
        Nash: He's on a break. Union rules, y'know.
        Cassidy: You're very funny, daddy.
        Nash: We don't get man moments like this anymore, do we?
        Cassidy: No.
        Nash (sighs): Yesterday, when I heard you been shot, when I saw you at the hospital, you looked so... small. So... That scared me so much. Your mom, too.
        Cassidy: Is that why you've been so overprotective about Freddie? Don't worry, dad. It's not like I'm going to have his baby or anything... yet.
        Nash: Oh, well, th-that's... comforting.
        Cassidy: You know, dad, I've been thinking.
        Nash: What?
        Cassidy: I don't want to go to college next year.
        Nash: What?
        Cassidy: I think I wanna wait.
        Nash: And do what?
        Cassidy: Well, there's some significant environmental work going on around here, y'know, the over growth forests, and I thought it might be interesting to do that for a while before I go to college.
        Nash: Honey, I-I think that's great that--
        Cassidy: Daddy, you're not going to talk me out of it.
        Nash: I'm not trying to talk you out of anything. I just don't think that you should be making those kinds of life altering decisions while you're in this condition.
        Cassidy: Daddy, I've made up my mind already.
        Nash: I'm thinkin' that we talk about this tmr. G'night, sweetheart.

      • Nick: Just like old times, huh, Nash?
        Nash: What is?
        Nick: You, me, Lisa, Cassidy back under one roof.
        Nash: What are you talkin' about? We never lived under one roof.
        Nick: Details, son. Details. Home cooking, a woman's touch can spoil a man.
        Nash: Mmmhmm. Well, don't get too used to it, 'cause after tomorrow, it's back to being the Odd Couple for you and me.

      • Mrs. Van Pelt: I'm sure it was an accident. Let me talk to the parents, I'll work it out.
        Nash: You are talking to the parent. Your son shot my daughter.
        Mrs. Van Pelt: Fine. How much?
        Nash: You've got to be kiddin' me.
        Mrs. Van Pelt: Now, I'm talking about what's best for your daughter. She gets nothing out of my son going to jail. I know the best plastic surgeons in the city, whatever it takes. Just gimme a number. I'm a rich woman Inspector, don't be shy.
        Nash: 100 million dollars... Wouldn't even being to cover it. Now I'm going to suggest you put that away before I misconstrue this as a bribe, okay?

      • Lisa (crying): Somebody almost took our baby from us, Nash.
        Nash: I know.
        Lisa: We almost lost her today, we almost lost her.
        Nash: I know.
        Lisa: You know, you bring a child into the world, you sacrifice, you work so hard to raise her, protect her, because that's your job. But it's not possible, is it? You can't protect her because you can't be there all the time, you can't stop every stupid accident from happening.
        Nash: No.
        Lisa: You know, here we are waiting for colleges, waiting to see if she's accepted, where she's gonna go, the next stage of her life... The next thing I know the phone rings and some stranger is telling me my daughter has been shot.
        Nash: It's alright, babe.
        Lisa: Oh, god, Nash. What if she--
        Nash: Don't even think it.

      • Nash: Norman, damn it. Don't do this, Norman. You're gonna have to knock this off, I don't want to have to hurt 'ya. (Nash's phone rings)
        Joe: Does Norman have your phone number?
        Nash: Why not? Everybody else does.

      • Timothy: Okay okay okay okay. Wait a mintue.
        Joe: Four okays.
        Nash: Was that four?
        Joe: Must be offical, he's ready to deal.

      • (After a shootout at his house)
        Brain: What happened?
        Joe: You lived.

      • (About Freddie and Cassidy)
        Nash: So uh, Lisa, what would be the rules around here for meal visits?
        Lisa: Come on, Nash, you think I'd let someone sleep here with Cassidy?
        Nash: One would hope not, not under my roof.
        Nick: We're not under your roof, son.
        Nash: Oh, and that's another thing, she's decided she's not going to college.
        Lisa: I know we've been dicussing it.
        Nash: Oh we have, when were we going to tell me?
        Lisa: I didn't wanna worry you.
        Nash: Me? Worried? (laughs, looks towards Nick) Do I look worried?
        Nick: You are a little red in the face.
        Nash: Well you would be too if your daughter was gonna give up college and go live amoung the damn trees.

      • (After Freddie gives Cassidy flowers)
        Joe: So Freddie comes in with the flowers and...
        Nash: Did you see that bouquet?
        Joe: Mmhmm.
        Nash: It was huge. He comes in and gives it to Cassidy and all of a sudden she feels better now that he's there.
        Joe: And that's the problem, huh? That used to be your job. Look, Cassidy's getting ready to leave the nest okay. She's transferring her affections to somebody her own age. It's-- it's natural. (Nash gives him a look) Alright, look at it this way, in a couple years she'll come around man, she'll be taking care of you just like you're taking care of Nick. It's beautiful.
        Nash: Oh, now that's comforting.
        Joe: Well, I'm here to help.

      • (After the suspect talks in the interrogation)
        Nash: I'll call mommy.

      • Nash: Norman! (Norman shoots at them)
        Joe: Since when does Norman carry a gun?
        Nash: Since now.
        Norman: I'm not going to jail, Bridges.
        Nash: Norman, I hear 'ya but look here's the deal, if you would have done your job better we wouldn't have caught 'ya, but now that we did we gotta take you in.
        Norman: Just go away. (shoots at them again)
        Nash: Son of a bitch! He's just bad enough to actually hit somebody.

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