Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 19

Hard Cell

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2000 on CBS



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    • Harvey: Howard, you mean-- You-- You can't do anything?
      Howard: To put her back into running condition? For what it will cost 'ya you can buy my family's farm in Ohio. And that's if you can find the parts. Sorry, man. (walks away)
      Evan: Look, Harvey she died in the line of duty, right? I mean-- I mean, that's a noble thing.
      Harvey: I know, man, it's just-- A whole chapter, a passage.
      Evan: Well, there was life after Jerry passed, right? Don't worry, you'll get through it. I'll give you a second. (walks off)
      Harvey (gets into his car): Took Christy Hart, to watch 'Smokey and The Bandit Part 2', at that drive-in, (sighs) ... not really watching but... 167 dead shows, baby. 42 states. I'm gonna miss 'ya.

    • Evan: So, what's goin' on with, Anna?
      Harvey: She's got a new boyfriend. He imports Rattan furniture from the Philippines or something. Oh, dig this, the dude doesn't speak on Fridays, for some reason. (Evan gives him a weird look) I kid you not.
      Evan: And this is the guy that's spending every day with your kid when you're not there?
      Harvey (chuckles): Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Joe: Hey, thanks for the recommendation.
      Nash: What'd I do?
      Joe: The delivery guy, ah excuse me, mobile waiter from your favorite restaurant? This morning, I came out and found this (holds up nail) stuck in my tire. You know how hard it is to change a flat on a hill? (throws the nail on Nash's desk)
      Nash: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. I think you skipped a few beats.
      Joe: Oh, yeah, yeah. I forgot about the part where the food came cold two days in a row and now I'm being stalked by a mobile waiter.
      Nash: Well, it sounds like to me, you got yourself a bona fide nut job. My question is, why are you talking to me? Why don't you call the restaurant manager and complain to him? Oh, sorry. That would rational.
      Joe: As a matter of fact I was on my way there to it right now.
      Nash (holds up the nail): You wanna take this with you? (Joe takes it from him) Oh, and if they're open for lunch try the tuttimari. It's great. (Joe gives him a look)

    • Nash: Ah, Ms. Cross, I know that you only requested those files and reports going back two years, but I thought it'd be a helpful frame of refernce if I got them going back five years.
      Caitlin: Why are you being so coroportive?
      Nash: Because I trust and respect you, Ms. Cross. Why are you being so suspicous?
      Caitlin: Because I know you.
      Nash: Well, then I you know that I am nothing, if not helpful. Tommy, Boomer. (Tommy and Boomer wheel in about five boxes of files each on dollies)
      Caitlin (laughs): Oh, okay, I get it. You know, it's a really good idea, but there's no way it's gonna work.
      Nash: Well, if you need anything else, just call me.
      Caitlin: Call you what?
      Nash: Anything but late for dinner.
      Caitlin: Very funny.

    • (After Nash let Rose go)
      Nash: Slow day? Or are you just watching how it's done?
      Caitlin: How many people over the years have escaped your custody?
      Nash: Not many.
      Caitlin: How many?
      Nash: You'd have to check with the records keeper. I don't keep track of stuff like that.
      Caitlin: Mmhmm. Two, I checked.
      Nash: Two, huh?
      Caitlin: You know, I was wondering with a record like that, how it is that a 115 pound white collar criminal riding with you in your 'Cuda on her way back to prison manages to give you the slip?
      Nash: You were wondering that, huh?
      Caitlin: Uh-huh.
      Nash: Don't you have enough to do already? (Caitlin smiles and walks away)

    • Nash: Well, I had no idea that you were gonna be an assassian and a sabatoer.
      Caitlin: Nash, all I did was tell her my experiences and I answered her questions, okay?
      Nash: Did you happen to mention to Cassidy that your finacee was murdered by your former boss?
      Caitlin: Well, ... it didn't come up.
      Nash: Oh, it just slipped your mind?
      Caitlin: It never seemed appropiate.
      Nash: Well, yeah, that's because it is very inappropiate to murder someone, that's why it shoulda come up.
      Caitlin: You know what? It's not my fault. She just seemed so gung-ho, you know. The girl just wants to kick some butt.
      Nash: I know.
      Caitlin: Do you have any idea where she might have got that from?
      Nash: No, none. And thank you very much.

    • (They are at the shooting range. Nash is looking at Cassidy's results)
      Nash: Hey, that's not bad. Actually, it's pretty damn excellent.
      Cassidy: Yeah, well, I had a pretty good teacher. (Nash laughs) Look, dad, I know why you brought me down here. (sighs) To get this urge for adventure outta my system.
      Nash: If I told you it was 'cause we haven't been shooting in awhile would you believe me?
      Cassidy: No.
      Nash: You know what? Join the CIA, sign up for as many years as they'll take 'ya.
      Cassidy: You know, dad, this whole reverse psychology thing, it's not gonna work.
      Nash: Did you talk to Caitlin?
      Cassidy: Yeah, I did and it was good. She encouraged me that this could be a very good job to take.
      Nash: Caitlin Cross? About this high? (motions with his hand) Auburn hair, blue eyes, kind of pretty?
      Cassidy: Yeah, why?
      Nash: She's dead.
      Cassidy: Dad, why? What do you have against this? Give me one good reason.
      Nash: I don't want you involved in anything that some Washington jerk-off can decide that the life of a mission is more important than yours. That's numbers one, two and three.

    • Nash (putting a doughnut and coffee on her desk): Hi.
      Caitlin: After what you pulled, uh-uh. I don't think so.
      Nash: C'mon. That's the best doughnut in the box. You know how many cops I had to fight for that?
      Caitlin: You don't like doughnuts.
      Nash: I hate doughnuts. That one's for you.
      Caitlin: What do you want?
      Nash: Uh, a little favor.
      Caitlin: Uh-huh... And you think you buy me with a doughnut.
      Nash: Not usually.
      Caitlin: Uh-huh.
      Nash: This one just concerns Cassidy.
      Caitlin: Oh, well... Alright, for Cassidy I'll accept the bribe.
      Nash: She's got it in her head somehow she wants to join the CIA.
      Caitlin: And you want me to talk her out of it?
      Nash: No, no, no. You just have to give her your expierence. I'm sure she'll be able to figure out how bad it is for her on her own.
      Caitlin: Mmhmm. And why can't you tell her all this?
      Nash: She's not gonna listen to me. I'm her father, she's programmed to do the exact opposite of what I say.
      Caitlin: Well, maybe it's uh, the way you say it. Did you ever tink of that?
      Nash: I will if you do the favor.
      Caitlin: Alright, I've been meaning to have lunch with Cassidy anyway.
      Nash (kisses her head): You're the greatest.

    • Nash: Hi, sweetheart. What's up?
      Cassidy (hands him a pamphet): This. I got it out the job fair today. They're recruiting.
      Nash: CIA.
      Cassidy: Yeah, what's wrong?
      Nash: For you?
      Cassidy: Yeah, for me. This guy had a lot of good things to say.
      Nash: Trust me on this one, my darlin'. You can do a hell of a lot better.
      Cassidy: What's that supposed to mean?
      Nash: It means that you didn't go to Berkeley to join the damn CIA.
      Cassidy: Okay, so what did I go to Berkeley to do, dad?
      Nash: Allow me to indulge in a little parental fantasy. I don't know, I had to somewhere in my mind that maybe there would a Dr. Cassidy Bridges, or maybe Sentor Cassidy Bridges, or Cassidy Bridges, environmental adovcate.
      Cassidy: And what if that's not what I wanna do?
      Nash: Well, then there's computer sciences, engineering, anthropology--
      Cassidy: Wait a minute, wait, wait. Let's back up here for a second. I didn't come asking for your opinion. I'm an adult, I was here asking for your opinion, Dad.
      Nash: You want my opinion? You're not doing this.
      Cassidy: I can't take this. I really can't take this. (starts walking away)
      Nash: Cassidy don't sign anything. (Cassidy keeps walking) Cassidy! (to himself) I'm havin' a boy next time.

    • Caitlin: Hey, Nash?
      Nash: Mmhmm.
      Caitlin: I heard you furloughed a prisoner.
      Nash: Mmhmm.
      Caitlin: Would that be her?
      Nash: Why, yes, it would be.
      Caitlin: I uh, don't see any cuffs. Is she not in capitivity?
      Nash: She's a 115 pound, white collar criminal in a police station with 47 cops. I don't know, I'm feelin' pretty good about it.
      Caitlin: You know that's not how regulations say it should be done.
      Nash: Don't you have some reading or something that you have to do?
      Caitlin: You know, I'm only looking out for you.
      Nash: Oh, yes, I know you are.

    • Cassidy: Well, I rethrought this whole CIA thing.
      Nash: Really?
      Cassidy: Yeah, try and pretend that you don't care, okay?
      Nash: I'm trying.
      Cassidy: So, I went to see their San Francisco offices. And um, they're a bunch of gray-looking people sitting there at their desks, with papers piled all the way to the ceiling.
      Nash: Really?
      Cassidy: Yeah. And I already caught them in a lie about where I'd be located. You believe that?
      Nash (laughs): The CIA lying? Nah, get outta here. All I ever wanted was for you to realize that you're gonna have so many choices in your life.
      Cassidy: Well, dad. There's always the possiblity that I signed something already and I can't tell you.
      Nash: Uh... I'm tryin' not to think about that.
      Cassidy: Dad, are you really as cynical about the government as you sound?
      Nash: Um... I'm a guy that likes to put people ahead of institutions unless, of course, I'm putting them into institutions.
      Cassidy: And that's why I love you.

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