Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 1998 on CBS
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Nash and Joe have to babysit Mickey Tripp (Paul Gleason), a motormouth shockjock, after a body armor-wearing assassin tries to kill him. Their search for the assassin is compounded by the fact that Nick has hired them on an off-duty case to find his softball team's star pitcher - a Salvadoran defector named Chus (Jose Canseco), who's on the run from the INS (Karl Malone). Caitlin babysits her roommate's kids.moreless

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    Paul Gleason

    Paul Gleason

    Mickey Tripp

    Guest Star

    Jessica Hopper

    Jessica Hopper

    Randi Sullivan Tripp

    Guest Star

    Lisa Darr

    Lisa Darr


    Guest Star

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Nash: Hey, what happened to your child labor?
        Caitlin: Oh, their mom finally came home now I'm stuck doing my own clerical work.
        Nash: Well, at least you'll know where everything is.
        Caitlin: Yeah. You know, Darla says she wants to become a magician I think maybe you charmed her.
        Nash: Oh, really? You know, cheap tricks sometimes work the best as long as they come from the heart.

      • Randi (as the disco show starts): What the hell is happening?
        Nash: Ignore it. It'll go away.
        Joe: Hopefully.
        Randi (after it stops): What was that?
        Nash: Uh, we're not really sure ourselves, but you're still on the hook, sister.
        Randi: Alright. You'll help me with a deal?
        Nash: I guarantee you're gonna do better than Kirkland.
        Randi: Mind if I smoke?
        Nash: Why not, the barge does.

      • Nash: You bet Mr. Woody on a softball game?
        Nick: Yes.
        Nash: Well, what did Augie put up?
        Nick: Half interest in his bar.
        Nash: Let me get this straight. If you lose, he gets Mr. Woody. If you win, you get your lifelong rival, your arch enemy as a business partner? What the hell kind of a bet is that?
        Nick: I don't know. It sounded good at the time!

      • (Darla and Henry are sitting by Caitlin's desk, putting papers into envelopes)
        Caitlin: Uh, Nash, I have a question for you. The Larkin case back in '95--
        Nash: Yeah, well, I got a question for you, too. You don't have any children.
        Caitlin: No.
        Joe: What'd you lease these?
        Caitlin: It's a long story.
        Nash: Ha. Well, how about giving us the short version you know, the one where we're no co-conspirators in violating child labor laws, that one.
        Caitlin: They're my roommates kids, alright? She left them with me and I have no way of getting in touch with her so I brought them to the office. This is Darla, this is Henry. Say 'Hi.'
        Darla & Henry: Hi.
        Nash: Hi, Darla. Hi, Henry. How 'ya doin'?
        Darla & Henry: Good.
        Nash (to Caitlin): So, pagan, do they work for room and board, is that the idea?
        Caitlin: For your information when I was their age, my parents treated me like an adult and I turned out just fine.
        Nash (to Joe): That's scary.
        Caitlin: They're fine. Aren't you, kids? You're fine.
        Henry: Yes, Ms. Cross.
        Darla: She gave us donuts.
        Nash (to Joe): Donuts. Big spender, too. Scary. (Joe laughs)

      • Nash: You know his girlriend, Rosiattia?
        Nick: Little latin spitfire about yay high--
        Nash: Yeah, yeah, you got her.
        Nick: Yeah, she's come to the bar after a few games.
        Nash: Mmhmm. Well, she's hiding him, she won't even let us talk to him.
        Nick: You're telling me that you couldn't get past her?
        Nash: Nick, it's not a police case.
        Nick: Did you explain to her the importance of the game?
        Nash: Nick, I can't make the guy play. Plus, I'm a cop. We've got rules here, y'know. He's entitled to live his own life, not to mention Rosiattia. I doubt anyone could get her to surrender that guy. So, if he doesn't want to come out and play, there's nothing more you can do and there's nothing more I can do.
        Nick: You promised you'd help.
        Nash: And I did what I thought I could do.
        Nick: Which was practically nothing.
        Nash: Nick, what the hell is so important about this game?
        Nick: I should've just gone to Joe. He doesn't any problem taking the law into his own hands.
        Nash: Nick, it's a game. It's a softball game.
        Nick: No, it's not!

      • Harvey: Any idea who might want your ex-husband dead?
        Randi: I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want him dead. But that's just the people who know him personally.

      • Nash: Hey, Nick. What's going on?
        Nick: Just wondering how you're doing on the Chus hunt.
        Nash: Nick, we got a little police work here, we're a little busy. I promise you that we'll get to it.
        Nick: No hurry. We've got two whole days.
        Nash: Nick, I'll find him.
        Nick: If I was a paying customer instead of a nuisance of a father you probably already would have found him.
        Nash: Nick. Come on now, hold on. You know that I'm going to find the guy, I promise.
        Nick: That's what you said about cleaning out the garage 23 years ago. I don't believe it ever got done. (walks out)
        Nash: Joe, call Chuy over at Barney's and see if he can help us find this Chus character.
        Joe: Already ahead of 'ya. Chus has a girlfriend, Rosattia, lives in the Mission on 19th and Harrison.
        Nash: Oh, beautiful. Hey, lemme ask you somethin', you have any idea why Nick's on a tear about this thing?
        Joe: Yeah. You never cleaned out the garage.

      • (On the phone)
        Nash: Nash.
        Nick: Son, it's me. Your father.
        Nash: When you call me son, I pretty much narrow it down to you, Nick.

      • (Nash is showing her a card trick)
        Caitlin: You know, it's crossed my mind that, um, well, maybe we should attempt to be friends.
        Nash: You mean like keep your friends close, your enemies closer?
        Caitlin: I don't think of you as my enemy.
        Nash: Really? You could have fooled me.
        Caitlin (she picks a card, Nash put it back into the deck, and hands her a card back): Well Nash, not even close. You got the nine of clubs here. My card was the ace of hearts.
        Nash: Hah, well. That trick usually works.
        Caitlin: Well, I guess your magic just doesn't work on everybody.
        Nash: Well, maybe you're right. Sometimes it just takes longer on some people than others. (Caitlin oens the folder on her desk and sees the Ace there)

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