Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2000 on CBS
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Nash goes undercover to try and stop a high-end heist artist. Joe helps a pompous restaurant critic who's received death threats. Nash decides to allow Evan to come back to the SIU, and it takes him some getting used to. Harvey helps out a troubled 12 year old boy, who he catches breaking into a house with a gun. Caitlin takes an administrative job within the department.


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  • lame episode armored car robbed bad guys get away,caitlin on cocaine again,nash has sex with a stranger,some ppl die some get arrested big deal boring but the whole caitlin yasmine bleeth cocaine addiction cover up is great,even the blind could see itmoreless

    It\\\'s a completely cloudy day and caitlin cross(yasmine bleeth) is wearing sunglasses along with the rest of the on scene cast ?makes sense ? no! because yasmine bleeth a full blown cocaine addict at this time had bloodshot eyes to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the end is near for her though as she gets ready to leave the show,the crew removes her sunglasses packs on the face make up,gets the visine pumped in her eyes,puts on the dark lipstick,then tells nash that she\\\'s not leaving but will audit his unit(paybacks a beach and she\\\'s in heat) also the usual lame crimesolving happens as an armored car is robbed and they track the bad guys plus a snake gets loose in the police stationmoreless

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    • Caitlin: Well, guess what?
      Nash: You took the job. I heard.
      Caitlin: Why do you always have to be one step ahead of me, you do, don't you?
      Nash (laughs): Well, yeah. If I wasn't I'd be one step behind you.
      Caitlin: Well, then I assume that you've heard about my first assignment.
      Nash: No.
      Caitlin: No?
      Nash: No.
      Caitlin: Well, uh, I've been ordered to do a full financial audit of the SIU. How do you feel about meeting me here Monday, say 7am? That way we can get started before the day's crush. Is that good for you?
      Nash: Well, no. That's not good for me.
      Caitlin: Well, then I guess if you get here any later, I can just start with out you. I know my way around. (walks off)
      Nash (to Joe): Can this possibly be happening? (Joe shrugs)

    • Nash: Got some thing that you wanna tell me?
      Caitlin: Like what?
      Nash: Well, like-- Oh, I don't know like any jobs offers that you might've gotten.
      Caitlin: How did you hear about that?
      Nash: The chief called me.
      Caitlin: What, did he ask you for a refernce?
      Nash: Oh, I wouldn't say 'refernce', it was more of a FYI, heads up sort of thing. Said there's a job opening for chief adminstator of the special units. I assume that at some point you were gonna tell me about it.
      Caitlin: Yes, I was... I mean, of course. I wanted to make sure that it was real first, and that I was going to take it.
      Nash: Really?
      Caitlin: Yeah. You do realize that technically it would make me your boss.
      Nash (laughs): Technically, maybe, but practically... I don't know.
      Caitlin: Well, you don't have to worry about it, whatever happens I would never dream of telling you how to run the SIU on a procedural level. It's um, well, it's all the adminstration stuff that has me a little bit concerned.
      Nash: Caitlin Cross, I think that you would make a fantastic adminstrator for the special units.
      Caitlin: Uh huh. I get it. So basically, you're saying that it's fine as long as I keep out of your hair.
      Nash: That's a grand idea! I'm glad you thought of that.

    • (After he was undercover as Terrance Gault, Gault had a pet snake who Nash takes to the SIU after the case is closed)
      Animal Control: Captain Bridges, this cage is empty and I can't find the snake.
      Nash: Well, I suggest that we find him quickly. Where might he likely be?
      Animal Control: Well, they like warm dark places. (Caitlin walks by with a box) Well, like that box. (Caitlin immediatly drops the box. Everybody starts running out of the SIU)
      Nash: Wait, wait. Guys, guys. I spent the night with him in a hotel last night. It's a snake, like a tabloid reporter for goodness sakes.
      Joe (as he's leaving): Yeah, well, tell us when you find him. (Nash is looking around. The phone rings)
      Nash: Captain Bridges, SIU. No, no. (climbs onto of his desk) I'm the only one here right now.

    • Nash: I thought I told you to be gone when I got back.
      Chase: I wanted a chance to say goodbye.
      Nash: Okay, goodbye.
      Chase: Not even a kiss? (moves closer to him)
      Nash: Don't even push it, little girl.
      Chase: Hmm. Thanks for not arresting me.
      Nash: I'm still thinkin' about it. (they kiss) You should've been gone while you had the chance.
      Chase (pulls him on the bed): I think we should talk about this in bed, don't you?
      Nash: Well, you know what I think? I-- (Chase kisses him, he holds up handcuffs)
      Chase (puts her arms above her head): I give up.
      Nash (throws the handcuffs to the side): You're never gonna give up. (kisses her, and they fall onto the bed again)

    • (Chase has ordered dinner)
      Chase: Since you're keepin' me prisoner here I figured you're the only date I could get.
      Nash: I don't date people that I work with.
      Chase: Oh, bad expierence?
      Nash: Uh, learning expierence.
      Chase: Oh... (laughs) I never learn.
      Nash: Now who didn't know that?
      Chase: I ordered yours rare.
      Nash: Perfect. Now, to be fair I have to tell you that nothing is gonna happen.
      Chase: What do you mean?
      Nash: You know what I mean. Now, eat your peas like a good little girl.

    • Nash: Oh, guess who else is in this little play.
      Joe: Who?
      Nash: Remember Chase?
      Joe: Chase? (pauses) Ooh, that Chase.
      Nash: She's working as a facilitator for Jackson. But I got her at my hotel on ice, to keep her outta trouble.
      Joe: Yeah, well, certain kinds of trouble.
      Nash: Oh. No, no, no, no, bubba. I do not mix business and pleasure. (pause) Except on leap years. (Joe laughs)

    • (while undercover)
      Nash: I do believe I told you to stay away from bad guys.
      Chase: Nuh-uh. You told me to stay outta trouble. It's not the same thing. I missed you, Nash.
      Nash: Ah, the name's Gault -- Terrance Gault. And don't you forget it or I will bust you so quick and so hard it'll make you forget your own name.
      Chase: You bust me and I'll blow your cover.
      Nash: Don't play me, Chase.
      Chase: Can't we comprimise? You help me, I help you.
      Nash: This is not a negotiation. You help me and I'll figure out what I'm gonna do with you later.
      Chase: Ooh. (kisses him) Sounds exciting. (Nash laughs)

    • Nash: I need to know that all the crap is in the past and you're commited.
      Evan: It is, Nash, I swear. I promise I won't let you down.
      Nash: Welcome back. (sets his gun and badge on the table) Your gun and your badge.
      Harvey (walks up): It's offical?
      Nash (smiles): Yes, it is. (Harvey and Evan hug)
      Harvey: It's great, man.
      Evan: It's better than great.

    • Nash: I just wanted to give you the heads up.
      Harvey: My head's up. Hit me.
      Nash: What do you think about bringing Evan back to the SIU?
      Harvey: Hmm. ... Honestly?
      Nash: Well, you could lie but I'd see through it.
      Harvey: I'd love to see him come back but, I don't know if he's ready.
      Nash: Yeah, me either. Only one way to find out.
      Harvey: Hey, I'm up for it.
      Nash (smiles): Me, too. Let's do it.

    • (Undercover, after he knocks out a security guard)
      Nash: Ooh, now you're gonna have a headache.

    • (while undercover)
      Jackson: I thought you said that this plan was fool proof.
      Nash: I didn't know there was gonna be so many fools, next time I will.

    • (Chase is laying on Nash's bed in his hotel room, eating chips)
      Nash: Don't get comfortable. You're sleepin' on the couch.
      Chase: What makes you think that I'm sleeping here at all? I've got my own room.
      Nash: Because I intend to keep my eye on you. And I do not like crumbs in my bed. (takes the chips from her) Thank you very much.
      Chase: What do you like in your bed?
      Nash: Somebody warm, cuddly, and trustworthy.
      Chase: Considering I could have you killed with one slip of the tongue, you aren't being very nice.
      Nash: Well, you just better be careful where you slip your tongue, hadn't you, sister? In the meantime, tell me about this dame that they have hostage.
      Chase: I told you. I don't know anything. I'm just a facilitator. You know, a broker. They need a truck, a car, a room, a driver. I get that. That's all I do.
      Nash: How do you get yourself into these things, just outta curiosity?
      Chase: Mm. I'm attracted to execitment. That's probably why I like you.
      Nash (laughs): Cute.

    • Nash: I ain't bad, but the bad don't mess with me.

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