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Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 5

High Society

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 1999 on CBS
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High Society

When an international fugitive comes to town for his daughter's wedding, Caitlin reluctantly agrees to go undercover with Jake Cage, but first must train him in the ways of high society. Joe and Nash get hired to break into a building to figure out the flaws in the security system. When a valuable violin actually gets stolen, the prime suspect becomes someone from Joe's new detectives in training class, where Joe had talked about the case. Evan befriends a prostitute. Nash and Caitlin argue about the seriousness of their relationship.


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    Scott Capurro

    Scott Capurro


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    Karina Andrews

    Diedre Hartwell

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    Francois Chau

    Francois Chau

    Albert Lee

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Det. Jake Cage

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    Christian J. Meoli

    Christian J. Meoli

    Boz Bishop

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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Nash: Oh, hi there. Well, you got your wish. You got to be the center of that whole gig.
        Caitlin: Yeah. Yeah, I did.
        Nash: How'd it feel?
        Caitlin: Mm. I guess it had it's pluses and minuses.
        Nash: Mm. So, uh, was he a good kisser? (smirks)
        Caitlin: Yeah.
        Nash (stops smirking): Really?
        Caitlin: But not as good as you.
        Nash (smiles): Oh, good.
        Caitlin: Good?
        Nash: Uh, very good.
        Caitlin: Well, I just suppose that I'll have to settle for very good. (kisses him) I got you a present. (shows Nash the background on his computer is the picture Nash took of Caitlin and Jake) New screensaver. It's for your scrapbook.
        Nash: That's not funny.
        Caitlin: Yeah, it is. That's funny.
        Nash: That's not funny. (they kiss)

      • Caitlin: I have to hand it to you. You did a lot better than I thought you would. You were almost charming.
        Jake: Almost?
        Caitlin: Alright, you had your moments. You had a couple moments.
        Jake: What I said about you to that cowboy's wife, I wasn't playing no part then. I meant it.
        Caitlin: Uh, I really don't know what you're talking about.
        Jake: I know you overheard me. I wanted you to.
        Caitlin: Look, you have something, you really do. You definitely have something. It's just not for me.
        Jake: So you're sayin' you're over me?
        Caitlin: I'm sayin' that you should get over me because you're not my type.
        Jake: Oh, and like Bridges is? I know you better than that, Cross. Hell, we've been to a wedding together. You've been on my hog, we've fox trotted.
        Caitlin (laughs): Please, please. Just get over it, okay? You know what? Now that your cultivated I think maybe, you could start callin' me Caitlin.
        Jake: Fair enough, Caitlin. (grabs her and kisses her) You're not over me, not by a long shot.

      • (Nash, Evan and Harvey are watched/listening to Jake and Caitlin in the wedding. Jake and Caitlin are mic'd so they can talk back to them)
        Nash (after Jake puts his arm around Caitlin): Uh, Jake you wanna lighten up there on my woman? Uh, you're about to cut off her circulation.

      • (Nash, Evan and Harvey are watched/listening to Jake and Caitlin in the wedding. Jake and Caitlin are mic'd so they can talk back to them)
        Woman: You seem so very different. How'd you meet?
        Jake: Well, how we met wasn't important. It's how I felt when I met her, kinda like I found the other half of me. You know, I realized that no matter how different we are that I just had to be a part of her life. You know what the funny thing is? I'm not the romantic type. It's not second nature to me. But, uh, there's something about that woman that really gets under my skin, y'know? (Caitlin walks up)
        Woman: You got yourself a winner, honey. You hold onto him.
        Nash: Oh, god. I'm gonna throw up.

      • Joe: You had Nina up here, didn't you? Didn't 'ya? Why didn't you tell me this?
        Boz: Because it's embarrassing, alright, G? Me fooling around with a white chick. Plus, you know, I didn't think that it was very relevant.
        Joe: Well, it's relevant if she did it!

      • (Nash, Evan and Harvey are watched/listening to Jake and Caitlin in the wedding. Jake and Caitlin are mic'd so they can talk back to them)
        Jake: What's wrong with you, Cross? You've been runnin' hot and cold all day. (Harvey and Nash laugh inside the van) Nash, you really know have to work this poor girl.
        Nash: Last time I drove her, she was runnin' fine.
        Caitlin (takes her mic out of her ear): Just stop it!
        Jake: He started it. (Caitlin walks away) I hope you're happy, Bridges.
        Nash: I'll let you know in about an hour.

      • (Nash, Evan and Harvey are watched/listening to Jake and Caitlin in the wedding. Jake and Caitlin are mic'd so they can talk back to them)
        Jake: You want a beer, Cross?
        Caitlin: Uh, glass of champagne, please.
        Nash: Uh, one beer only Jake.
        Caitlin: Uh, don't worry, Nash. I'll watch 'em.
        Jake: See, that Bridges? She can't keep her eyes off of me.
        Nash (laughs to Harvey and Evan): This is already fun.

      • Caitlin (sarcastically): Great way to apprehend criminals. You just bang 'em over the head with your briefcase.
        Jake: Yeah, when I get lucky.

      • (About to take a picture of Jake & Caitlin before the wedding)
        Nash: Come on, stand right next to this window over here.
        Caitlin: What?
        Nash: No, no, no. Come on.
        Caitlin: Nash. (they move over to the window) I don't believe this.
        Nash: Come on. Now get close together. Closer. Say 'beer'.
        Jake: Wait, lemme get on my good side.
        Caitlin: This is ridiculous.
        Nash: I want this for my scrapbook.
        Caitlin: You don't have a scrapbook.
        Nash: I'm starting one just for this. (laughs and takes the picture)

      • Jake (points to a ruffled dress shirt): I want a shirt like that. The fluffy kind.
        Caitlin: We are going to a society wedding, not a bowling tournament.
        Jake: Well, I like that one.
        Caitlin (sternly): No!

      • Boz: So this fella other there paid you to break into his own office? (Joe nods) Damn. That's whack, jack.
        Joe: Yes, it's uh, way whack.

      • (Caitlin is trying to teach Jake proper eating etiquette)
        Caitlin: We need to blend with a table full of very wealthy people and wealthy people have, well, their own code of manners.
        Jake: Well, in my experience wealthy folks are the most ill mannered folks on the planet.
        Caitlin: We are dealing with a certain social strata here. That, maybe, in your experience, you know, with drug dealers and... well, with other people... you know, you haven't been exposed to them yet. So... (notices how Jake is eating) Wh-What are you doing? Why are you holding your fork like a hammer?
        Jake: So you really think you can teach me how to eat proper?
        Caitlin: I think that I can teach anybody anything.
        Jake (with mouth full): I pretty much managed well my entire life without this information.
        Caitlin: Alright, do you wanna get Malick, or not? Because I really do. And if he spots you before we spot him, then it's not good. So you need to blend! And please, don't talk with your mouth full.

      • Nash: I thought that you were supposed to be giving out homework, not doing it.
        Joe: Hey, a good teach prepares, man.
        Nash: And how is class going this semester, Professor Dominguez?
        Joe: Well, at $120 a head, very, very good.
        Nash (laughs): Spoken like a true educator.
        Joe: Hey, well, it's not just for the money, you know. I actually enjoy teaching. And with Inger and Lucia gone, I mean, how else would I fill my nights?
        Nash (holds up his hand): Ah, ah, ah, ah. Don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

      • Boz: Yo, Paco, since I unravelled the mystery, you gonna promote me to detective?
        Joe: Boz, you don't get credit for unraveling something that you caused.
        Boz: Why don't you kill that noise, obi-wan menudo? See? You're doin' it again. (motions towards Nash) He snap at you, and you make a bitch outta me, it ain't right.
        Nash: The only thing that ain't right around here, bubba, is you.
        Boz: What are you talkin' about?
        Nash: Well, for one thing, you are not black.
        Boz: Whatch'u talkin' 'bout?
        Nash: You... are not... black. (Nash and Joe walk inside)
        Boz: What's he been smokin'?

      • (Nash, Evan and Harvey are watched/listening to Jake and Caitlin in the wedding. Jake and Caitlin are miked so they can talk back to them)
        Woman (about Jake, to Caitlin): You got yourself a winner, honey. You hold onto him.
        Nash: Oh, god. I wanna throw up.

      • (Caitlin and Jake are dressed for the wedding)
        Nash: Wow, you look incredible!
        Caitlin: Oh, that's what Jake just said.
        Nash: Oh, no you look good too. Is that a new dress?
        Caitlin (coldly): Old dress.
        Nash: Oh, I must've been too preoccupied with your mood to notice.
        Jake: Now break it up guys, this is supposed to be a joyous occasion.

      • Joe: Well, Boz didn't do it.
        Nash: Well, who did?
        Joe: Ah, I'm workin' on it.
        Nash: You want some help? 'Cause I'm defintly in the mood.
        Joe: No, I got it. Don't worry. I got it.

      • Caitlin: What are we doing?
        Nash: About... what?
        Caitlin: About our relationship. I mean, do you see this as, um, you know a lasting thing moving towards a more permanent situation, or more like a temporary thing?
        Nash: I am... exceedingly hopeful. How about that?
        Caitlin: Well, that's not the answer I was looking for.
        Nash: Darlin', we are great together. How about we just don't push it?
        Caitlin: You think I'm pushing it. (walks over to her desk, he follows)
        Nash: You wouldn't want a guy that fawns all over 'ya, now would 'ya?
        Caitlin: No, no. I guess I wouldn't. It's a really good thing, too, because you're certainly not one of those kinda guys.
        Nash: Exactly. I mean, you wouldn't have any respect for me.
        Caitlin: How do you know?
        Nash: What do you mean how would I know? Uh, lemme think, um... How do you feel about Jake Cage?
        Caitlin: Wh-What? What does Jake Cage have to do with any of this?
        Nash: Well, you're spending time with Jake Cage, and he's a big fawner, isn't he? How do you feel about him?
        Caitlin: Wait, wait, a minute. You're tellin' me you put me with Jake to- to prove some sort of a point?
        Nash: No, I put you with Jake to get Malick. ... Maybe a little bit to prove a point.
        Caitlin: You are so unbelievable.
        Nash: What?
        Caitlin: You know, lemme tell you a little somethin' about Jake Cage, he may be clumbsy, yeah. He may be irritatingly not my type, but you could certainly learn a thing or two from him.
        Nash: Wait, wait, wait. Like what? (Caitlin leaves him there wondering what she meant)

      • Joe: I used a gig as a case study. I didn't mention who we were working for, or where Mr. Lee's office was.
        Nash: But you did give them detailed information, on how to execute a clean break-in, is that correct?
        Joe: Hey, there's no need to get hostile.
        Nash: Oh, no! It's just our reputations, the agency, the money we made, not to mention that we'll go to jail. Excuse me if I seem a little hostile!
        Joe: Okay, okay. I can fix it, okay?
        Nash: Alright, good. Lemme give you a place to start. Boz Bishop is in your class, correct?
        Joe: Yes. ... No, no, hey he wouldn't do this. He wouldn't.
        Nash: Well, now lemme see, he's an ex-felon, he's in your class, and he works at our agency. What do you want it, in braille?
        Joe: Alright, I'll look into it.

      • (Caitlin is giving Jake equiette lessons)
        Jake: So, where's Bridges anyway?
        Caitlin: Wh-What do you mean? Why- Why would he be here?
        Jake: Aw, come on, Cross. You and me alone together, with the tablecloth, the flatwear, the romantic candle light, and he don't even care? I didn't realize things were so bad between you two.
        Caitlin: What are you talking about?
        Jake: If you were mine I'd never let you out of my sight. That's all I'm sayin'.
        Caitlin: First of all, I don't belong to anybody because I am a person, not an object.

      • Joe: 15 grand for 2 days work. Yes! Whoo! (high fives Nash)
        Nash: Oh, baby. Joe, I think you actually pulled one out of the hat this time.
        Joe: Thank you very much.
        Boz: Yo, yo, yo. How'd the gig go, Joe?
        Joe: Like stealin' candy from a zillionaire.
        Boz: Tangy, Gee! Tangy. That mean I be gettin' a raise-eon?
        Nash: Uh, no. That means you don't get fired.

      • Nash: First things first. We gotta get you into that wedding. It's one of those big high society shin digs.
        Caitlin: Ooh, I see. So, this is your way of trying to make up with me?
        Nash: No... 'cause I won't be the one taking you. 'Cause he knows what I look like. I busted him before he skipped bail and left the country.
        Caitlin: So who's my date?
        Nash: Uh, the only person that's seen him since the surgery.
        Caitlin: Who? (Nash looks over to Jake who just came into the SIU fighting with a guy)

      • Jake: I almost busted Malick last year, so what's up?
        Nash: How do you feel about weddings, Jake?
        Caitlin: Nash... Nash I promise you that there is no way, anybody in their right mind is gonna buy me and Jake as a couple.
        Nash: Jake does.
        Caitlin: The man eats with his hands.
        Jake: What's your point?
        Nash: He won't after you give him a little tutoring.
        Caitlin: What do you mean? Tutor what?
        Jake: Tutor who?
        Nash: Tutor whom. And it's you. Etiquette. You give him some pointers. It's like a, um, science project.
        Caitlin & Jake (same time): Science project?
        Nash (laughs): See there? You're made for each other.

      • Nash: Okay. I know you've been chompin' at the bit to be a point man in a gig.
        Caitlin: Point woman.
        Nash: Point woman, point person-- Point taken. Whatever. (puts a file on her desk) Have at it.

      • Nash: You were gone when I got up this mornin'.
        Caitlin: And you were gone when I went to bed last night.
        Nash: Yeah, it's that working thing
        Caitlin: You're always working.
        Nash: Whoa, um... Is that what's bothering you?
        Caitlin: Well, what do you think?
        Nash (laughs): Sweetie, I'm good, but I'm not a mind reader.
        Caitlin: We never see each other, okay? Is that a good enough clue?
        Nash: Wait a minute, we work together all day long, and the last time I checked there's all these beauty supplies in the bathroom. I think they're yours.
        Caitlin: You know what--
        Nash: I'm thinkin' that we live together.
        Caitlin: Working together and being together is just not the same thing. And when you're not working you'd much rather spend time with your...
        Joe: Hi, guys.
        Caitlin: ... partner.
        Joe: What'd I do?
        Nash (shrugs): Nothing.

      • (Nash and Joe are about to steal the violin. Joe is dressed in all black with a mask on his face. Nash is just in all black)
        Joe: Come on, come on. Get ready.
        Nash: Are you kidding? If we get caught, I at least want my diginty in tact. (they walk over to the building) I sure hope this works.
        Joe: Relax. What could happen?
        Nash: Well, the guard could shoot us, or doesn't that count?

      • Jake: Track record speaks for itself, Cross. He's failed at two marriages, he's obsessed with his job, the longest relationship he's had is with his car.
        Caitlin: So now I suppose you are going to give some deep male perspective on the situation?
        Jake: Well, marriage is not an option for Nash. At this point, he'd rather lease than buy. It's temporary.
        Caitlin: You know, I know exactly what you're trying to do.
        Jake: I'm not tryin' to do anything. You're the one who's tryin' to change me into somethin' I'm not.
        Caitlin: You're trying to drive a wedge between Nash and me and it's not going to work. Nash is the first guy to admit to his failures in life. He- He just doesn't wanna show 'em to everybody.

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