Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 15

Hit and Run

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2000 on CBS



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    • (Eldon is chained to a chair during the interrogation)
      Nash: Hello there, Eldon. Are you comfortable? Oh, he is tied good and tight, isn't he? Alright, Eldon, this is how this works. In order for you to get out of jail, in this lifetime, you're gonna have to tell me where Frankie D is.
      Eldon: You're gonna lose this time, Bridges. I'm never telling you.
      Nash (to Harvey): What has he got against me? What did I ever do to you, Eldon? What did I ever to do you?
      Harvey: 'Cause you keep outsmarting him, boss.
      Nash: Why, hell that's no reason to single me out. Any six year old can do that.

    • (Eldon is chained to a chair in the interrogation and gets frustrated and jumps in the bay, chair and all)
      Nash: Damn, Eldon! (laughs) Now, let's be calm here and consider our options.
      Harvey: I wonder how long he can tread water.
      Nash: I don't know, he's pretty strong. Probably 20, 30 more seconds.
      Jenna: He's gonna drown!
      Nash: There's a strong possiblity of that. What's it gonna be, Eldon?
      Eldon: I tell you nothin'!
      Jenna: Oh my God, he's gonna drown. You gotta save him.
      Nash: Ah... I think that you oughta talk to him.
      Jenna: Eldon! Okay, I'll tell you where he is. Just get him out.
      Nash: Ah, you gotta tell me first.
      Jenna: Heartland Tofu.
      Nash (chuckles): Good. (to Harvey) Fish him outta there. (Harvey tosses him a life raft)

    • Nash: Hi daugher, how are you doin'?
      Cassidy: Hi!
      Nash: So, you need a parking ticket fixed or you just showin' your old man some mercy?
      Cassidy: No. Did you get one of these? (hands Nash her invitation to Evan's baptism)
      Nash: No, I didn't. Wow.
      Cassidy: I mean, dad, is this for real? this whole reborn thing, Evan getting baptized? I mean, do you think it's a little extreme?
      Nash: Mmm. I wouldn't say it's extreme, if Evan wants to believe in something. It doesn't matter whether it's Buddha or God or Mohammed or whatever. If it helps him believe there's a reason for everything, even the bad things.
      Cassidy: So you're saying that it's kinda like a blind faith?
      Nash: Well, I wouldn't say that. Anything that helps you get to a deeper understanding, how blind can it be?
      Cassidy: So should I go?
      Nash: I think that he would probably... really apperciate it. It would mean a lot to him. But it's not up to me.

    • Joe (about Ulla): You know the reality is, it doesn't matter whether she lives or dies, or stays here or goes back to Sweden. Inger's gonna blame me.
      Nash: Bubba, I think that you have gone above the call of duty on this one. I mean, I don't think Inger realizes how hard it is.
      Joe: What? Having two of her around?
      Nash: Exactly! Watching this three ring circus reminded me of why I have no intentions of getting married again. Can you imagine Caitlin's mother? Whoo! Lordy. (Nash turns to see Inger, but Joe still has his back to her)
      Joe: Like always, it doesn't matter what we want as long as it works for them. (Nash clears his throat. Then he and Joe turn around with huge smiles on their faces) Oh, hi, honey! We're out here just...
      Nash: Musing.
      Inger: Tell me why you ordered the Swedish channels, Joe... The real reason. (Nash smirks and turns his back to Inger)
      Joe: Just.... Uh... for your mom... you know...
      Inger: That's what I thought. (walks away)
      Nash: You know that hot water that you're in? It's boiling.

    • Joe: So do you wanna talk about it?
      Nash: No.
      Joe: Okay. Should we go on to the other relationship problem that we're having?
      Nash: You mean the one concerning your mother-in-law? The one who was on her death bed a coupla months ago, and has all of a sudden turned into U-La-La the Scandinavian vixen?
      Joe: Yeah, well she wouldn't be if certain members of your family could keep their pants on.
      Nash: Hey, you know my family history. How's that gonna happen? This thing has back fired on us, hasn't it?
      Joe: Yes, it has. So, you got any ideas?
      Nash: Nope, fresh out. I'll tell 'ya one damn thing though, you're payin' for the wedding.

    • Nash: Who do you work for?
      Eldon: Call my lawyer. His number is 1-800-Kiss-My-Ass.
      Nash (laughs): My, my, my! I think I just got proposition by Eldon. Sorry, bubba too much body hair.

    • (Someone just blew up Nash's Porsche)
      Harvey: Nash, wasn't that Howard's new Porsche?
      Nash: Well, it's Howard's, but it's not new anymore. (makes a face) Yikes.
      (A scene change, then Nash is on the phone with Howard)
      Nash (into the phone): Howard. I-I know I promised you. But... Well, (sighs) Wait a minute, wait a minute, that's not my-- Oh, come on, man. Don't cry. Hell, it's only a car. Hello? Hello? (hangs up)
      Harvey: Howard?
      Nash: The motor pool officer formly known as Howard.

    • Nash: And when Eldon shows up to either pay him, or kill him, take his ass down.
      Harvey: Alright.
      Nash: Oh, and he's gonna probably gonna force you to shoot him, so shoot him somewhere below the belt, 'cause I wanna talk to this guy, and take plenty of back up.

    • Gary: Okay. The guy's name is Eldon.
      Nash: Eldon? With an accent? Big guy?
      Gary: Yeah, that's the guy. He gave us the contract.
      Joe: Which was?
      Gary: Kill Nash Bridges.
      Joe: And Joe Dominguez?
      Gary: No, just Nash Bridges.
      Nash (motions to Joe): What's wrong with him?
      Joe: I'm still with 'ya. Don't worry about it.
      Nash: Well, that's comforting.

    • Nash: So what was the Inger alert?
      Joe: Inger wants to find a reason for Ulla to stay here so she wants to set Ulla up with Nick.
      Nash: Nick? My father, Nick?
      Joe: Oh, yeah. You know, Inger's not really a schemer, I wonder if I'm rubbing off on her.
      Nash (laughs): That's good. (about the Porsche he's driving as a loaner since the 'Cuda is being fixed) Man, this thing is beautiful. Check this thing out.
      Joe: Well, in case you haven't noticed, they've made a few innovations since you got the 'Cuda. But let's get back to the real problem man, what's our counter move?
      Nash: Simple. Never forget the number one Dominguez household rule: Whatever Inger wants, Inger gets.
      Joe: So, we let her do it? What if they like each other?
      Nash: How's that gonna happen? She doesn't speak English.
      Joe: Well, that's true. The only words she knows are how to order people around, and Nick's not gonna go for that so...
      Nash: See there? Sometimes the best move is no move, bubba.

    • Joe: So in essence we got no leads and a world class hit-man still tryin' to kill us?
      Nash: You've got a flare for the obvious like I've never seen.

    • Joe (looks at Nash's computer screen): Oh, Caitlin, huh? You two still fighting?
      Nash: Why don't I just give you my password? That way you can read my email at your leisure.
      Joe: Hey, don't get all moody on me just because someone's tryin' to kill 'ya.
      Nash: How do you know they're not tryin' to kill you?
      Joe: Wanna bet on it?
      Nash: Well, let's say that I'm right. How do I collect?
      Joe: So, when does Caitlin get back?
      Nash: Well, when she cools down or gets tired of her family, which ever comes first.

    • Inger: Joe, listen, Ulla wants to go back to Sweden.
      Joe: You're kidding.
      Inger: No! It's all those Swedish shows she's been watching on that satellite. It's made her homesick.
      Joe: Oh my God, she's homesick.
      Nash: Imagine that.

    • (A guy is trying to hotwire Nash's car)
      Nash: You cut the wrong wire, glip-dork. Not only is that not the way you hot-wire a car, now it won't even start.
      Guy: Sorry, man. I ain't seen too many of these before.
      Nash: It's gonna be a damn long time before you see another one, too.

    • Joe: Ha. They left the keys in the door.
      Nash: Well, I know what my first security recommendation's gonna be.
      Joe: You know, this is a great gig for Bridges and Dominguez, man. Security consultants, it's gonna take us to the next level.
      Nash: Oh, don't say that. That scares me. (after they talk to the guy, they head outside because they see someone hotwiring Nash's car, and the building blows up) Well, I know what my second recommendation's gonna be. A good sprinkler system.

    • Joe: I'm turning the guest room into a home theatre.
      Nash: Isn't that where your mother-in-law is sleeping?
      Joe (laughs): Not for long. (Nash laughs) I ordered the Swedish TV package from the satellite. She's been watching all these programs from the mother country, man. This morning she was so homesick, she couldn't even get out of bed.
      Nash: So, killin' her with kindness, eh?
      Joe: Ah, I give her a week before she packs her bags and heads back to Sweden. Then I take my pre-paid fee and transfer it to the all-sports package.
      Nash: You know, I forget how truly diabolical you can be.

    • Caitlin: You can't commit, and I can't wait.
      Nash: You know, this is only an impass if we let it be.
      Caitlin: Nash, I'm thinking about my future.
      Nash: Me too.
      Caitlin: Why can't you just tell me what you want? Just say it, tell me what you really want?
      Nash: Well, for starters, I don't want you hurt.
      Caitlin: Too late.
      Nash: I hope not.

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