Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 15

Hit and Run

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2000 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Nash: Hi daugher, how are you doin'?
      Cassidy: Hi!
      Nash: So, you need a parking ticket fixed or you just showin' your old man some mercy?
      Cassidy: No. Did you get one of these? (hands Nash her invitation to Evan's baptism)
      Nash: No, I didn't. Wow.
      Cassidy: I mean, dad, is this for real? this whole reborn thing, Evan getting baptized? I mean, do you think it's a little extreme?
      Nash: Mmm. I wouldn't say it's extreme, if Evan wants to believe in something. It doesn't matter whether it's Buddha or God or Mohammed or whatever. If it helps him believe there's a reason for everything, even the bad things.
      Cassidy: So you're saying that it's kinda like a blind faith?
      Nash: Well, I wouldn't say that. Anything that helps you get to a deeper understanding, how blind can it be?
      Cassidy: So should I go?
      Nash: I think that he would probably... really apperciate it. It would mean a lot to him. But it's not up to me.