Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 10

Hit Parade

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 1996 on CBS
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In order to ensure that he gets into the Witness Protection Program, a key witness in a money laundering case puts a hit on Nash and Joe if anything happens to him. When he is murdered, Nash and Joe have to avoid being taken out, while tracking down the killer, so they can have evidence against the original suspect. Cassidy is nominated for an award, and the stress causes her to fight with Lisa, who has just landed a big client. Nash makes things worse when he pampers Cassidy, and Lisa is against it.


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    Donna Pescow

    Donna Pescow


    Guest Star

    Robin Sachs

    Robin Sachs

    Yuri Vashkov

    Guest Star

    Shaun Toub

    Shaun Toub

    Cecil Riskin

    Guest Star

    Kate Vernon

    Kate Vernon

    Whitney Thomas

    Recurring Role

    Tracey Walter

    Tracey Walter


    Recurring Role

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      • Nick: Hey, son. Say hello to Donna Pescow.
        Nash: Hi. I'm a huge fan.
        Donna: Oh, that's what he said.
        Nash: Oh?
        Lisa: He's been in rare form tonight.
        Nash: Oh.
        Nick: I was just telling her how many times I've seen Saturday Night Live.
        Nash: Fever.
        Nick: What?
        Nash: Nick, if you're gonna put the moves on her, you gotta get the name of the movie right.

      • Nash: Listen, I meant to ask 'ya. How'd it go with Nick today?
        Whitney: Oh, well, let's see. How did it go? In the last 24 hours, I've had a gun pulled on me by a San Francisco police inspector, been on the run from a crazed assassin, fended off the advances from a very charming sly old guy who's not as out of it as he seems, met Hercules, got an inside look into the life of a teenage actress, witnessed the take down of a hired killer. And, uh, yeah, learned a thing or two from your ex about what it's like being married to a cop.
        Nash: Yeah, well, now that you know what the job entails do you know anybody that you could recommend?
        Whitney: Actually, you know, I might be interested.

      • Whitney: You're not worried that you haven't heard from him?
        Lisa: Oh, this is nothing. When we were married sometimes I would go for days without word. (laughs) I remember one time, he showed up for five minutes after being gone for four days, left again and I didn't hear from him again for another three days.
        Whitney: That would get old.
        Lisa: Yeah, it did. But you have to understand something, when you don't hear anything from a cop it's generally good news. If Nash were in trouble somebody would've called.

      • Joe: I mean, this car is not the most inconspicuous car in the world to be traveling around in when a hitman's trying to take your head off.
        Nash: Yeah, but it's fast.
        Joe: Oh, yeah. Faster than a speeding bullet?
        Nash: Ah, yeah. Got me there.

      • Nash: Assuming that we live through all of this. Are you at least happy?
        Joe: I don't know, Nashman. I mean, J.J's twenty. I'll be close to seventy by the time this one's ready for college, man. I'm too old to raise another kid.
        Nash: You got that right. Hell, you'll be just getting into diapers before the kid's getting out.
        Joe: Oh, that's really funny.

      • Joe: I guess you make a lot of enemies being a hitman.
        Nash: I don't think that bullet was meant for him, bubba.
        Joe: You mean there's more than one guy after us?
        Nash: Yeah, sorry.
        Joe: Oh, man. My head's starting to hurt.
        Nash: Well, look on the bright side, at least you still got one.

      • Nash (about Cassidy being nominated for a student academy award): Now, look, if she does win, I want her to have a good time.
        Lisa: Well, what if she loses?
        Nash: Never happen.

      • Whitney: Uh, are you in the habit of coming home with your gun out?
        Nash: Only when someone's trying to kill me.
        Whitney: How often is that?
        Nash: Often enough.

      • Joe: Hey, I spend more time with her than I do with you. She's gotta figure we talk, man.
        Nash: Yeah, but not about that. Did you tell her someone's trying to kill us.
        Joe: She just told me we're having a baby. What am I gonna tell her I might not be around to see it?

      • Joe (seeing Inger coming): Ut oh.
        Nash: I'm gone.
        Harvey: Me, too.
        Evan: See 'ya.
        Bryn: Buh-bye.

      • Joe: Nashman, Inger's pregnant.
        Nash: What? (laughs) Whoa, man. Congratulations. That's incredible.
        Joe: Ah, isn't it, though?
        Nash: Hey, wait a minute. I thought that you told me that you and Inger were down to like every other Sunday morning now. Of course, that'll be out of the question once the new baby gets here. And that garter belt and stocking thing you wanted her to wear? Forget that. (Joe sees Inger and clears his throat) Six or seven times a year is gonna look like a bonanza to you, bubba.
        Joe: Well, Inger's standing right in back of you. Why don't you just congratulate her right now?
        Nash (slowly turns around): Congratulations, Inger. (walks off)
        Inger: Who else knows all the details of our sex life?

      • Angel: I found you just like I was supposed to.
        Nash: What? What the hell are you talking about?
        Angel: I'm your guardian angel.
        Joe: Oh, great. Well, we could use one.
        Angel: I said I was his guardian angel. You, you're on your own.

      • Joe (to Nash, about Angel): Maybe we should put him up front an use him as a hood ornament.

      • Joe: You want me to do anything?
        Nash: Yeah. Pray.
        Joe: Do you mind if I do it from back there?

      • Joe: Uh, you want to handle this one?
        Nash: I don't know. A man on a cable car, with a set of wings and holding a hand grenade. This is your thing, isn't it?

      • Joe: I suppose Cassidy's gonna get married some day, right?
        Nash: Oh, I suppose. Why?
        Joe: And she's gonna want her husband to treat her at least as good as her daddy did, huh?
        Nash: Is there somethin' wrong here?
        Joe: Oh, nope. You know, it's just flowers, a room at the Pan-Pacific, her own phone, private schools. You know what you're doing? You're perpepuating her problems with guys since the beginning. There's some poor kid in high school that has no idea that some misery awaits him the day he meets your daughter. (laughs)
        Nash: Well, then, I hope the bastards havin' a good day.

      • Lisa: Does this mean we're talking again?
        Cassidy: Dad.
        Nash: Oh, no. No, no. I'm not getting in the middle. No, sir-y.
        Cassidy: Dad. Daddy, would you look at me? I have gained three pounds in the past two weeks. This is not a house anymore. It's the Bridges Dessert Company. It could not come at a worse time. I have to meet Donna Pescow tomorrow.
        Nash: Who?
        Cassidy: Donna Pescow. Saturday Night Fever. She's flying in to give us the award and suddenly, I am like this moon faced person.
        Lisa: Oh, please. Give it a rest, Cassidy.
        Cassidy: Daddy said I inherited your sweet tooth. It's like a curse.
        Lisa: Well, thank you so much.
        Nash: I didn't say that. I never said that. I would remember if I said that.
        Lisa: Oh, yes, you did.

      • Nash: You're really doing this thing, aren't 'ya?
        Lisa: Doing what?
        Nash: I mean, this is like, not a hobby anymore.
        Lisa: Nash, there's a huge opportunity for a dessert business in this town. I figure I might as well be mine.
        Nash: Well, it's just kind of a big commitment. Are you sure you have enough time for it?
        Lisa: Yes. And I'm even thinking of selling the house and getting a place I can work out of. I seen this really wonderful apartment the other day with this big commercial kitchen.
        Nash: You're kiddin' me. You'd live in an apartment again?
        Lisa: Well, I don't know. We didn't do so bad in our first apartment.
        Nash (laughs): What was the name of that guy who lived upstairs? You know, the one who got pissed off every time we turned the stereo on and we turned it up so loud?
        Lisa: That would be George Mell.
        Nash: George Mell. Yes. God bless him.
        Lisa (laughs): Well, he was 70 years old, Nash. Blue Oyster Cult was not exactly his cup of tea. (they laugh) I remember our bedroom. You could see the college from the window. I used to lie in bed and gaze out and imagine you walking across campus to class.
        Nash: I did, huh?
        Lisa (nods): You did.
        Nash: You know, I remember having a thing for yours, too.
        Lisa: A thing? (Nash nods, leans into kiss her but Cassidy walks in)

      • Bryn: Nash, shouldn't we be looking for the guy Cecil hired to kill you?
        Joe: I'm with you.
        Nash: Joe.
        Joe: Hey, man, you saw how paranoid the guy was. Hiring a hitman was exactly what he would've done.
        Nash: I'm not saying I'm going to ignore it. Just the tail wagging the dog.
        Joe: I'll worry about it for both of us, okay?
        Nash: Good.

      • (On the phone)
        Nash: Hey, Lis.
        Lisa: I got the job!
        Nash (to Joe): She got the job.
        Joe: Alert the media.
        Lisa: Hey, I heard that.
        Nash (to Joe): She heard that.

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