Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 3

Hot Prowler

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 1998 on CBS
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Hot Prowler

The SIU try and track down a prowler, who ups the anti with each crime. J.J. chips his tooth while eating at a restaurant and Joe decides to try and get a settlement. Harvey feuds with a neighbor over a dog. Michelle gets asked to move back to Auto Theft, but wants to stay with the SIU.


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    Jana Marie Hupp

    Jana Marie Hupp

    Charlotte Ford

    Guest Star

    Kirk Fox

    Kirk Fox

    Ricky Allan Klinsman

    Guest Star

    Sulo Williams

    Sulo Williams


    Guest Star

    Kelly Hu

    Kelly Hu

    Michelle Chan

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      • Joe: So how'd it go?
        Nash: I just told a mom and dad that their child was murdered. How could it go?
        Joe: Yeah. (puts his hand on Nash's shoulder)

      • Nash: Kinsman, I'm going to give you the chance you didn't give her.
        Kinsman: Oh, well. I didn't get everything that I wanted but I got enough.
        Nash: Enough of what?
        Kinsman: Material. For the T.V. interviews, my own web page, book deals, Prowler stalks city, stalks cop, kills beautiful young detective. Just 'cause I'm going to jail doesn't mean I won't be famous. You know, she was a nice girl, very polite. 'Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.' She begged for her life. You got me, Inspector.
        Nash: You're not going to jail. You're going to hell. (Nash shoots and kills him)

      • Joe: Hey, you still talkin' to me?
        Nash: Oh, man. Don't be lame. I never wanted that money in the first place. I bet JJ's happy though, huh?
        Joe: Oh, yeah. He's thinking of going to Prague.
        Nash: Prague?
        Joe: Mmm. Uh, apparently there's fabulous mushrooms there and it's peak season. (Nash laughs)

      • Evan: Hey, Harv. You know, that dog you have in lock-up is actually quite sweet.
        Harvey: Oh, we talking about the same dog?
        Evan: Yeah, I gave him half my sandwich for lunch.
        Harvey: Why?
        Evan: Well, first of all, you weren't there and he looked hungry. Ronnie was playing frisbee with him out on the fantail, you should've seen it.
        Harvey: Evan, that dog is supposed to be in doggy jail, not on the love boat.

      • Nash: What are you all fired up about?
        Nick: I'll tell 'ya what. Your partner screwing us out of our settlement.
        Nash: What? Did I miss something here? What settlement?
        Nick: $101,000, seems like that's the going price for bad poi these days.
        Nash: $101,000? Well, good for him. One of those crazy schemes finally paid off.
        Nick: He's giving it all to JJ.
        Nash: Why wouldn't he?
        Nick: I paid for that meal. Half that money belongs to me.
        Nash (laughs): Nick, listen to yourself. You're being ridiculous.
        Nick: I am not. I went out of my way for him. And now Beverly won't even return my calls.
        Nash: Ah, you know her, Nick. She'll come around. Besides, you don't need that money.
        Nick: I didn't want it for me, I wanted it for you.
        Nash: What?
        Nick: I haven't been a good father to you, Nash. I mean, I didn't do what other fathers did. I didn't invest. You know, you have no safety net and that was my resposibilty.
        Nash: I'll let you in on a little secret, Nick. I work better without a net. Always have.

      • Joe (pulling up the suspect's house): Oh, nice place... for a Stephen King novel.

      • Nash (after the suspect runs): Ah, I hate this part.

      • Nash (to Harvey who walks in with a dog): Uh, who's the perp?
        Harvey: Uh, it's name is King. It's owner left it unleashed in front of my house. It barks at everything that moves when it's not finding time to dig up my backyard.
        Nash (laughs): Well, we don't need another mascot around here, we got you.
        Harvey: I'll just leave it in lock up until I can get animal control over here.
        Nash: Make sure he doesn't eat up all that expensive furniture back there.

      • Nash (to Charlotte who is at his desk using his phone): Uh, excuse me, excuse me?
        Charlotte: Sorry, my cell battery went dead. (throws a quarter on Nash's desk)
        Nash: Uh, local calls are .35 cents but you can owe it to me. Now could you get out of my chair?
        Charlotte: I thought I was here under protective custody.
        Nash: That doesn't mean you can snoop for scoop at my desk. Now beat it.
        Charlotte: Don't worry. I wasn't in your drawers.
        Nash (hands her the quarter): Here. Let me buy 'ya a cup of bad coffee.

      • Michelle: So should I thank you now?
        Nash: For what?
        Michelle: I just got a call from the Auto Theft department and they said I could stay at the S.I.U.
        Nash: Oh, yeah. Well, they weren't too happy about it but I got a few cards to play if I need 'em.
        Michelle: Well, you won't be sorry, Nash. I'll make you proud.
        Nash: You already have.

      • Nash: Well, alright. Now we know our prowler is a white male, dark brown hair, judging by that door jamb there I'm gonna say he's 6'4, maybe 180-190. Nice work, Harvey.
        Joe: At least we know it's not one of my relatives.

      • Evan: How we gonna find her?
        Nash: I'm guessing that's an adult film. Find out who does the casting around town.
        Harvey: How come he gets all the fun stuff?
        Nash: Harvey, you have my admiration and love. Now go home and get some sleep.
        Harvey: Bless you.

      • Charlotte: You realize that this is a condemned building?
        Nash: Oh, I'm aware. Did you just drop by to tell me that?
        Charlotte (walking into Nash's apartment): I called first, six times already. The blinking light on your answering machine? That's me.
        Nash: Well, come in.
        Charlotte (to Nick): Hi, Charlotte Ford.
        Nick: Oh, you're that reporter lady that does all those stories on the internet. I've read about you.
        Charlotte: Oh, really? On the internet?
        Nick: No, in the newspaper.
        Nash: Uh, could I interrupt with a question?
        Charlotte: Shoot.
        Nash: What are you doin' here?
        Charlotte (handing Nash a tape): New tape, left it outside my apartment about an hour ago.

      • Joe: I'm just wondering when you're gonna get a job, son.
        JJ: I have a job, dad.
        Joe: Well, I mean a real job, y'know, with benefits.
        JJ: Shrooming is a real job. I mean how much more real can you get than actually picking food you can eat? I mean, how can you even compare that to a stock broker who trades things on a computer that have no tangible existence to anyone? Ever. I mean, how existential is that?
        Joe: Are you sure you're picking these mushrooms and not doin' 'em? (Nash laughs)

      • Nash: Gentlemen, do we make our own hours now?
        Evan: Well, Harv had this domestic situation.
        Nash: I don't want to hear about it.
        Harvey: Oh, you are gonna wanna hear about this.
        Nash: I bet I won't.

      • Brent: J.J tells me you and your partner are private detectives.
        Joe: Uh, yes we are.
        Brent: Uh huh. It seems a little unusual in a building filled with psychaitrists.
        Joe: Yeah, well, maybe if you have a client who loses his mind we can help 'em find it. Uh, show 'em how to get on the psycho path.

      • Nash: Are you following me?
        Michelle: I got a call from, ah, Auto Theft Department. They want me back to run the unit.
        Nash: Congratulations. Why don't you look happy?
        Michelle: 'Cause I don't know if I want to go back. I love the SIU, is that crazy?
        Nash: No, but you know, these things usually aren't voluntary.
        Michelle: I know, but I want to stay. I think I still have a lot to learn. I think it would be better for me in the long run.
        Nash: I'm flattered.
        Michelle: Could you help me? I mean, is there somebody you could call?
        Nash: There probably is, but I'm not going to make any promises.
        Michelle: I understand. Thanks.

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