Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 21

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Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 2000 on CBS
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Jackpot (1)

While hunting down the killer of the chief of police, who is Nash's friend, the SIU stumble upon a major money laundering scheme, and are forced to work with an uncooperative DEA agent, who is undercover. Another police unit is forced to move onto the barge, making the SIU very chaotic. Angel looses his wings, and Nash helps him relocate them. As Nick's Alzheimer's worsens, Nash worries about him.


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  • Great story and great acting with great action. Just super great

    I like this episode cuz it has alot of action in it and the story line was just perfect. Nash bridges was a fantastic show altho the over all story line of the entire serise was weak. the mini stories of each episode of each week were great on there own. But the show didnt work as a whole because the stories didnt flow into the next. But i do love action/comdey/and everything in between.moreless
Athena Massey

Athena Massey

Dori Ditlow

Guest Star

Theresa Russell

Theresa Russell

Sarah Williams/Ellen Holiday

Guest Star

Silas Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell

Roy McNair

Guest Star

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Det. Jake Cage

Recurring Role

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee

Tony ' B' Buccelli

Recurring Role

Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

Recurring Role

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    • (Nash just saved Ellen from McNair)
      Nash: You're welcome.
      Ellen: Oh, you too. If I hadn't phoned Tony B, you wouldn't be here, you wouldn't have McNair. You owe me, Bridges.
      Nash: Boy, I'd hate to see you really grateful.

    • Joe: You should've played nice.
      Ellen: Okay, I'll deal. I need this money in order to stay in play. What is it that you want?
      Joe: Who ordered the hit on the Chief?
      Ellen: A guy named Jimmy Zee.
      Joe: And how long were you planning to sit on all of this information?
      Ellen: Let me explain somethin' to you, I give you Jimmy Zee without any other consideration, I lose two years of work, I have busted my ass. I have put my life and ass on the line. I have said my final prayers at least 5 times on this gig.
      Joe: Alright, who was the shooter, do you know that too?
      Ellen: Roy McNair.
      Joe: Where do we find him?
      Ellen: You don't. (Joe scoffs) Listen, I am this close finishing this. You're gonna pull the plug 5 feet from the finish line? No, I don't think so.
      Joe: Let me explain somethin' to you. Frank Giriard and Nash were in the same rookie class at the academy, he was Nash's first partner. They watched their kids grow up together. Now, I don't give a damn about your money-laundering gig. I care about the Chief, and I care about Nash. We get Jimmy Zee and we get McNair, then you get your money.

    • Harvey: So, we got 31 money counters and they are all gripin' for lawyer calls.
      Nash: Good. Let 'em gripe. Just don't let 'em near any phones. I don't want anyone knowing that we have this money just yet.
      Harvey: I get that. What should I do with these propeller heads?
      Nash: Take 'em down to the SIU and Cage interview 'em one by one, in longhand-- Good grammar, good spelling.
      Harvey: That could take a considerable amount of time.
      Nash: Gee, 'ya think? (Evan laughs)

    • Nash: I got you somethin'. (puts the cell phone on the counter)
      Nick: What is this?
      Nash: What the hell does it look like? It's a cell phone.
      Nick: Why don't you just fit me with a tracking device?
      Nash: Well, nice to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor.
      Nick: No one is ever gonna accuse you of being too subtile.

    • Nash (looking at her file): I've been readin' up on you. You've been a very bad girl.
      Ellen: So?
      Nash (chuckles): You remember the Enriquez drug smuggling case where you supposedly the facilitator? Funny thing is, I don't remember you. Maybe your hair was different.
      Ellen: What are you talking about?
      Nash: That was my gig. And the Rico Martin thing? I know all those players, and you're definatly not one of them. I've heard of falsifying your resume, but never your rap sheet. Who are you, really?
      Ellen: You know what, I'm really tired of whatever game this is. So either charge me with a crime or let me go.
      Nash: I'll bet you'd like to get on the phone to DC to your handlers back there and tell them what really crappy job they've done on falsifying your background. (looks back at the file) Look at this stuff. Some of these dates on these cases don't even match. This is sloppy work. Tsk tsk. FBI?
      Ellen (sighs): ... DEA.
      Nash: What's the gig?
      Ellen: I can't tell you that.
      Nash: Well, then just humor me for a bit. What do 'ya say? You just tell me your real name. (Ellen is silent) Alright, fine. I can shuttle you around for days. Get you lost in the system 'til you come out the other end. And I'm gonna bet that on a timing level that that's gonna mess up your little charade here.
      Ellen: This investigation... concerns many millions of dollars.
      Nash: Really? Mine concerns one man, and that trumps money any day.

    • (Nash throws files on her desk)
      Caitlin: Wh-What is this?
      Nash: Requistion orders for addition phone lines and terminals. These are status reports and inventory control requests--
      Caitlin: Go away! (Nash starts walking back to his desk)
      Jake: She okay?
      Nash: Shh. She's tryin' to cope.

    • Nash: Ms. Holiday? I'm Nash Bridges. I'm the captain around here.
      Ellen Holiday: Of the ship or the precinct?
      Nash: Both. Why don't you come over here and have a seat, and we'll have a chat. (Ellen doesn't move) Sit, sister.
      Ellen Holiday (walks slowly over to him, and leans close to him): Whatever you say, brother.

    • Angel: It's futile, Nash. You need to take action. This is your mission.
      Joe: How come I don't have a guardian angel?
      Nash: You want one? He's yours.

    • Nash (into phone): No, no, no, no. End of discussion. I'm picking you up at 3 o'clock, and don't forget! (hangs up)
      Joe: The memory thing?
      Nash: The memory thing.
      Joe: Hope it's nothin' serious.
      Nash: Well, he is gettin' older. You know, the first that goes is your memory, but it's probably nothing. You know Nick.
      Joe: Well, if it's nothin', and he doesn't wanna go, why are you taking him?
      Nash: Why are you bringing up logic at a time like this? It's Nick. It' piece of mind.

    • (Tony B's girlfriend passes them on the stairs)
      Nash: Isn't that Little Bo Peep?
      Joe: That's Little Red Riding Hood.
      Nash: No, no, I know what it looks like now. But-- But didn't she used to be Little Bo Peep.
      Joe: Who are you? Father goose?
      Nash: Tony B's girlfriend. Didn't she used to be Tony B's girlfriend-- Excuse me!
      Joe: Ms. Hood, hi.
      Tony B's Girlfriend: What do you want?
      Nash: We thought maybe you'd like an escort to grandma's house.
      Joe: We're looking for Tony B.
      Tony B's Girlfriend (groans): Not again.
      Nash (sees that she has a baby in her basket): It looks like the wolf already ate 'ya.

    • (Nash and Joe enter the SIU and find complete chaos and clutter with way too may people)
      Nash: Inspector Cross, you wanna tell me what the hell is goin' on?
      Caitlin: Um, great news. You know your idea of merging the SIU and the Embarcadero station? Well, you know, it happened, Nash. You always get what you want.
      Nash: Whoa, wait, wait, wait. No, no, that was a 10 person FRET unit. 10 people, not the whole damn station.
      Caitlin: Okay, but you know the trembler that happened last weekend?
      Nash: No that's temblor, and what about it?
      Caitlin: Well, it caused structural damage go the Embarcadero station, so the city red-tagged it and they have no where else to-- (she runs into a guy bringing in a desk) Whoo. Watch it.
      Mover: Excuse me. Where do you want this?
      Caitlin: Okay, you know what, follow me. (walks off)
      Joe: I hoped you learned your lesson here, bubba.
      Nash: This ain't over yet. (goes after Caitlin)

    • Joe: You okay, man? You want me to drive?
      Nash: ... No, I'm fine. ... You know, Frank was the one that talked me into taking the exam for the academy.
      Joe: Yeah, I know.
      Nash: I dated his sister when I was in high school. (sighs) It's a lot of years to... just have them disappear like that.
      Joe: Brother, don't torture yourself over it.
      Nash: I don't know what to do, bubba.

    • Joe: I'm sorry, I know it's against the 'Cuda rules, but... (adjusts the rear view mirror so he can see in it)
      Nash (moving the mirror back into place): Hey man, what are you doing? What are you doing?
      Joe: I-I had an emergency. My hair felt funny.
      Nash: That's a fashion emergency, which is an oxymoron. The 'Cuda mirrors are for 'Cuda driving. They are not for grooming, they are not for hair and make up.
      Joe: You know, we should probably go over these 'Cuda rules. I mean, what are the official 'Cuda rules?
      Nash: Well, you want the whole list?
      Joe: Yeah.
      Nash: No problem. No eating. No drinking. No smoking. No profanity. No sweating. No disrespect of any kind while you're in or around the 'Cuda, which is probably the finest muscle car ever made on the planet and was bequeathed to me by my brother. Are we clear on this? Oh! By the way, I have the right to change or add to the 'Cuda rules at any given moment, without notice. (Joe sticks his tongue out at him, Nash laughs)

    • Nash: I don't know why I'm suprised about anything involving this case, but I am.
      Joe: Where's teh money?
      Jake: They took it. DEA.
      Joe: Didn't Nash tell you under no circumstances to let that truck leave the warehouse?
      Jake: Hey, she had agents. Legal documents.
      Nash: Son of a bitch. She's double-crossed us.
      Jake: You sayin' that she ain't legit? That the bad guys stole their money back?
      Nash (sighs): Quiet, quiet. Stop whining. I'm tryin' to think.
      Joe: If I was her, I'd head to Vegas.
      Nash: Me, too.
      Evan: Yeah, well McNair won't be far behind.
      Nash: That is of course, unless they are in it together.
      Joe: There's a dark thought.
      Nash: C'mon, Joe. We're going to Vegas.
      Joe: Nashman, this is a federal case. We don't have any jurisdiction in Vegas.
      Nash: I know. Get in.

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