Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 22

Jackpot (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 19, 2000 on CBS



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    • (They just got home from Evan's funeral)
      Nick: I got some sandwiches I made.
      Cassidy: ... I'm going to the police academy. I've already been accepted. (Nash looks and Nick, Nash doesn't know what to say, he sighs and hugs her. She walks away)
      Nick: So what are 'ya gonna do? Do you remember the day that you came to me and told me that you were gonna be a cop?
      Nash: Now all of a sudden, you're clear?
      Nick: Why don't you eat a sandwich? (Nash chuckles, and takes a sandwich, screen fades out)

    • Caitlin: I'm sorry about Evan.
      Nash: Yeah, me, too.
      Caitlin: ... I'm leaving, Nash. (sighs) I'm just- I'm not happy here. I mean, professionally, um... maybe it's all the strong personalities, I don't know. I just... I have to do something different. Something where I uh, don't have to work so hard.
      Nash: Got anything lined up?
      Caitlin (fighting back tears): Mmhmm. I'm a-- I'm gonna go to DC, my uh, my sister had a baby. Bye. (they hug)
      Nash: I hate goodbyes. (they kiss passionatly, you can tell they still love each other)

    • Cassidy: Listen, I had a dream... about a Vegas wedding.
      Evan (laughs): What?
      Cassidy: Evan, I'm never gonna love anybody as much as I love you, so let's just do it, okay? Let's get married.
      Evan: Well- Uh, I-- I really can't right now, Cassidy, I gotta go to work.
      Cassidy: Well, then we'll do it when you're done, okay? We'll find the tackiest chapel that there is, maybe one with Elvis in it. (Evan laughs) Do you love me?
      Evan: You know that I do.
      Cassidy: Evan, will you marry me? Please, please, please, say yes.
      Evan: Yes.

    • (Tony B just won at the slot machines)
      Joe: Hey, uh, do you think your couple spot me a 100 for the tables?
      Tony B: I don't think so.
      Joe: Why not?
      Tony B: 'Cause Nash told me not to give you any money, no matter how much you begged.

    • Joe: How long have we worked together, man? 22 years?
      Nash: 23.
      Joe: Where in that time did you learn how to fly?
      Nash: I got my pilot's license when I was in high school.
      Joe: Oh, because your brother Bobby was a pilot, huh?
      Nash: Yeah, the day he got shot down, I quit.

    • (Nash and Sarah are having breakfast the morning after, Sarah is wearing his dress shirt)
      Sarah: That was a nice time out from all this.
      Nash: Tell me something about Sarah Williams.
      Sarah: Oh... She is not interesting.
      Nash: Where was that farm? That cirtrus farm in Florida?
      Sarah: This is sounding suspiously like an interrogation captain.
      Nash: You know, real people actually talk to each other. They share thoughts, and ideas, information, they get to know each other-- (Sarah laughs) Humor me.
      Sarah: Alrighy. Uh... I was raised near Ocala. Education, University of Flordia. I majored in English lit, minored in art history. See? Boring.
      Nash: You're too smart to be boring.
      Sarah: Well, you know, we oughta get goin' if we're gonna get to that airstrip by ten.
      Nash: Nice try. Jimmy Zee expects a guy like me to be late. In fact, I think I like that shirt better off. (Sarah smiles at him)

    • (Nash dumps a bag full of money on Ellen's desk)
      Ellen: Hmm, lucky at the tables?
      Nash: No, hard work in the trenches. I've got the truck and the money. I want Jimmy Zee.
      Ellen: Jimmy Zee works for a man in Shanghi. Who happens to be the biggest known drug dealer that we've ever identified in Asia. He's virtually taken over the Golden Triangle. He's got poppy production plants just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. They're more modern than anything we've ever seen.
      Nash: Go on.
      Ellen: He also also ordered the hit on your chief. ... There's not anything that these people won't do.
      Nash: Wbere's this leading?
      Ellen: Well, this guy is sending his right hand man to meet Jimmy Zee to oversee the smuggling in and out of the country.
      Nash: Hmm. So, if you take him down, you unlock the Asian side of the cartel.
      Ellen: Yeah, and you get the men resposible for the assassination of Frank Girard. (Nash laughs) Oh come on, Nash, play it with me.
      Nash: You wanna talk audacious? Boy, you got 'em. Whoo! I got the truck, the money, the works, and you still expect to work for you? That's not gonna happen, sister.
      Ellen: Alright, well, what do you propose?
      Nash: I'll help you, but on my terms. You see, I'm a little pissed off about being played by my side, so I'm gonna make you an offer that you can't refuse, 'cause if you do, I'll take that damn truck and I'll run it right into Lake Mead.
      Ellen: Alright, what do you want me to do?
      Nash: I want you to introduce me to Jimmy Zee.
      Ellen: I can't do that. He already knows that you're here in town.
      Nash: He knows that Nash Bridges is here, he doesn't know I'm Nash Bridges.

    • (Jake is handcuffed around a pole)
      Harvey: Jake. What'sup, man? Aw, man, you been naughty?
      Joe: So Jake, you ready to play nice? (Jake is silent) What's that I can't hear you? Speak up.
      Jake: Oh, hell, Dominguez, an order's an order. I got in trouble my whole life 'til I learned to just do what I was told.
      Joe: What would you rather do? Do what Caitlin Cross tells you to do,.or try to find the Chief's killer?
      Jake: What do you think? I'm a cop. I didn't want to take the stupid job, she made me.
      Joe: Alright, tell 'ya what, you give us your word as fellow cops, we'll let you up. What do 'ya think?
      Jake: Yeah, you got my word. Now let me go and let's go kick some ass.
      Joe (to Harvey): A guy after my own heart.

    • (Jake handcuffs one of Nash's arm, the other cuff is on Jake)
      Jake: Howdy, Bridges.
      Nash: Jake, what are 'ya doin'?
      Jake: I'm takin' you back to San Francisco.
      Nash: Jake, get those off of me.
      Joe: What are you doin'? This is your boss.
      Nash: Are you nuts?
      Jake (pulls out paperwork): I no longer take orders from this man, per Inspector Cross and the Mayor's office. (starts to walk off, Nash is resistant)
      Nash: Jake, stop pulling on me damnit. (grabs a hold of a slot machine, as Jake tugs on him) You better stop pullin' on me or I'll knock you out.
      Jake: Let go Bridges or I'll drag you and that machine back to Frisco.
      Joe (seeing a worker walk by with bags of change, yells to Nash): Quarters?
      Nash: Dollars! (Joe hits Jake over the head with a bag of money, Jake passes out) Alright, give me your keys, quick, before this bastard comes to. (Joe hands Nash the handcuff key, Nash tries to unlock the handcuffs, but can't) Aw, man, he's broken somethin' off in here.
      Joe: He's smarter than he looks.
      Nash: He's a damn human ball and chain.
      Joe: Do you magic thing, man. Just slip out of 'em.
      Nash: That's not magic, that's a trick. Uh... Uh, get security.
      Joe: Alright, alright. I'm goin'. (walks off)
      Nash (to the crowd forming around him): Uh, this man was makin' threats against Siegfried and Roy. Don't worry about it, move along. We got it under control.

    • Cassidy: I have a suprise for you.
      Evan: Really? What's that?
      Cassidy: I took the written test for the police academy and I scored the second highest in the class.
      Evan: You what?
      Cassidy: Look, I know it sounds crazy, and I know my dad's gonna freak, but I can't think of anything more exciting than becoming a cop.
      Evan (laughs): Well, I guess, you know, whatever you want to do. It sounds wonderful. You have my full supprt. (kisses her)
      Cassidy: Thank you.
      Evan: You're welcome. (they kiss again)
      Cassidy: Why don't you come upstairs?
      Evan: I don't trust myself.
      Cassidy: Come on. It's okay.
      Evan: Now, look, Cassidy, I can't be casual about this.
      Cassidy: So, what you're just gonna wait 'til you're married to have sex again or what?
      Evan: I don't know. I don't know what I'm sayin', I just-- I should go.
      Cassidy: Okay, okay. Listen, just don't tell my dad about this, I'm gonna wait to tell him when he gets back from Vegas, okay?
      Evan: Yeah, you got it. (they kiss again, he leaves)

    • Nash: So, what do you got about 8 or 10 hours left before your gig caves in?
      Ellen: Probably. Why?
      Nash: Bird in the hand time, baby. Let's take Jimmy Zee down now.
      Ellen: No. No way.
      Nash: You don't know when to walk away from the tables, do 'ya? Either you're gung-ho crazy, or hooked up with Jimmy Zee, and please don't tell me it's the latter, 'cause I'd hate like hell to take you down right along with him. I kinda like you.
      Ellen: You're gonna take me down, huh?
      Nash: Uh huh.
      Ellen: Okay.
      Nash: I guess the concept of staying out of trouble really doesn't apply to you, does it? (walks away)

    • (Ellen has a gun pointed at Joe, Nash has one pointed at her)
      Nash: I bet you that I can shoot you before you can shoot him.
      Ellen: I wouldn't count on that.
      Joe: Anybody want my opinion here?

    • Joe (entering the suite): Hey, not a bad set up here, man. I'll play you rock, paper, scissors for the big bedroom.
      Nash: Alright, fine. Just gimme your wallet first.
      Joe: What? Why?
      Nash: It's Las Vegas, bubba. Don't you remember the last time you were here?
      Joe: Ah, I was unlucky.
      Nash: Yeah, how about the time before that?
      Joe: Don't worry about it, man. I have no intention of gambling.
      Nash: That's right. Because I'm not kiddin', give me your wallet.
      Nash: Yes, I am, little boy. Now give me your wallet, come on. (Joe sighs and pulls his wallet out)
      Joe: You wanna take it? Come get it. Come on. (holds his wallet out to the side and mocks Nash to come get it)
      Nash: Oh, that's real mature. (turns away from Joe, but then quickly turns back to try to grab the wallet, they struggle over it. Pepe walks in, they stop, and are now hugging each other)
      Pepe (gasps): Oh. Oh, dear. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
      Joe: What do you want, Pepe?
      Pepe: Nothing. Nothing, that can't wait. How much longer do you figure for--
      Nash: Pepe! What do you want?
      Pepe: Hello, Nash. I have a wonderful treat, I managed to get two tickets to 'O'.
      Joe: Oh? (goes to put his wallet away, and Nash snags it)
      Nash: Thank you, Pepe. Your timings perfect. (Nash takes the tickets, and smiles at Joe after he took the wallet)

    • Nash: So, uh, how'd you find me?
      Caitlin: Pepe.
      Nash: Ah, you think you got all the bases covered and then the Pepe factor pops up.
      Caitlin: Do you have any idea how illegal this is? Nash, you have no authority to conduct a police investigation outside of the state line.
      Nash: I'm on vacation.
      Caitlin: Oh, like hell. Nash, this is very bad.
      Nash: Caitlin, I'm gonna ask you as a personal favor. Don't get in my way.
      Caitlin: Nash...
      Nash: Caitlin, forget about protocol, just this once. That's all I'm asking.

  • Notes

    • This episode is the only one of the series to not open with a fog horn. This is likely due to the fact that the episode takes place mostly in Las Vegas, not San Francisco.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Cowboy by Kid Rock

  • Allusions

    • Nash: ... Uh, this man was makin' threats against Siegfried and Roy...

      Siegfried and Roy are two German-American entertainers known for their long running show of magic and illusion in Las Vegas. Their show was famous for including white tigers.

    • Nash: ... So I'm gonna make you an offer that you can't refuse...

      This is a refernce to a quote in The Godfather (1972), made by Don Vito Corlone (Marlon Brando). It is possible one of the most famous movie quotes of all time.