Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 2

Jump Start

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2000 on CBS
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Jump Start

Cassidy gets assigned to a dangerous undercover gig involving synthetic diamond smugglers and a deadly assassin working for the South African diamond cartel. She, and her partner Rachel McCabe, team up with the SIU to solve the case. Joe and Inger try and fix their housing dilemma, but the sweet old lady who sold them the house, shows her true self. Joe also works an off duty case where someone has stolen very expensive wine from a winery, and is asking for a million dollars in ransom.


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  • Series Finally Jumps the Shark

    So now Cassidy Bridges is portrayed as a tough street-smart undercover cop, a complete reversal of her tentative/little girl persona of the past 5 seasons. Cassidy Bridges is such a throw away character and any episode where she is prominent is just painful to watch.

    I remember watching the series when it 1st aired hoping that the character would get killed off...but instead they killed-off Evan.

    (Words added below to bring word count to 100)

    I remember watching the series when it 1st aired hoping that the character would get killed off...but instead they killed-off Evan.I remember watching the series when it 1st aired hoping that the character would get killed off...but instead they killed-off Evan.moreless
Syndey L. Williams

Syndey L. Williams


Guest Star

Jack Powell

Jack Powell

Phillip Bankston

Guest Star

Hansford Prince

Hansford Prince


Guest Star

Geoff Pierson

Geoff Pierson

Deputy Chief Max Pettit

Recurring Role

Jay Harik

Jay Harik


Recurring Role

Caroline Lagerfelt

Caroline Lagerfelt

Inger Dominguez

Recurring Role

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    • Cassidy: So how's this gonna work?
      Nash: Well, you'll be seein' a whole lot of your ol' dad, I guess, huh?
      Cassidy: No, dad, I mean, are you gonna treat me like a cop or like your kid?
      Nash (laughs): Well, that depends, you gonna treat me like your boss, or your dad? (Cassidy just smiles and shakes her head. Nash laughs) That's what I thought.

    • Nash: Lookie what I found on my desk.
      Cassidy: What?
      Nash: You know damn well what. Two freshly minted transfers to the SIU, for you two.
      Cassidy: Well, you see, dad, this thing is--
      Nash (points to Rachel): I wanna hear it from her.
      Rachel: Well, uh, okay... Yeah, why would you wanna work anywhere else once you've worked with the best?
      Nash (laughs): So it wouldn't have anything to do with the warrant to place a wiretap on Dirk van der Goes' house, that's got the mayor on the warpath, right, that you two pulled without my knowledge? That wouldn't be you trying to cover your asses, would it?
      Cassidy: Oh, of course not.
      Rachel: No. Cassidy and I have had a really exciting time working with you.
      Cassidy: Yeah, this is way better than working Sea Cliff.
      Nash: Why does this remind me of the time that you threw the pogo stick through Mrs. Miller's plate glass window?
      Cassidy: Dad, I was nine.
      Nash: Yeah, but you have the same look on your face.
      Cassidy: No, I don't.
      Nash: Uh huh. You wanna work at the SIU, you earn it. Like everybody else.

    • Max: It's not gonna happen, Bridges.
      Nash: What's not?
      Max: I got the transfer requests for your daughter and Rachel McCabe.
      Nash: You did?
      Max: Yeah, and I want you to know that, you're not going to usurp my authority in personal matters. I look at the whole department's needs, and I need those officers elsewhere. (Nash signs Rachel and Cassidy's transfers)
      Nash: Well, that's gonna be a problem, because they now work here at the SIU, and if you have a problem with that, have the mayor call me. (hands him the transfer papers) The exit's that way.

    • Cassidy: If this doesn't work, I don't wanna be us when my dad finds out.
      Rachel: Well, by then it won't matter, I mean, this will all be over and we'll have the collar.

    • Nash (about Gertrude): She's dead?!
      Joe: Oh, yeah. As in like, not living anymore. That kinda dead.
      Nash: Wow, man. That's tragic.
      Joe: Tragic doesn't even begin to cover it, bubba. G-E-R, that's all she wrote on the purchase annulment. G-E-R. I was 14 letters from getting out of this mess. (sighs) I can't believe it. This house is going to break me emtionally and finacially
      Nash: Well, don't worry too much about it, Joe. You're the luckiest man I ever met. Something will work out.

    • Cassidy: What?
      Nash (regarding Rachel): If she asks you to do anything, or puts you in a situation that's even remotely dangerous, you stay out of it, you hear me?
      Cassidy: Is this what you tell everyone before they go out? I mean, is this how you talk to Harvey?
      Nash: You're not Harvey.
      Cassidy: Dad, this is dangerous job.
      Nash: You bet your ass, it is.
      Cassidy: What do you want me to do? I'm supposed to be a cop, but not really?
      Nash: Cassidy--
      Cassidy: Dad, do not treat me like a little girl. I'm here. I made this choice, okay? Don't make me regret it. Or I might just go do it somehwere else.

    • Rachel: You know, by the way, if you want out of this, now is the time. I mean, if you want to go back to patrol. Just say the word.
      Cassidy: Why would I want out when I got us in?
      Rachel: Because I really don't feel like doing all the work on this gig and have your dad get the credit, that's why. And I don't know if you wanna get in the middle of that or not. I'm just telling you.
      Cassidy: Look, the last thing my dad wants or needs is to take any credit from you. And the last thing that you want or need is to get into it with him.

    • Nash: Max, what the hell are you doin' playin' Twister with my daughter?
      Deputy Chief Max Pettit: Oh, now, look, Nash--
      Nash: Hold on. Now, if you got baggage with me don't unpack it with my daughter. You put her undercover on this fence gig before she was ready.
      Deputy Chief Max Pettit: Nobody could have forseen what happened this morning.
      Nash: I could've.
      Deputy Chief Max Pettit: You tryin' to tell me how to do my job?
      Nash: 60 recruits graduated. Why her?
      Deputy Chief Max Pettit: Because I needed somebody, and I thought your daughter would be up to it. But, if you're telling me that she isn't... Well, I can reassign her, it's not a problem. (Nash is silent)

    • (Cassidy is working undercover. Nash and Joe follow her into the restaurant)
      Joe: The department's always recuirting fresh faces to work these buy-busts, Nashman, you should know that.
      Nash: They should've called me.
      Joe: So, according to you, they should check with you everytime she gets a new assignment? (Nash glares at him) Okay, okay, man. Okay, the way I see it here, we got two choices, we can turn and walk out number one...
      Nash: Hit me with number two.
      Joe: Or number two, we can sit here quietly and watch as long as you promise not to get involved.
      Nash: Okay, I think I can live with number two.

    • Joe (looking over the papers of his house inspection): Oh, God, I need some air.
      Nash: Put your head above the windsheild.
      Joe: That's very funny. You don't know what's in here, you don't have to pay for it.
      Nash: Uhh, I'm thinkin' that you should've got that inspection before you bought the house.
      Joe: It's supposed to be perfect. I mean, it looked perfect.
      Nash (chuckles): So did the lens on the Hubble telescope. Alright, so you screwed yourself. What are you gonna go?
      Joe: Ah, believe me, I got my nephew Eladio all over this, man. That little old sweet Swedish con artist who sold me the house is not gonna know what hit her.
      Nash (smirks): Swedish, huh?
      Joe: Yeah, I know.

    • (Bokeem doesn't tell them where D'Tone is, Cassidy handcuffs him by his nipple ring to Rachel's car, he still refuses to tell her, she hits the gas)
      Bokeem: Okay, okay! Ow! My nipple! Damn, woman!
      Cassidy: That's right: Woman! Not bitch, not kitty cat! Now where is D'Tone?!

    • (After Cassidy handcuff Bokeem by his nipple ring to Rachel's car, so Bokeem would tell them where D'Tone is. Rachel is now on the phone with Nash)
      Rachel: Hey, we got a lead on D'Tone.
      Nash: Good. Who's this?
      Rachel: Inspector McCabe. You know, from this morning?
      Nash: Oh, hi, Rachel. How's my daughter?
      Rachel: Still alive.
      Nash: That's good. She better stay that way.
      Rachel: Yeah. She's got that Bridges touch.
      Nash: Uh, you want to expound on that?
      Rachel: I don't know, maybe later.
      Nash: Alright, you hear from D'Tone, I wanna hear from you. Got it? (hangs up)
      (to Cassidy): He's charming.
      Cassidy: Oh, yeah. He grows on 'ya.

    • Gertrude Jorgensen: Don't you know you never, ever make a deal sight unseen?
      Inger: Wait a minute. You knew all this?
      Gertrude Jorgensen: I didn't just fall off a turnip truck. I made you an offer that was to good to be true, and he was too greedy to pass it up. I bet that you were even sorry for the old lady, weren't you? (Joe is silent)
      Eladio: Mrs. Jorgensen, we're getting off topic here--
      Gertrude Jorgensen: Don't you screw with me, young man. Your clients were chumps. And now, they're sore losers. You want to play the litigation game? Two can play at that game. (leaves)
      Inger: I don't like this Joe, not at all.
      Dov: Tell you what, I know a former Mossad agent he can torch it for you.

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