Nash Bridges

Season 1 Episode 8

Key Witness

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 17, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the start of the fight scene in the lab, (close to the end of the episode) someone in black (probably a cameraman) can briefly be seen behind the lab shelves.

  • Quotes

    • (Cassidy goes into her room to study with her friend, Ben)
      Nash: You know, we used to do that. But it's real different when it's done to you.
      Lisa (laughs): Yeah, definitely.

    • Cassidy (watching Nash and Lisa in the kitchen): God, it's like Ward and June Cleaver snatched my parents bodies.
      Nash: There is life from the peanut gallery. Don't you have homework to do?
      Lisa: Yes, listen to your father, dear.
      Cassidy: Unreal. Look, I have a friend coming over to study, that okay?
      Nash: What friend?
      Lisa: It's okay. I-I checked it with the guy downstairs.
      Nash: What about the guy upstairs?
      Cassidy: What, just cause we're staying here, I can't see my friends?
      Nash: That's right and that's fair.

    • Linus: Is it possible there's a question or two you didn't ask me last night?
      Joe: I have one. Um, I hear that doctors are really financially secure. Did you ever think of investing in the food and beverage industry? (Nash laughs)
      Linus: Why are you here?
      Nash: Ah, come on, doc. You know exactly why we're here. You see, Linus, I'm not a beat around the bush kind of a guy. And I know you did it.
      Joe: And you know you did it, and now I know, too.
      Nash: We're gonna getcha.
      Linus: You can't write me a traffic ticket.
      Nash: What would you say if I told you the reason that we're here is 'cause we found the body?
      Linus: I would say that you're whistling in the wind.
      Nash: Which means you know exactly where the body is. That's all I needed to know.

    • Nash (about Joe buying the bar): Maybe this is some sort of karmic payback deal, for doing this whole thing behind Inger's back, huh? (Joe glares at him, Nash laughs)
      Joe: You're my best friend, right? (Nash laughs and nods) Oh, just checking. Shut up and drive.

    • Nash: You know, the last few days, I've been thinking that I wished things had turned out differently, you know?
      Lisa: Well, I look at it this way, Nash, I'm just glad for what we do have.
      Nash: Yeah, me too.
      Lisa: I wanna... thank you for believing in me all through this.
      Nash: Lisa, I'll always believe in you. (they kiss)

    • Lisa: He couldn't dispose of her, he needed her. Maybe he wanted to snatch her organs.
      Nash: Sweetheart, she was pretty dead for that to work.
      Lisa: Well, it's something sinister.
      Nash: Look, he hid the body in the lab 'cause he's a pathologist, it's the last place that anybody's gonna look. Now can we please just not go off the deep end here?
      Joe: Hey, it's my favorite crime fighting couple. I heard you found the body in the laboratory. It's getting very sinister around here.
      Nash: Talk to her. You two are on the same wave length.
      Joe: Oh, yeah? Alright. My theory, for whatever it's worth. I think this guy Linus is a blood sucker and he needs a host to feed off of.
      Nash: What are you related to Geraldo Rivera?
      Joe: Maybe. Have you gone after this guy with a cross or garlic? (Lisa shakes her head) See?
      Nash (sighs, mutters): A cross and garlic.

    • Lisa: What're we lookin' for?
      Nash: Whatever it is that they're tryin' to hide.
      Lisa: What if Mills comes in on Saturdays?
      Nash: Well, then we'll ask him.

    • (Nash is fighting with a guy, Lisa tries to knock the guy out, but hits Nash instead)
      Nash (holding his head): What'd you do that for?! I had the guy.
      Lisa: Oh, I wasn't sure. It's not like I didn't think that you wouldn't get him eventually, but you know, he was pretty young.
      Nash: Oh, good. That's good. Add insult to injury. ... Whoa, I'm seein' three of you right now.
      Lisa (yells): Can you say the alphabet backwards?
      Nash (yells): What're you yellin' at me for?! I never could say the alphabet backwards. What do you think I am? A TV that you just whack and the picture gets better?

    • Nash: Alright, Cassidy, why don't take my room, and I'll sleep on the sofa and--
      Lisa: No, no. I'll take Cassidy's room, she'll sleep on the sofa and you keep your room.
      Nash: Right, just like I said. Whatever makes you comfortable.
      Lisa: God, I never thought that I'd be sleeping under the same roof with you again.
      Nash (laughs): Oh, well, thank you.
      Cassidy: Oh, come on, Mom, it could be fun like old times.
      Lisa: Old times weren't always that fun.

    • Nash: Alright, I'm gonna have to put you and Cassidy in protective custody.
      Lisa: Oh, some fabulous hotel? Room service?
      Nash: No, it's too high profile, and I don't know how far this guy Mills can reach. I guess you'll have to stay with me.
      Lisa: Oh, no!
      Joe: Hey, it's not bad, I stayed there once when me and Inger were havin' a to-do. Room service sucked, but the food was great.
      Nash: Oh, that reminds me. You stole my shampoo.
      Joe: That wasn't complimentary?

    • Nash: You sneaked around the man's house?
      Lisa: Sneaking would be too strong of a word. I was picking up my stuff, you know, making sure I didn't leave any loose silverwear any place, like on his desk.
      Nash: Lisa, have you completely lost your mind? Do you know how incredibily risky that is?
      Lisa: Well, I didn't expect him to show up in the middle of the day.
      Nash: Well, that's exactly my point.
      Lisa: Wait, wait. I forgot. I found this in the icemaker. (pulls out a necklace) It's the necklace the dead woman was wearing. And I got her name and where she works.
      Joe: Have you ever looked in somebody's ice maker?
      Nash: Not in my entire career.

    • Joe (about Linus): So, who is he?
      Nash: Well, that's misson number one, bubba. First we find out who he is, then we figure out how he did it.
      Joe: We should try that tarot card reader on Fourth.

    • Lisa: This is so weird. How'd he get rid of that body so fast?
      Nash: I don't know.
      Joe: This is like that game, Clue, the professor did it, in the garden with the silencer.

    • Lisa: So, did you find anything?
      Nash: Not one shred of evidence. No powder burns on the hands, no weapon, no body.
      Lisa: Nash, in 20 years have I ever cried wolf? I'm telling you what I saw.
      Nash: I believe you.

    • Harvey: Lisa, would you mind showing us where you think the murder occured?
      Lisa: Yeah, yeah, sure, what? For the forensic guys?
      Harvey: Actually, uh, we're having a little trouble finding the deceased.
      Lisa: Well, it should be the only corpse over there, just turn left at the soup turine, you can't miss it.

    • Linus: Excuse me. I'm Linus Mills, are you in charge here?
      Lisa: Why isn't he in custody? Why hasn't he been arrested? I saw you do it!
      Nash (calming): Okay, okay. Take it easy. (to Linus) We haven't met. I'm Inspector Nash Bridges.
      Linus: His and Her's Bridges. There's a lot more clarity to all of this now.
      Nash (laughs): Well, I hope so.

    • (Nash puts his finger in the saucepan)
      Lisa: Hey! Stay out of that!
      Nash: Mmm! Yum, yum, yum!
      Cassidy: God! It's like Ward and June Cleaver snatched my parents' bodies!
      Nash: And there is life from the peanut gallery. Don't you have homework to do?
      Lisa: Yeah, listen to your father. dear.
      Cassidy: Unreal. Look, I have a friend coming over to study.
      Nash: What friend?
      Lisa: It's okay, I checked it with the guy downstairs.
      Nash: What about the guy upstairs?
      Cassidy: What just 'cause we're staying here, I can't see my friends?
      Nash: That's right, and that's fair.

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