Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 19

Kill Joy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2001 on CBS
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Kill Joy

The SIU try and track down a man who has been stalking women all with the same name, and has murdered one of them. Harvey finds himself attached to one of the potential women, as she is a fellow Deadhead, however, he soon discovers she has many secrets. Joe becomes a leiuteniant but realizes it comes with a ton of paperwork. Nick injures his leg and annoys Nash and Cassidy to no end, so Nash hires a woman, who turns out to be eccentric, to take care of him.


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    Kellita Smith

    Kellita Smith

    Regina Adams

    Guest Star

    Stephanie Zimbalist

    Stephanie Zimbalist

    Joy Larson/Susan Maeder

    Guest Star

    Michael Keenan

    Michael Keenan

    Ron Sekora

    Guest Star

    Suzanne Krull

    Suzanne Krull

    Betty Ann McCurry

    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Antwon: Okay, for 30 grand you tell him where Joy Larson is. Are we clear on this plan?
        Regina: No, let's go over it another 15 times. What do you think, I'm an amature?
        Antwon: I just wanna make sure that you get it firmly imprinted in that hard little head of yours.
        Regina: Honey, I got it before you even said it.
        Antwon: Alright, then stick to it. And don't call me honey.

      • Nash: Uh... Harvey. Is it my imagination or are we listing?
        Harvey: Oh, no. We are indeed hard on our keel to port, sir.
        Nash: I believe that's starboard.
        Harvey: Starboard. You're right.
        Nash: Did Joe call the marine engineer or do I have to get into it.
        Harvey: Oh, I don't think that's nescessairy. I heard him screaming into the phone earlier. I think he's into it.

      • Rachel (holding on to a column): Joe, this is getting ridiculous. Is there some process by which we abandon ship?
        Joe: This is not the Titanic. Everything's gonna be fine. It's going to be repaired.
        Rachel: You know, you obviously need help, why don't you hire an assistant?
        Joe: Yeah, like how can I do that?
        Rachel: Well, maybe you can't, but Nash can. He's the captain. Every captain has an assistant. It's built into the budget. (picks up a book) Look, it's right here. Section 33. It's like excutive assistant to the captain or something.
        Joe: You mean somebody can help us manage all this paperwork?
        Rachel: Yeah, all you have to do is post the job.
        Joe: Oh great, Rachel, you may live.
        Rachel: It's too cold to swim in here.
        Joe: It's alright, I'm on it.

      • Nash: I hired a housekeeper.
        Nick: Why? What the hell for?
        Nash: To keep house? What else?
        Nick: You didn't consult me. I don't need a nursemaid!
        Nash: Well, thats good because you see, she's a housekeeper and if from time to time, she makes you a sandwich you won't hold it against her.

      • Antwon: So you don't wanna talk? Okay, so we'll just roll out the charges. We got assault, breaking and entering--
        Regina: Honey, no way you gonna make any of that stick. Now, book me or unhook me 'cause I got things to do.
        Antwon: Don't call me honey, sister.
        Regina: Don't call me sister, mister. You're just mad because I kicked your ass and got your cop ego all bent out of shape.
        Antwon: First of all, you didn't kick my ass.
        Regina: Anytime you want a rematch.
        Antwon (to Harvey): What's up with this chick, man?
        Harvey: I'm wondering who to bet on.
        Nash (walks up): Hi, Regina.
        Regina: Nash Bridges. (they hug) You couldn't come lookin' for me yourself? You had to send these two goons?
        Nash: Well, I'm hopin' that it's not you that I'm lookin' for.

      • Nick (after he tastes the soup Nash gave him): Oh, son of a bitch! That's hot! Are you trying to scold me to death?
        Nash: Okay, alright. Look, I'll put an ice cube in it.
        Nick: No, then it'll turn all watery. I'll just have some toast instead.
        Nash: Toast instead. Okay. (walks toward the kitchen)
        Nick: Is that a problem?
        Nash: No, Nick, it's not a problem.
        Nick: You sound like that's a problem!
        Nash: Nick? (lets out a breath) If you want some toast I'll go and make it for 'ya. (turns back towards the kitchen)
        Nick: Just forget it. I can already tell that it's too much trouble.
        Nash (clenches his hands): I got a better idea. Since you already hate everything anyway, why don't we just get past the eating and go right to the bitching?!
        Nick: Forget it! I will make it myself. (tries to get up, but can't because of his leg) Ow!
        Nash: Nick, I will make you your toast.
        Nick: Don't forget to burn it! (Nash picks up the box of crackers to throw at him, but he just did it in frustration)

      • Harvey (about Joy): I don't get to meet many deadheads in this line of work. Oh, man. Didn't you think there was something really cool about her?
        Antwon: Oh, yeah, I noticed. Do you think you're gonna be able to concentrate for the rest of the day?
        Harvey: Antwon, the girl went to Egypt to see my Dead, you don't know how cool that is. (Antwon laughs)

      • Cassidy (trying to help Nick after he injures his knee): You sure don't make this easy, Grandpa.
        Nick: I'm not in the business of making things easy! Life is not easy! I don't want your pity!
        Cassidy: Is that why you think I'm here? Because I pity you?
        Nick: I don't think it, I know it.
        Cassidy: Well, maybe I do, but not as much as you pity yourself you mean old man! (she walks to the kitchen)
        Nash (walks in): Ah, the loving family. Always so nice to come home to. (to Nick) Hello. (Nick doesn't respond, he walks over to Cassidy) Thank you very much for looking in on him. I'm sure he apperciated it. I know that I did.
        Cassidy: I'm so glad I don't live here anymore. And I never thought I'd say that to him.
        Nash (as Cassidy is handing him all the untisals and stuff to give to Nick for his dinner): Cassidy, come on. Can you imagine what he's goin' through?
        Cassidy: Ooh. Just ask him.
        Nash: Cassidy, can't you be the bigger person.
        Cassidy: We're way past that, dad. Way past that! (she gets her jacket to leave)
        Nick: Good riddances!
        Cassidy: Oh, I just don't believe this!

      • Ronnie: Hey, Nash says that you're gonna be signing this stuff from now on.
        Joe: What is it?
        Ronnie: It's authorization to pay a plumbing company. I need you to sign here and here.
        Joe: Well, I'm not gonna sign anything until I've read it first.
        Ronnie: Ah, Nash just signs it.
        Joe: Yeah, well, Nash has read these things before, I haven't.
        Ronnie: You're not gonna read it now?
        Joe: I'm busy, Ronnie.
        Ronnie: Well, when are you gonna read it?
        Joe: Later.

      • Nash: Is that new suit, bubba?
        Joe: Uh, yeah. I got the job, so I figured I might as well dress the part.
        Nash: You're not gonna lose touch with the common people, are 'ya?
        Joe: I'll have my secretary get back to you on that.
        Nash (seeing Cassidy, Rachel, Harvey and Antwon walking towards them): Ooh. Before you do that you better feed the masses, Lieuteniant. (he walks upstairs and laughs)

      • Nash: You know, bubba, for a guy who's about to be promoted to Lieutenient you seem kinda subdued.
        Joe: It's this damn unifrom, man. It's built like a cheap hotel. No ball room.
        Nash (laughs): Way too much information, bubba.
        Joe: Wool shrinks with age, right?
        Nash: Yes, but man expands.
        Joe: How's my hair?
        Nash: Am I looking for somethin' in praticular?
        Joe: I got it trimmed. I figured, uh, short hair looks more authoritative.
        Nash: Just flip that stuff that's hangin' down there in the frony, just flip it back.

      • (About the Vietnam War)
        Nash: What was your number?
        Harvey: It was... 37, no 27.
        Nash: But you didn't have to go, did 'ya?
        Harvey: No, thank god. War ended before I got called up. I don't know, man. Turbulent times, I guess.
        Nash: Yeah. Then we grew up.
        Harvey: Yeah, we did.

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      • Jeff Fahey worked with Don Johnson before first on an episode of Miami Vice and when Jeff Fahey starred on The Marshall which Don produced.

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