Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 10

Kill Switch

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 1999 on CBS
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Kill Switch
A juror becomes a vigilante avenging murder victims. Caitlin and Joe go in on a donut business venture. Evan is arrested and calls Cassidy; Cassidy finds a new boyfriend.

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    Kelly Rutherford

    Kelly Rutherford

    Roxanne "Roxie" Hill

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    Trevor St. John

    Trevor St. John


    Guest Star

    Keone Young

    Keone Young

    Duke the Donut King

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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Nash: Well, well, well, you're not lookin' so tough are 'ya now, bubba? As a matter of fact you're lookin' a little peaked.
        Joe: A little pasty. What's up, Trevor?
        Trevor: Hey, look, man I don't wanna end up dead, alright? Look, I wanna confess.
        Joe: Confess to what?
        Trevor: Alright, we threatened that lady and her sister, man.
        Nash: How about conspiracy to commit murder? You and Markus went over to Derek Liu's and tried to kill him, right?
        Trevor: Now, man, look, I was not there. (Harvey laughs and hands Nash a file with Trevor's fingerprints from the scene)
        Nash: You wanna try again?
        Trevor: Okay, okay. Look, man, so we where there, alright? Man, just put me away, man.
        Nash: Harvey? Take young Trevor here back to the confessional, I think he has a few things that he'd like to get off his chest. (Harvey and Trevor walk off)
        Joe: Uh, you forgot to mention that the guy who was trying to kill him is dead.
        Nash: Oh, damn! Must've slipped my mind. (they laugh)

      • (After Nash sees the bail report, and sees that Cassidy bailed Evan out of jail)
        Cassidy: I tried to say no. I'm totally angry with him I just can't cut him off.
        Nash: Why not?
        Cassidy: I was his one phone call, dad. It was just me.
        Nash: Mmhmm... And you're always gonna be his one phone call unless you send him a very clear message... that you're not going to be.
        Cassidy: I'm seeing someone else.
        Nash: That's good, healthy. When do I get to meet 'em?
        Cassidy: You don't, we don't wanna scare him off yet, dad.
        Nash: That's no fun. (laughs)
        Cassidy: Yes, it's much better that way.
        Nash (laughs): Come on, I'm not that bad. How bad could it be?
        Cassidy (laughs): Oh, God.

      • Evan: So what's the word?
        Harvey: About what?
        Evan: You know, has Nash said anything about me coming back to the SIU?
        Harvey: No.
        Evan: You think that that's a bad sign?
        Harvey: To be honest, I don't think that it's good.
        Evan: Heaven knows I've been doin' my best, Harv.
        Harvey: I know that you have, man.

      • Markus: What the hell you doin' about this?
        Nash: Well, well, first time in a police station without cuffs on?
        Markus: Lincoln's dead. You're supposed to be protecting us?
        Nash: You know what, protecting you is not high on my priority list.
        Trevor: Hey, man. There's a psycho out there huntin' us down.
        Joe: Oh, you mean like how you hunted down Benjamin Liu?
        Nash: I'll tell you what, children. You wanna confess to witness tampering, I can keep you safe and warm for four years.
        Markus: Screw you, man.
        Joe: It's your funeral, punk.

      • Joe: So you don't think he did it?
        Nash: Nope.
        Joe: Why not?
        Nash: Gut.
        Joe: Does your gut have a suspect?
        Nash: I'm workin' on one.
        Joe: Yeah. While you're workin' on it, you wanna pull over up here?
        Nash: Why?
        Joe: Why do you always have to question everything I ask you? Just pull over, please.

      • Roxy: I wanna go after these guys for witness tampering.
        Joe: That's gonna be a tough case to make. I mean, especially if your primary witness doesn't wanna corporate.
        Roxy: Good. So you guys will help me? (Nash groans) Oh, no, wait, wait. Come on, please? Look, Joe's right. This is gonna be a tough case to make, and, uh... I'm gonna need the best and you guys are the best.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, sister. Flattery will do nothing for you here, Roxy.
        Roxy: Fine then I'll call in a chit. You owe me.
        Nash: Oh, yeah!
        Joe: We owe you?
        Nash: Actually, we do.
        Joe: For what?
        Roxy & Nash: The Parker case.
        Joe: That was you?
        Roxy: Yeah, I asked Nash to promise to keep my name out of it.
        Joe: That was her.
        Nash: Believe it or not.
        Roxy: Okay, so it's your turn.
        Nash: Alright, we'll help you as much as we can. But then that makes us even, sister.

      • (After a fight broke out in a courtroom, after the judge proved three killers not guilty)
        Nash: Are you okay, bubba?
        Joe: Yeah, tell me again. Why were we protecting these scumbags?
        Nash: Uh, that's the cop in you coming out.
        Joe: Yeah, well, the man in me wanted to pile on.
        Nash: Ditto.

      • Nash: Okay, I'll bit. What is it?
        Joe: It's Inger's sleepwear. Just arrived overnight via Sweden. I'm having trouble sleeping, man.
        Nash: What are you gonna do? Wear it? (laughs)
        Joe: No, no. I need the scent. I mean, some people need total darkness, some people need white noise, I- I need this.
        Nash: So eau de Inger and you sleep like a baby?
        Joe: Much better than a baby. (smells the garmet) Oh, that's Inger alright.
        Nash: Does this qualify as a psycological disorder or just merely a fetish?
        Joe: Hey, just one sniff man and I'm already drowsy. (he lifts it up to smell it, and it flies out of his hands and onto the street) Hey, hey, stop, stop. (Nash stops the car, Joe goes out to get it but it already has been run over by a couple cars)
        Nash (laughs): Well, you can pretend that Inger races Nascar.

      • (Caitlin hands Joe a donut)
        Nash (to Harvey): Did you just see that?
        Harvey: No.
        Nash (to Joe): What was that?
        Joe: What?
        Nash: That. She just gave you a donut.
        Joe: What, she's not aloud to gimme a donut now?
        Nash: She can, she just never does.
        Joe: Well, she did today.
        Caitlin (to Nash): Did you, uh, want a donut?
        Nash: No, I hate donuts. But I would like to know why you gave him one.
        Caitlin: Okay um... okay Joe and I are partnering on a business venture. Now, this really doesn't involve you, Nash, so I would appreciate it if you kept your disapproval down to a dull roar.
        Nash: Please tell me you're just kidding.
        Caitlin: Ooh. That's exactly what he said you'd say.
        Nash: Did he also happen to mention this is about his 3 billionth scheme? And you know why it's his 3 billionth scheme? Because the other 2,999,999 were failures!
        Caitlin: Please do not worry yourself about this okay. I will be fine. (walks away)
        Nash: I'm not worried about you.

      • (Joe has a box of donuts in the 'cuda)
        Nash: Uh, you're not eating that. And that's a statement not a question.
        Joe: No, I'm not going to eat it. I'm going to evaluate them. (Joe sticks a donut out to the side, over the car door)
        Nash: Okay, alright. Now that we witnessed the first donut wind tunnel test, what the hell does it mean?
        Joe: Nashman, clear you mind and get ready for a life altering concept, okay? Donuts online.
        Nash (laughs): You're gonna sell donuts on the internet? Like cyber-nuts? (laughing) Alright... explain.
        Joe: Alright, you order them at night then in the morning you got a fresh dozen right there next to your morning newspaper.
        Nash: Bubba, that's off the scale crazy even for you. (laughs)

      • Nash: 10,000 dollars?
        Caitlin: Nash, I don't understand you. It sounds to me that you don't trust the judgment of your girlfriend or that of your best friend.
        Nash: Well darlin', he is my best friend meaning I've known him a hell of a lot longer than you have. And trust me on this Joe is a dreamer, no, no, no, no, no! Make that schemer.
        Caitlin: Well, I happen to have faith in him.
        Nash: Caitlin, most of Joe's schemes fail. And I mean miserably, hit the ground hard. Does that mean he's not a wonderful guy? No. Does that mean I want him to change? No. I love him he's my best friend. But if you're gonna get into a business with this man you best do it with you eyes wide open.
        Caitlin: Well, that's perfect because my eyes are wide open. See?
        Nash: Okay, and you'll promise me that this in no way will affect our relationship?
        Caitlin: I solemnly swear.
        Nash: Okay, I want it in writing.
        Caitlin: You want--- How do you want it in writing?
        Nash: I'll go into the office and draw up some papers first thing in the morning.
        Caitlin: Fine, okay, I'll sign them. I'd love to.

      • (Joe wants cheaper donuts and Caitlin wants expensive ones)
        Caitlin: We just want your objective opinion.
        Nash: Uh-huh. That's exactly the rock and a hard place I've been trying to avoid.
        Caitlin: Nash, come on. Whatever your decision we will not hold it against you.
        Joe: We swear. C'mon Nashman, this is important, man.
        Nash: Yeah, so is my sanity.
        Caitlin: All you gotta do is try one of Joe's donuts from Dukes. Then try one of my delicious donuts from Armin.
        Joe: Hey, that's not entirely fair. We both know what one he's gonna like better. You gotta factor in the fact mine cost three times less.
        Nash: No griping, no sulking, no complaining?
        Caitlin: No.
        Joe: We swear.
        Nash: Okay, then I'll just need your John and Jane Hancock's right here on this document if you don't mind.
        Joe (reading the document): "We solemnly swear to not let our business ventures interfere with out respective relationships with Nash Bridges." You gotta be kidding.
        Nash: No. (they both sign it and Nash puts it away) Okay, now bring on the nuts. (he tastes them and picks Caitlin's) Oh, hands down, that one. (Caitlin laughs)
        Joe: What?! Those cost a $1.50 a piece, our customers are not gonna pay a $1.50 a donut.
        Nash: You wanted my opinion. I gave it to 'ya.
        Caitlin: Thank you, honey.
        Nash: Uh-huh.

      • Nash: Will you stop sulking? And talk to me? You made me choose!
        Joe: Ha! Nobody makes you do anything.
        Nash: You- You signed a pledge.
        Joe: Yeah, that was when I thought that you were going to be impartial.
        Nash: I was impartial!
        Joe: Oh, man you were never going to choose my donuts because I wasn't sleeping with you.
        Nash: That is ridiculous.
        Joe: Man, you've been trying to sabotage this whole donut idea ever since you heard of it.
        Nash: No, no, no, no, I was trying to prepare Caitlin for the inevitable wreckage that comes along with one of your hare-brained schemes.
        Joe: I'm insulted... regardless of the facts. (sighs) Man, well you're gonna get your way them.
        Nash: How's that?
        Joe: $1.50 a donut-- there's no way the business is going to succeed. Thanks a lot.
        Nash: Exactly what I predicted, this was some how gonna be my fault when your cockamamie plan didn't work.
        Joe: Well, in this case that's right.
        Nash: You know next time I want a pledge on videotape.
        Joe: Ah, videotape this.

      • Caitlin: I hate to say this but...
        Joe: Uh-huh. But you're going to anyways?
        Caitlin: There was someone in that courtroom with motive besides Derek.
        Joe: Oh, yeah? Who would that be?
        Caitlin: Roxanne Hill.
        Joe (laughs): You're kidding, right?
        Caitlin: Are you aware that 3 years ago, she purchased a 9mm semi-automatic handgun?
        Joe: You already looked into this?
        Caitlin: Yep. An S&W Ladysmith on Nash's recommendation. Now, he told me to run down everybody that was in that courtroom.
        Joe: Well, he didn't mean Rox, and you know it.
        Caitlin: You know, she was embarassed in a highly publisized trial by a witness that recanted at the last minute. Alright, we have 2 victims that were killed by a 9mm which happens to be a model she owns. I think that we owe it to her to check out her gun, just so that she doesn't get blindsided, and so we don't either.
        Joe: Alright, I'll talk to Nash about it first, though.

      • (After finding Lincoln dead)
        Harvey: He's got an air-tight alibi.

      • Harvey (arriving at Lincoln's house): Ronnie we're gonna need the small lock pick. (Ronnie hands him a big crowbar)

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