Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 1997 on CBS
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Nash's sister, Stacy, becomes the latest victim of a kinky sex couple, who drug, rape, and rob men and women. Nash and the SIU try and catch the couple. Nash also deals with personal issues, when he discovers that his sister is a lesbian, and dating his old girlfriend. He also finds out a secret that Whitney is keeping from him.


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    Ryan Alosio

    Ryan Alosio

    Barron Gaines

    Guest Star

    Robert Carradine

    Robert Carradine

    Dr. Hartman, D.D.S.

    Guest Star

    Brad William Henke

    Brad William Henke

    P.J. Pollard

    Guest Star

    Angela Dohrmann

    Angela Dohrmann

    Stacy Bridges

    Recurring Role

    Kate Vernon

    Kate Vernon

    Whitney Thomas

    Recurring Role

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      • Stacy: Sorry about the other night.
        Nash: Yeah, me, too. Ah, what a trip. Sam survive alright?
        Stacy: Sam took a job in Dallas for three months designing a mall.
        Nash: Today?
        Stacy: Was it the wonderful dinner party, Nash? Or maybe it was my charming personality.
        Nash: Nah, sis, I'm gonna say it's the curse of the Bridges.

      • Joe: He's gotta run out of bullets soon.
        Nash: One would hope.

      • Whitney: So, what'd you wanna talk about?
        Nash (laughs): How best to put this? ... Joe had a bad tooth. So he randomly selected a dentist out of the yellow pages. Now, this dentist's name was Bruce Hartman. And Dr. Hartman claims that you're his wife.
        Whitney: I am.
        Nash: You should've told me.
        Whitney: I tried to.
        Nash: But you didn't.
        Whitney (sighs): I know. It was wrong. Every time I tried to tell you Nash, something would happen or I just couldn't, and I'm sorry. You don't know what it's like after eight years of marriage I felt like I was losing my identity. My marriage wasn't about love anymore it was about running a business, and it's just-- It's just so different with you. I'm excited, I feel alive again.
        Nash: Is it over with him?
        Whitney: I don't know.
        Nash: Well, you're gonna have to go back and figure it out, aren't 'ya?
        Whitney: I know. I want to get things resolved once and for all, then I wanna come back.
        Nash: I'll be here.

      • Joe: You really think you're gonna be okay?
        Nash: Oh, sure. Why not? I mean, I finally meet a woman that I really like and she turns out to be somebody else's goat. No problem.

      • Nash: Somethin' else botherin' you, bubba?
        Joe: As a matter of fact, there is.
        Nash: What is it?
        Joe: Okay, say you're a shepherd, right? And one day this goat wanders into your yard and it's a beautiful goat and it gives great milk and you really get attached to it, y'know? And, uh--
        Nash: What is this, a bible story?
        Joe: Look, the milk has to come from somewhere, right? So, sure enough, one day a farmer shows up and he claims his goat.
        Nash: What are you talking about?
        Joe: Okay, you know that dentist that you made me go to?
        Nash: Yeah.
        Joe: He's married to your Whitney.
        Nash (pulls the car over, really quickly): What did you say?
        Joe: Small world, huh? I pick a dentist out of a hat and he happens to be married to your dad's nurse, you know, the woman you happen to be sleeping with. Sorry, man.
        Nash: Wait a minute. How do you know he's married to Whitney?
        Joe: He had her pictures up all over. I mean, then he says that she walked out on him three months ago. You okay? You want me to drive?
        Nash: I'm in shock. I'm not insane.
        Joe: Just don't shoot the messenger. (Nash pulls the car out) Or get him in a car wreck.

      • Stacy: God, this is awkward as hell.
        Nash: No kiddin'.
        Stacy: This is what I wanted to talk to you about last night.
        Sam: Nash, your sister and I, are uh...
        Nash: I get it.
        Stacy: It just happened.
        Sam: And I wanted to thank you for introducing us. You changed my life, Nash.
        Nash: Oh, that's good, I think. I'm not quite sure how to take that.
        Stacy: Don't be upset.
        Nash: Oh, I'm not upset. Stacy, you're my sister. I don't give a damn about whatever the thing is with you two. I just want to make sure you're okay.
        Stacy: I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for Dad to hear about this yet.
        Nash: Well, he's certainly not going to hear it from me.

      • Nash: Go and get that tooth fixed.
        Joe: Oh, it'll be fine. It just hurts when it's exposed to heat or cold or saliva.
        Nash: Get it fixed.

      • Joe: I'm going with him.
        Nash: No. You're going to the dentist and get that tooth fixed. If you don't I'm gonna tie a string around it and put it on the bumper of the cuda.

      • (After Stacy is attacked)
        Nash: I'll tell ya what, I'll make ya a deal, I'll catch the bastards and you put 'em away.

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