Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 19

Lady Killer

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 1998 on CBS
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Lady Killer

A dead woman is found in Bettina's bed, and all signs point to him as the killer, especially when he seems to be withholding information. Nash is convinced that he is innocent and tries to prove his innocence. Joe tries to track down a man who has stolen his identity and is living a life of romance. Inger assumes that Joe is cheating. Cassidy asks Evan to be her friend's date in a double date, but things don't go as planned.


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    Nakia Burrise

    Nakia Burrise


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    Andi Carnick

    Andi Carnick


    Guest Star

    Chip Lucia

    Chip Lucia

    Grifin Trent

    Guest Star

    Daniel Roebuck

    Daniel Roebuck

    Richard Bettina

    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

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      • Rick: I need to talk to you but I don't even have the words.
        Nash: Well, you would've done the same for me, wouldn't 'ya, Rick?
        Rick: Everybody would've done the same for you. You're Nash Bridges. You have a million friends. No one ever puts it on the line for Rick Bettina. You saved my life.
        Nash: Well... (Rick hugs him a long time) Okay, I got it, Rick. Point made. Okay. (Rick stops hugging him and walks off)
        Harvey (walks up): What was that all about?
        Nash: The beginning of a very weird and new friendship.

      • Harvey: Oh, it's loverboy. How did it go? (Evan is silent) Don't you dare think of clammin' up on me.
        Evan: Alright. You want me to tell you what happened?
        Harvey: Yes.
        Evan: Okay, the four of us went back to Cassidy's for dinner, right? Within 20 minutes my date and Cassidy's date hit it off. Leaving Cassidy and I all alone. So we finished dinner, we talked, we laughed and we did the dishes. And then she grabbed me and she kissed me. Long and hard, right on the mouth. Any other questions?
        Harvey: You lie like a rug.

      • Joe: Well, that was Dan Radski over in the D.A's office. Birdsong is singing like the proverbial--
        Nash: Uh, songbird?
        Joe: Exactly.

      • Nash (about Rick): We better stop him before he kills somebody.
        Harvey: Somebody better stop me before I kill him.
        Nash: There will be plenty of time for that.

      • Evan: So how are things going at the casa di Dominguez?
        Joe: I'm still in Inger's dog house.
        Evan: Even though we caught the guy?
        Joe: Hey, man. I showed her his mugshot, I showed her his statement, I-I did everything but give her a multimedia presentation.
        Evan: So then what's the problem?
        Joe: I don't know. She's still pissed off at me. (sighs) I mean, she knows that I'm not having an affair. That's the cool part. It's just that I-- Uh, women.
        Evan: Well, you know that Inger saw all those credit card receipts for all that romantic stuff, right? You know, maybe she's wishin' that the real Joe Dominguez was a little more like the fake Joe Dominguez.
        Joe: Since when did you turn into Ann Landers?
        Evan: Joe, can I be honest with you for a second?
        Joe: Well, I have a feeling you're going to anyways, so shoot.
        Evan: Okay, look, everybody knows how your life has changed since Lucia came into the world, right? I mean, first there was the colic then there was the nurse thing, and then there was that whole school fiasco. And you know, everybody knows now that Lucia's even sleeping in your bed with you guys. I mean, it couldn't get any worse than that.
        Joe: Well, see, you've never been married so you don't know what it's like to be married. It changes all the time.
        Evan: I do know one thing, my friend. This is a golden opportunity. Take advantage of it.

      • Joe: Look, Trent hires the killer, the killer hires the girl, the girl goes to the bar and waits for Bettina to pick her up, and he does. They go back to his house and she doses him, he passes out, she gets up, opens the door for the killer, only she doesn't realize until it's too late that she's the real victim.
        Birdsong: Why don't you include an alien abduction in there some where?
        Nash: Hey, man, we're going to jump all over this. You wanna get on it or what do you wanna do?
        Birgsong: Sinking ship's not my style.

      • Nash: We'll work that until we find something else. I'll be in here throwing up.
        Harvey: Alright. It's a dramamine kind of day.

      • Inger: Nash, I want to know what is going on here.
        Nash: You want the truth?
        Inger: Yes.
        Nash: You know the truth. Joe could not be more faithful to you, he couldn't be more in love with you. And Lucia? Forget about it. Don't even get me started.
        Inger: I want to believe you, Nash.
        Nash: If he was cheatin' on you he'd be cheatin' on me, then I'd have to kick his ass.
        Inger: Thank you.
        Nash: He couldn't be more faithful to you. In every way.

      • Harvey: I can't believe that you're violating our agreement.
        Evan: Which agreement might that be?
        Harvey: You made a solemn pledge that if I helped you get your badge back you would remain celibate for a full month.
        Evan: A. I cannot believe that you've been marking the calender and B. I have been true to it.
        Harvey: So what's going on tonight?
        Evan: It's a double date, Harv. Not an orgy.
        Harvey (laughs): Nice knowin' 'ya.
        Evan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. What are you talking about?
        Harvey: You and Cassidy, my friend. Dangerous alchemy.
        Evan: Excuse me. Alchemy?
        Harvey: Oh, please, Evan. It's plain as day where this is going.
        Evan: Harv, you're wrong. And I don't think that you've ever been more wrong.
        Harvey: I doubt that I am.

      • (Rick is in jail after being suspected of killing a girl)
        Nash: You want to tell us about your sexual addiction or anything else you conveinetly left out? Because this could be our last meeting.
        Rick: Okay. Look, for some reason picking up women is something I'm good at. I'm not proud of it.
        Joe: These are Earth women we're talking about, right?
        Rick: Believe me I don't understand it either. Lately its become a real obsession with me. But this group is good, you know, they say it's all about anxiety and self-esteem.
        Nash: Rick, you know, sexual obsession is exactly the kind of motive Birdsong's lookin' for.
        Rick: I know, I know how am I gonna tell you this? I couldn't tell you. What would I say? "Hey, Nash. Guess what? I have to have sex four or five times a day, if I don't get it I go crazy." Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna go crazy even if I do get it.
        Joe: Four or five times a day?
        Rick: You wouldn't believe the bars I've been to, the kinky clubs, the swinging singles parties.
        Joe: We're defining day as like a 24 hour period day, right?
        Rick: I was afraid that if you knew the real me that you'd like me even less than you already do.
        Nash: Rick, for now on, every word out of your mouth better be the god's honest truth or we're outta here, you got it?
        Rick: I understand. I-I got it, I'm sorry.

      • Nash: Bettina a sexoholic? I don't know whether to feel sorry or proud.
        Joe: I'm feeling nauseated. What is that, like, lie number five or six?
        Nash: Well, would you admit it if you were a sexual compulsive?
        Joe: Are you getting some kind of perverse kick out of playing devil's advocate here?
        Nash: Well, I'll tell you one thing. The weirder this thing gets, the more curious I get.
        Joe: As soon as we find pictures, I'm out of here. (Nash laughs)

      • Rachel: I'm in recovery myself.
        Joe: You are?
        Rachel: Yes, we all are.
        Evan: From what?
        Rachel: Sex. The term is sexual compulsive. Yeah, I've been on the wagon for six months.
        Joe (laughs): Have you tried marriage? It pretty much accomplishes the same thing.

      • Nash: Even Rick would cover his tracks better than that.
        Joe: Excuse me, are we talking about the same evidence here?
        Nash: I'll let you know when I see some.

      • Joe: He lied.
        Nash: He hired a hooker. That doesn't make him a murderer.
        Joe: I cannot believe you're standing up for him.
        Nash: What can I tell 'ya? I got a weak spot for mutts.

      • Inger: Joe, when was the last time you bought me chocolates?
        Joe: Bought you chocolates? Uh, you said not to. You said that they make you fat.
        Inger: I said that they make you fat.
        Joe: Same difference.

      • Rick: Nash, you're my best friend.
        Nash: Y-You're best friend?
        Rick: Actually, my only friend.
        Nash: Oh, well, Rick, look, really--
        Rick: Nash. I-I know I'm an ass and I know I'm overbearing and I'll admit, okay, I'll admit for everyone to hear me that I only got this job out of nepotism. Fine! There! I said it. And I know what you think of me. And-- And even if you don't like me, you know me and that has got to be worth something. Please, Nash, please help me. Please do something. (Nash mumbles) I-I didn't understand that, you're mumbling.
        Nash: Yeah, sorry. I was wondering why god chose me for this penance.
        Rick: You gonna help me?
        Nash: Okay, Rick, I'll see what I can do. (Rick hugs him)
        Rick: Okay, okay. Thanks, man. I appreciate it, you don't even know. Call me if you hear anything. (leaves)
        Joe (walks over): So we're gonna help him?
        Nash: Uh, well, despite everything, I don't think he's guilty.
        Joe: What did he say to 'ya?
        Nash: Trust me, you don't wanna know. Ever.

      • Rick (about Birdsong): I'm his primary? Wh-What did he just say? What did he just tell you?
        Nash: He said he's going to do his job, Rick.
        Rick: Aw, come on, he's not impartial. The guy hates me. He wants to bury me.
        Nash: Impartial? What do you think this looks like, Rick?
        Rick: Alright, alright. I know that it looks bad but I'm tellin' you right now, I did not kill that girl. I didn't do it. Please, Nash, you've gotta help me clear my name.
        Nash: It's homicide's case now.
        Rick: Oh, no, no. Forget homicide. You forget that chain of command crap. You're the best cop I know if anyone can find a real killer, it's you.

      • Nash: Okay, Rick, let's hear it.
        Rick: Her name is Elizabeth I met her last night at the Milky Way.
        Nash: And before last night you had never seen her before, you were perfect strangers?
        Rick: Well, during the ecstasy of sexual conduct it's hard to remain perfect strangers. But, uh, for all intensive purposes, yeah.
        Nash: O-Okay, uh, let's go back to the bar. Exactly what happened?
        Rick: I sit down next to her, I buy her a couple of drinks, you know, we're having a good time so we go back to my place, and have a few more drinks. And then, you know, things led to things.
        Joe: Things led to things. Like kissing led to grouping, grouping led to mattress time?
        Birdsong: Or arguing led to a fight, that led to the girl ending up dead.
        Rick: Well, I didn't kill her.
        Birdsong: So, it was an accident. You two got all heated up, then she changed her mind, put on the brakes. That pissed you off.
        Rick: That is not what happened. I-I told you what happened. Now, I went to sleep, I woke up and she was dead. That is the truth.
        Nash (to Birdsong): He says that's what happened.

      • Evan: Do you really think Rick is capable of taking a girl home and killing her?
        Joe: I can't get passed the picking up a girl part.

      • Joe: So there I was in a Victoria's secret catalog shoot. Garter belts, lingerie, stiletto heels and then the phone rang.
        Rick: I didn't call you.
        Joe: Of course you didn't. I gave you the wrong number. What's up, Nashman?
        Nash: Well, when I figure it out, you'll be the second to know.

      • (Rick just called Nash and he's in Nash's apartment and Nash thought it was a burgler)
        Nash (with a gun pointed at Rick): Before I talk myself into justifiable homicide. You have exactly one minute to explain what the hell you're doing here.

      • Nash: My clock must be broken. No way you're calling me at 4:43 in the morning.
        Rick: I'm in trouble.
        Nash: You bet your ass you are.

      • (Inger storms out after a girl comes in sayings she's pregnant with Joe's baby, but she's really not since someone is defrauding Joe)
        Nash (to Joe about going after Inger): Run, dont walk.

      • (As Cassidy's walking out of the SIU, Nash and Joe are walking in)
        Cassidy: Hi daddy. Hi Joe.
        Joe: Hi Cass.
        Cassidy: Bye daddy. Bye Joe.
        Nash: Was that my daughter?
        Joe: Yeah, sweet kid. Should get to know her.
        Nash: Love to.

      • Joe: Dead girl in bed with Bettina...has got to be suicide.

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