Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 4

Land Pirates

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2000 on CBS
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Land Pirates

The SIU try to track a group of high profile car jackers who target San Francisco socialites. Nash and Joe take an off duty case, where a nun is pregnant and claims it is divine intervention. Angel shows up, and Nash tries to use him to help solve the case, and realizes that he has a positive affect on his father. Joe tries to stop a speed demon who constantly goes down his street. Cassidy becomes curious about Antwon's past.


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  • Choked me up

    I saw this episode during a bad day in my life. I won't go into it much, except to say the scene near the end, with Nash and his father, Nick, about to go fishing, really got to me.

    Since this episode aired on the Tuesday after Father's Day, I'm wondering if USA Network was going for that "theme".

    Anyway, all in all, it was a good episode. I like how they took down that gang bit by bit. I even liked the bit with Joe and the speeder. I'm not a big fan of character actor Tracey Walter, but he was rather interesting in the role of "Angel". (And I'm glad Nash isn't the only one who can see him.)moreless
William Shockley

William Shockley


Guest Star

Michael Bailey Smith

Michael Bailey Smith

Sergeant Iron Mike Willis

Guest Star

Bob Greene

Bob Greene

Archie Felton

Guest Star

Steven Kravitz

Steven Kravitz

Ira Buxbaum

Recurring Role

Tracey Walter

Tracey Walter


Recurring Role

Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

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    • Nash: Angel, I was just thinkin' about you.
      Angel: I know.
      Nash: As a matter of fact, I was just gonna come lookin' for you.
      Angel: I know.
      Nash: Will 'ya stop sayin' that, if I said that every time somebody said something, they'd probably think that I could read minds, too.
      Angel: Probably not.

    • Nash: Your neighbors told the Chronical Reporter that they saw a speed bump on your street at oh, around midnight, and then it was mysteriously gone by 3am.
      Joe: It's a miracle, huh?
      Nash: Mm. Probably the same miracle that got the tar on Nick's shoes, huh?

    • (On the phone)
      Nash: Roger.
      Roger: Who's this?
      Nash: Yeah, hi. This Captian Bridges, SIU. Now, I'm callin' 'ya on the phone, how far away do you think I am from gettin' 'ya?
      Roger: Far enough. Hey, do me a favor, if my friend Jimmy is still around, tell him his wife and kids are dead for him telling you my name. Oh, and one more thing, Captian, you get in my way, I'm gonna make you dead, too.
      Nash: Mmm. Be careful, bubba. I ain't easy to kill. (Roger hangs up. Nash looks at Joe) I don't think he was happy to hear from me. I don't know why.

    • Nash (after Harvey made up names for the bad guys and put up their pictures on the bulletin board): Interesting work, Harvey.
      Harvey: Thanks. All the scissors training in kidnegarden it really paid off.
      Nash (laughs): Cute names.

    • Rachel (arriving at the robbery scene): Buxbaum?
      Harvey (laughs): And who says karma doesn't exist?
      Ira Buxbaum: Where the hell were you guys 10 minutes ago?!
      Antwon: Gettin' my nails done, (shows his hand) ... do you like 'em?

    • Nash: Good morning, Doctor.
      Rachel: Could we not make a big deal outta this, please?
      Harvey: We got a good set of hands over there, Nash.
      Nash: I'm sure we do.

    • Nash: I want you to tell me the trust. No mumbo-jumbo, no platitiudes, no Angel speak, just the truth.
      Angel: I always do, Nash.
      Nash: I want you to tell me that you're not the father or sister Victoria's baby...
      Angel: How could I be?
      Nash: Angel...
      Angel: I believe that you're having a crises of faith, Nash. Otherwise, you'd be open to the possiblity that this pregnancy might be a miracle.
      Nash: The only thing that's miraculous about this pregnancy is that I got talked into investigating it. Now, I'm fairly sure that I know how woman get pregnant. And it isn't metaphysical, it's biological. So I'm thinkin' that since you've been roostin' over there at the rectory, you might know more than you think.
      Angel: You spend your life gathering facts, Nash. It's your job. You gather facts, you build a case, you solve mysteries. But sometimes the mysteries of life do not fall into such simple equations.

    • Harvey (after Rachel saved a guy from bleeding to death): Damn, woman. Did you hear those paramedics praising you up and down? Looks like he's gonna make it. ... You know, I don't remember my surgical training in the academy...
      Rachel: I went to medical school, almost made it through the first year of my intership. I was on a surgery rotation at Oakland General, assisting on GSW's. Gun shot wounds... averaged like six a night, mostly gang kids.
      Harvey: What'd it get to 'ya or...?
      Rachel: Oh, yeah. I just couldn't do it anymore. Plus, I was in a relationship with one of the interns, and he was the wrong guy and the whole thing, you know... Anyway, one day I just quit and I joined the police academy.
      Harvey: Hm. Your family must've loved that.
      Rachel: Well, they didn't know, until I sent them an invitation to my graduation. Oh yeah, eight years later they're still waiting for me to come to my senses.

    • Joe (looking a dead criminal's license): Ha, it even has an organ donor sticker on it.
      Nash: I know, huh, you gotta love a crook with a conceince.

    • Nash: Oh, joy Ira Buxbaum.
      Ira: Save your breath, captian. My client is not well enough to talk, thanks to you. What you got somethin' against Mick's that you had to shoot him?
      Nash: He shot at me first.
      Ira: Allegdely.
      Nash: And if I recall the mood I was in at the time, he's lucky to be lyin' here at all.

    • Nash (seeing Joe yawn): I hope it's not the company.

    • Belinda: Wait, wait, you can't break into my sister's room, she's a nun.
      Nash: She's a pregnant nun. If she can bend the rules, so can we.

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    • Nash (while he and Belinda are searching Sister Vicotria's room, they find sexy lingerie): Well, well, well, I guess we just found Victoria's secret. Pardon the pun.

      Victoria's Secret is very popular lingerie story, that sells sexy lingerie, to everyday lingerie.