Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 3

Lap Dance

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2000 on CBS



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    • Cassidy (after Tamara and Nash say good-bye, she comes up and hands Nash a mug): Here, thought you could use this.
      Nash (takes the mug): Thanks.
      Cassidy: By the way, it's spiked.
      Nash: You're a good daughter.
      Cassidy: I know.

    • Nick: Well, I'm ready to cash in my chips for the night. (to Tamara) The company was marvelous. (to Nash) The dinner was ediable. (Nash laughs) And you two look damn good together.
      Nash: Uh, good night, Nick. (Nick walks off to bed)
      Tamara (drying dishes): So this is what it's like, isn't it? Y'know, Normal life.
      Nash (laughs): There's nothing normal about life in this house. (pulls Tamara towards him) And there sure as hell is nothin' normal about you. (kisses her)

    • Harvey: Tony, you mess with us, we'll mess with you.
      Tony B: Ha! Have I ever messed with you guys? ... Don't answer that.
      Harvey: Stay in cell range!
      Antwon: Be good, lovely.

    • Rachel: I- I was talking to some of the other cops and they told me about you and Evan Cortez. I'm really sorry, I didn't know.
      Cassidy: Yeah, it's just a really difficult thing for me.

    • Joe (after the FBI takes Tamara): You gonna let him take her, Nash?
      Nash: Too many games being played here, bubba. And I don't wanna play any of 'em.

    • Nash (after Cassidy just updated him on a case): Thank you, sweetheart.
      Cassidy: Dad...
      Nash: Oh! Thank you, officer.

    • Joe: Look, before we jump into this, do I have to warn you about this chick?
      Nash: Who, Tamara? Forget about it, man. I'm way over her.
      Joe: Yeah, that's what you always say.
      Nash: I mean it this time. (Joe gives him a look)

    • Nash: Let's cut to the chase, Tony. What's in the briefcase?
      Tony B: Contracts, track maps, escrow instructions, I'm getting ready to cut a big deal on a house on the other side of Tibroun.
      Nash: What's the address-- quick...
      Tony B: It's the one on the big street on the other side town. (Nash laughs to himself) C'mon what is it?
      Joe: Oh, yeah, I was gonna buy a house over there, too. Come on.
      Nash: Yeah, uh-huh, me too. Right next door to his.

    • (Nash and Tamara knock on Tony B's door looking for the laptop)
      Tony B: Hey-- Hey Nash, I was just gonna call 'ya.
      Nash: Were you?
      Tony B (sees Tamara): Who's the bimbo? (Tamara starts beating him up)
      Tamara (as she pushes him over the couch): Where is my laptop? You sorry son of a bitch.
      Nash: Hey, don't kill him before he tells you. (he sits on the stairs and wathces Tamara beat him up) Tony, Tamara. Tamara, Tony.
      Tamara: Where is it?
      Tony B (stands on the bed trying to get away from her): I told you I don't have it. (she pulls the sheet out from under him so he falls) What don't you understand? I told you I don't have it.
      Nash: Hell have no fury like a woman screwed, bubba.

    • Postman: Uh, Jersey Kouzski?
      Tony B: Nope, never heard of him. Come back later, and I'll give you somethin' okay?
      Nash: I'll sign for it.
      Tony B: But it's the wrong apartment...
      Nash: That's okay, I'll sign for it.
      Postman: For Jersey Kouzski?
      Nash: Yeah, right. I'll make sure that he gets it ... (signs for it) ... just as soon as he comes back from the dead. (Postman hands Nash the package, he takes it and shuts the door and the opens the package) Oh, what do we have here? Let's see what we got here. (to Tamara) Honey! Look what laptop-of-the-month-club sent us.
      Tony B: Hey, I was gonna sell that back to the good guys.
      Nash: You were?
      Tony B: I mean, come on, Nash, I'ma good guy. I had the whole thing set up with the CIA, get money for recovering it, man.
      Nash: Ah, that's great. How do you come up with most of these ideas?
      Tony B: Ah, the shower mostly.
      Nash: That figures.

    • Harvey: Joesph.
      Joe: Hmm?
      Harvey: Come here, please. The most sophisticated data on this piece of junk is the flying toaster screen saver. There is not a missle guidence system in sight. And some where, someone is yanking our chain.
      Joe: W-What? That's not possible.
      Harvey: Well, it may not be possible but it's a fact.
      Joe: Okay, okay. Well, every computer has a serial number, right?
      Harvey: Yeah, exactly. And this one was bought two days ago at discount computers. By whom, guess?
      Joe: Who?
      Harvey: Tony B.
      Joe: Tony B?
      Harvey: Yeah, I was shocked myself.
      Joe: Son of a bitch, we've been had by Tony B.

    • Tamera (about Nick): He's a sweetie. But I think you're daughter's a little weary of me.
      Nash: She's the smart one in the family.

    • (Tamera arrives at Nash's house)
      Nash: Uh, what's she doin' here?
      Cassidy: Well, she didn't come to see me. Oh, and Dad, if it's over somebody should probably tell her.

    • (Joe and Nash find Tamera tied up and gagged on a bed)
      Nash: Are we interrupting something or saving you? (Tamera tries to talk but it's all mumbled) What? (turns to Joe) Can you make that out?
      Joe: It sounds like 'You can't drive a fish through the vaccuum unplugged.'
      Nash: That's what I heard. Let's see if we're right. (takes out Tamera's gag)
      Tamera: I said... 'You're a sight for sore eyes.'
      Nash: And you're a pain in the ass. You better have some answers.
      Tamera: Anything for you, Nash.

    • Cassidy: Tamara Van Zant. I heard a couple of things and I just wanted to know if there's anything going on between you two.
      Nash: Uh... Well-- (clears throat) W-We had a thing once...
      Joe: ... Or twice. (Nash gives him a look)
      Cassidy: A thing?
      Joe: You know, just one of those things.
      Nash: You're not helping, bubba.
      Cassidy: Yeah, okay, got it.
      Nash: We had a thing once, it's over.
      Cassidy: Well, I apperciate you telling me that. (walks away)
      Joe: You think she bought it?
      Nash: Bubba, if I have to hurt you, I will.

    • Nash (to Joe): You are beautiful, appropriatly deviant at times, but beautiful.

    • Gabe Iseman: I haven't committed any crime, can I go?
      Nash: No, you may not. Ronnie lock 'em both up.
      Gabe: You can't do that.
      Tony B: Yeah, he can.

    • Cassidy: I know what you're all about. You prance around all dolled up, and all pushed up and whatever, trying to get whatever you can from whoever you can.
      Tamara: Not from Nash, if that matters to you.
      Cassidy: It doesn't.

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