Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 17

Line of Sight

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2000 on CBS



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    • (On the phone)
      Nash: Here's what you do-- Round up those bozos of his get 'em into interrogation. Play 'em all off of each other. One of them's gotta know where Praun's got Evan stashed.
      Harvey: Alright. What if they don't crack?
      Nash: Ah, you throw a life vest to a buch of drowning morons, they'll give up their own mother.

    • (Nash and Caitlin are each on dates, and get seated next to each other at a resturant)
      Caitlin: This is kind of weird.
      Nash: I'll say.
      Caitlin: I was wondering if you could go someplace else.
      Nash: What?
      Caitlin: Go someplace else.
      Nash: Wh-- We're here first. We're about to order.
      Caitlin: I'm on a first date.
      Nash: Oh, yeah? Well, it looks like the last one to me, sister.
      Caitlin: You know what? He happens to brilliant and he's very successful.
      Nash: You don't have to convince me.
      Caitlin: I don't know how you did this, but you did this on purpose.
      Nash: Yeah, right. I came here for dinner. How was I supposed to know that you were gonna come here, too?
      Caitlin: You know what? I will never forget this. (Caitlin turns and walks right into a waiter carrying a dinner and gets it all over her dress)
      Nash (laughs): Me neither.

    • Joe: Alright me and Nick made a sizable donation to the B'Nith Beth Hillel summer camp.
      Nash: The what?
      Joe: It's a Jewish summer camp. Kids go there to study Talmud. They do aarchery, play soccer, football... It's great.
      Nash: Ah. Okay. Fine. What do you and Nick get outta this?
      Joe: Well... (mutters) A taz write-off.
      Nash: I'm sorry. You- You said something. But you have to speak up, you see.
      Joe: A small tax write-off.
      Nash: Nick has virtually no income. What write-off?
      Joe: Well, technically I get the write-off. He sold Mr. Woody to me, I donated him to the summer camp. I get the write off and give him a percentage of the cash back. That's all there is too. Actually, I think it's pretty smart.
      Nash: Only pretty smart?
      Joe: Well...
      Nash: I mean, you're defrauding the IRS and a religious organization. Hell, it's brillant.

    • Joe (after some lady's person got stolen in front of them): You're a police captain, you don't do purse snatchings.
      Nash: Ah, it's because I am a police captain. (the guy is on rollerblades and is gliding down hill on the sidewalk)
      Joe: This guy's gonna break somebody's neck.
      Nash: Yeah, hopefully his own. (the guy gains speed and as Nash cuts him off, he hops right over the top of the 'Cuda) Wow.
      Joe: Hmm. Little embarassing if the captain doesn't catch the purse snatcher.

    • Nash: So, I hear that you're in the horse racin' business again.
      Joe: Nick tell you that?
      Nash: Oh, no, I can't get a word in edgewise with him. He's too busy on the phone with veterenians, and track officials and trainers. All about Mr. Woody.
      Joe: Well, we got great news. It seems that the vet that diagnoised him with a bowed tendon was all wrong, we went to two other vets and had him checked out. He's fine. He's ready to race.
      Nash: And?
      Joe: And what?
      Nash: Yeah, exactly. It's the 'ant what' part.
      Joe: You know what, bro, you have a very supicious mind.
      Nash: Thank you! I'm a cop. So now what's goin' on?
      Joe: Look, Nick and I worked it out, it doesn't involve you. So you can just relax. Jeez.
      Nash: Uh huh. So... I'm not gonna hear about how it all went wrong at some later point?
      Joe: Yes.
      Nash: Is that yes I will? Or yes I will not?
      Joe: I'm not even gonna dignify that with an answer, man.
      Nash: Well how about a head nod? (Joe shakes his head) Does that mean 'no' or does that mean--
      Joe: Will you just drive and let me live my life. Damn!
      Nash: Uh, well, it's your life. But it's my father.
      Joe: Okay, nothing's gonna happen. I guarantee it. Feel better?
      Nash: Worse.

    • Harvey: Oh, boss.
      Nash: What?
      Harvey: Zoe's upstairs in holding. Her water just broke.
      Nash: Well, of course!
      Nick: I delievered a baby once.
      Nash: Harvey, call 911. (to Nick) You come with me. She'll probably have twins when she sees you between her legs.

    • (After Miranda sees people are watching Cassidy and Evan practically having sex on the internet, she calls Nash)
      Nash: Captian Bridges, SIU.
      Miranda: Hi, it's Miranda. I need Cassidy's cell phone number it's an emergency.
      Nash: What kinda emergency, Miranda?
      Miranda: Uh, I can't tell you, okay? Um, just gimme the number.
      Nash: Miranda.
      Miranda: Oh God, umm... Okaay call Cassidy and tell her to stop immediatly, whatever it is that she's doing.
      Nash: Miranda you cannot call here and tell me that there's an emergency and not tell me what it is.
      Miranda: Okay, fine. Um, you know what go online and go on my website, it's Just don't say, I didn't warn you, okay? (Nash hangs up)
      Nick: What's going on?
      Nash (as he's typing the website in): Shh. (they see what's happening and Nash immediatly picks up the phone and dials)
      Nick: Oh, no wonder the internet craze is exploding. Oh. (covers his eyes)
      Nash: Pick up, Cassidy. (covers his eyes) Damn it, Cassidy. Pick up.
      (Cuts to Evan and Cassidy)
      Evan: Aren't you gonna answer that?
      Cassidy: No. It's probably just that prank caller again.
      (Cuts to Nash and Nick. Through the computer screen Nash hears Evan telling Cassidy to stop and answer the phone)
      Nash: God bless you, Evan. (Cassidy tells Evan to stay) No! (Evan gets up and hands her her phone and she answers)
      Cassidy: Hello.
      Nash: Cassidy, this is your daddy.
      Cassidy: Daddy, this really isn't a good time, okay?
      Nash: Oh, baby you don't know the half of it. (he tells her she's being watched online and she hides the camera) Yes!

    • Nash: You hear that?
      Joe: What?
      Nash: It's quiet. When was the last time it was quiet in the SIU?
      Joe: Uh, never.

    • (After Nash makes a date)
      Joe: So, I guess the mourning period is offically over. Do you think Caitlin's gonna freak out?
      Nash: Joe, this is not high school and we're not high school kids. Besides how's she gonna find out?

    • Nash: Patience is a virtue but it ain't one of mine, brother.

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      1. Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
      2. The Ballad Of Ressurection Joe And Rosa Whore - Rob Zombie

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