Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 17

Line of Sight

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2000 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (After Miranda sees people are watching Cassidy and Evan practically having sex on the internet, she calls Nash)
      Nash: Captian Bridges, SIU.
      Miranda: Hi, it's Miranda. I need Cassidy's cell phone number it's an emergency.
      Nash: What kinda emergency, Miranda?
      Miranda: Uh, I can't tell you, okay? Um, just gimme the number.
      Nash: Miranda.
      Miranda: Oh God, umm... Okaay call Cassidy and tell her to stop immediatly, whatever it is that she's doing.
      Nash: Miranda you cannot call here and tell me that there's an emergency and not tell me what it is.
      Miranda: Okay, fine. Um, you know what go online and go on my website, it's Just don't say, I didn't warn you, okay? (Nash hangs up)
      Nick: What's going on?
      Nash (as he's typing the website in): Shh. (they see what's happening and Nash immediatly picks up the phone and dials)
      Nick: Oh, no wonder the internet craze is exploding. Oh. (covers his eyes)
      Nash: Pick up, Cassidy. (covers his eyes) Damn it, Cassidy. Pick up.
      (Cuts to Evan and Cassidy)
      Evan: Aren't you gonna answer that?
      Cassidy: No. It's probably just that prank caller again.
      (Cuts to Nash and Nick. Through the computer screen Nash hears Evan telling Cassidy to stop and answer the phone)
      Nash: God bless you, Evan. (Cassidy tells Evan to stay) No! (Evan gets up and hands her her phone and she answers)
      Cassidy: Hello.
      Nash: Cassidy, this is your daddy.
      Cassidy: Daddy, this really isn't a good time, okay?
      Nash: Oh, baby you don't know the half of it. (he tells her she's being watched online and she hides the camera) Yes!

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