Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 14

Live Shot

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 1998 on CBS
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Live Shot

Geraldo Rivera comes to do an interview with Nash and Joe. At first they have to hold things off while Nash recovers from having his drink spiked while undercover. Once he comes through it, they become curious as to how Geraldo knows so much about their personal lives. The SIU also has to investigate what starts as an open-and-shut self defence case, which becomes more complex the deeper they dig.


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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This episode is a clip show, however, unlike most clip shows, the clips make up less than half of the episode, and are just to fill in extra time.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Geraldo (about Joe & Nash's relationship): Most people would call that love. (Nash & Joe laugh)
        Nash: Yeah, bubba, it's a love thing.

      • Geraldo: You know, it's become obvious to me that you guys have deep and abiding respect for each other. You depend on each other for your very lives, you actually spend more time together than you do with your own families. If you could put it into words how would you describe your relationship?
        Nash: I don't know I can't stand him. (laughs)
        Joe: Two words? Im-possible. (they all laugh)

      • Nash: Uh, Evan. Do you have something that you want to tell me?
        Evan: Well, she-- I was just-- I just-- Beyond that sir, I-I have no excuse.
        Nash: Mmhmm. (to Joe) Are we in a good mood today?
        Joe (shrugs): He did provide the kelp when you needed it.
        Nash: Did you say help or kelp?
        Harvey: Ixnay on help-kay.
        Nash: I don't wanna know. Don't tell me. (walks off)
        Joe (to Evan): You owe me, dude.

      • Geraldo: Welcome back, everybody. It is a dark and stormy night in San Francisco. But you know what they say about this city, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change. But, Joe Dominguez, one thing that has not changed is your marriage. You've been married to the same woman for more than 20 years. Most cops I know, their marriages lasts less than five. What's your secret? How do you do it?
        Joe: Well, uh, for the first seven years of my marriage my wife didn't speak the language and that helped out. (they laugh) Just kidding, honey.
        Geraldo: You on the other hand, Nash, have been married and divorced at least twice. What went wrong? What happened?
        Nash: Uhh... I don't know. You tell me.
        Geraldo: That I can't tell 'ya.
        Nash (laughs): What a surprise. Life happened, I guess.

      • Nash: Let me see that case file on the shooting this afternoon.
        Evan: What are you looking for?
        Nash: Ah, a miracle, prayer, a typo, anything we might've missed.
        Joe: Maybe we oughta send Geraldo in, I bet he can get her to talk.
        Nash: Well, he certainly got to you.
        Joe: It wasn't me.

      • Joe: Evan, my man. You know, somebody has been feeding Geraldo information about us and I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's you.
        Evan: What are you talkin' about?
        Joe: Jill, Geraldo's producer.
        Evan: And your point is?
        Joe: You had dinner last night at Argo's. She had dinner last night at Argo's at the same table.
        Evan: I didn't tell her anything. I mean, we had more important things to talk about. If you know what I mean.
        Joe: You didn't tell her about Jack Conrad and the Super Bowl ring, and you didn't tell her that I used to work as a traffic cop or that Nick lives with Nash?
        Evan: No, I--
        Joe: And you didn't say I was unconventional?
        Evan: You're saying that she used me to get information?
        Joe: Duh. She pumped you like a damn goose, man. You didn't even know until I just told you.
        Evan: I- I was just trying to--
        Joe: I know what you were trying to do. Believe it or not, I was your age once.

      • Geraldo: Inspector Dominguez, you've been called unconventional. (Nash laughs)
        Joe: What? What do you mean? Who calls me unconventional?
        Nash (laughs): Oh, I don't know. Who would?
        Geraldo: Explain then how you solve so many cases.
        Joe: Well, the truth sometimes when you have to get results done you have to push the envelope.

      • Nash: Question. How is it that you guys know so much about us?
        Geraldo: Well, you're famous. You guys are famous.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, I'm thinkin' it's more than that.

      • (Nash is throwing up)
        Joe: That doesn't bother you?
        Harvey: Oh, no.
        Nash: Oh, I'm not feelin' too perky.
        Harvey: You're doing great, boss. (Nash throws up again) A little technicolor yawn, is all. That's it.
        Joe: What'd you do to him, Harv?
        Harvey: Well, first we rehydrate, then we flush the system. It doesn't look like he absorbed too much of the acid.
        Joe: Well, great. But as you can tell, the equipment is almost all set up and I hear Geraldo's on his way back right now.
        Harvey: Joseph, trust me. We'll give him a little somethin' to knock him out, he'll have a half hour nap, be as good as new.
        Nash: Alright, we gotta slow this boat down. I'll tell you that right now. Whoo!

      • Joe: Uh, you okay, bubba?
        Nash: Yeah, I feel fine.
        Joe: I heard you got dosed.
        Nash: No, I feel fine. Ooh, you got on your nice new suit. Look at how pretty that is. Nice color.
        Joe: Hey, did you forget that uh, the mayor's bringing by Geraldo Rivera today?
        Nash: Of course I remember. When is that?
        Joe: Any second now.
        Nash: Today? Probably bad timing, but okay.
        Joe: Uh, why don't you let me do the talking?
        Nash: I wouldn't think of it any other way. (sees the mayor) Mr. Mayor!

      • Nash: Just out of curiousity did you have anything to do with this?
        Joe: Uh, which part?
        Nash: Oh, I don't know. How about the part where I wake up in the paddy wagon with the guy trying to steal my shoes.
        Joe: That happened?
        Nash: Oh, only to be surpassed by the guy that threw up on him.
        Joe: He's back. I love that attitude. He didn't barf on your new two-tones did he? (Nash gives him a look)

      • (On the paddy wagon, a criminal is trying to steal Nash's shoes. Nash wakes up)
        Nash: What are you doing?
        Criminal: I didn't know you wanted these shoes!
        Nash (kicks him in the face): I do... backoff. Meathead.

      • Nash (moaning with his head on his desk): I need a nice cold---
        Harvey: Hang in there boss, caverly's coming. (mixes the kelp Evan brings him into the mix)
        Nash: Oh, Harv, you''re a great cop. You have a beautiful soul...
        Harvey: Likewise. (Harvey pours this shake into a glass)
        Evan: Oh! That stuff is vile!
        Harvey: Shh. (walks over to Nash's desk) Okay, boss, drink that.
        Nash: What is it?
        Harvey: Special shake, man. Make you feel better.
        Nash (lifts his head up from his desk, his sunglasses are all crooked, he sniffs the drink): Mmm, smells fresh. Oceany. (he takes a sip) Mmm. One word: Yum!

      • (After Evan and Michelle up date Nash on a case, and he doesn't say anything, and they just keep talking, until they've told him everything)
        Evan: Did we forget something?
        Nash: Did either of you see that PBS special... on whales. You know those one's they put into the amusement parks? (they look confused) Terrible. What those poor animals go through. (Joe pulls Evan and Michelle to the side) Bye!
        Joe: Listen why don't you guys take these two back to interrogation. Michelle and I will run the statements. Evan, why don't you go help Harv okay?
        Evan: Okay. What's up with, Nash?
        Joe: He was working undercover last night. He's out drinkin' with this biker couple and they got suspicious and dosed him with some psycadilic nonesense. (Nash is in the background, he pours all of his pens out of the pen holder and Evan laughs) It's not funny. Just stay with him, okay?
        Evan: Okay. (Michelle and Joe walk away. Evan walks by Nash's desk and whistles and Nash points at him and smiles and Evan laughs)
        Harvey (he's making some drink for Nash): Evan. Be part of the solution. We need some kelp here.
        Evan: What kinda help do you need?
        Harvey: K-K-Kelp. You know on the shore. (points out the window) You know over there.
        Evan: Kelp?
        Harvey: Yeah.
        Evan: Okay, cool, cool, got it.

      • Nash: I am fine, I am just a little goofy, I am not drugged.
        Joe: Nashman, you are looped, dude.
        Nash: What is gonna take to prove to you bubbas that you're wrong?
        Harvey: Boss, can you count backwards from 100 by 7's?
        Nash: How bout you count backwards?
        Harvey:'s a bad test.
        Nash: See there? Ooh...does anyone not feel their lower extremities besides me? (Harvey and Joe look at each other) Forget it, I'm going back to work. (He turns around and walks right into the wall and falls down)

      • (Nash's drink was spiked by biker's and he's loopy from it a phone rings)
        Harvey: That's my phone.
        Nash: Yeah I got it. (Nash picks up the phone on his desk, Joe keeps trying to tell him that Harvey has it) Hello. Hello. Hello. (Harvey waves to him that he's got the phone, Nash waves back) Hi. (Nash hangs up the phone) They must've hung up.

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