Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2000 on CBS
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Two ex-military men steal evidence from a D.E.A. warehouse, and the SIU try and track them down. Harvey's suspicion of Antwon grows, and things get more complex when Antwon has a seizure when he is about to apprehend a suspect. Nick runs into an old friend and wants a date. He winds up having to set Nash up with her daughter, who has a secret. Joe has some issues with his home renovation.


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Tressa Tunya

Tressa Tunya


Guest Star

Quensella Miller

Quensella Miller


Guest Star

Smadar B. Hanson

Smadar B. Hanson

La Taya

Guest Star

Jay Harik

Jay Harik


Recurring Role

Ronald Russell

Ronald Russell

Officer Ronnie

Recurring Role

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    • Nash (seeing Antwon packing his things): Whaddaya doin'?
      Antwon: I'm outta here, man. I've been down this road before.
      Nash: Not with me. ... I'm not givin' up on you.
      Antwon: Oh, yeah?
      Nash: Yeah. Unpack the box, I'll see 'ya tomorrow.

    • Nash (after he catches Bobby Usher deliever the coke and arrests him, Bobby goes down without a fight): You're in a pretty good mood, whaddya doin' samplin' your own product?

    • Bobby Usher (to Rachel who he has a knife to her throat and she fights him): Mmm. I love tough girls.
      Cassidy (pointing a gun at him): Well, then you're gonna love me.

    • (After Antwon had a seizure while chasing suspects)
      Nash: What happened?
      Antwon: My script ran out, I went to go pick up a refill but the pharmacy messed up the order. I haven't had time to go back and make it right.
      Nash: That's not a good thing.
      Antwon: I'm sorry.
      Nash: Don't be sorry to me. Don't you ever put my men in that position, ever again. ... And don't do it to yourself.
      Antwon: Yeah.
      Nash: Now go home and get some rest.

    • Nash (as he's driving): Check it out -- look at that trunk lock, it's been knocked out on that car up there.
      Joe: As in stolen?
      Nash: That's what I'm thinkin'. (pulls out his phone) Let's find out.
      Joe: What are you doin'? You're a police captian, man, we gotta get to the office. Hey, there's real cops that can do this.
      Nash: Ah, I can't help myself.

    • Joe: Hey, Nashman, can I ask 'ya somethin'?
      Nash: Sure, man, anything. Shoot.
      Joe: Well, you moved upstairs now and you're the Captain, right? And, ah, for all intensive purposes, I have your old job, right? Except that you haven't let go of the reigns. I mean, whenever something comes up, you always give the orders, you always ask the questions. And I don't get to do that.
      Nash: You know what? You're right. That's true, I can do better. Pardon me for my control issues. And you absolutely should be doing more, so consider it done.

    • Nick: I got a date with Libby.
      Nash: Hey, hey, alright. ... You didn't come all the way down here just to tell me that. What are 'ya doin' here?
      Nick: Nash, she's got a daughter--
      Nash: Oh, no, no, no, no. Oh, no. Homie don't do blind dates. No way. No, sir.
      Nick: Okay, it's a blind date. I knew you wouldn't go for it. Sorry I put you on the spot. So, I'll go home and I'll call her--
      Nash: Ughhh! (he slumps down into his desk chair and puts his hand on his face) Nick, please don't do this to me...
      Nick: No, it's alright, son, really. I shouldn't have leaned in on you. So... I'll be at home-- that's where I'll be.
      Nash (sighs): Okay, I'm in.
      Nick: Thanks, son. I knew I could count on 'ya. (walks away and Nash slumps down on his desk)

    • Rachel: Well, I hope you learned your lesson, Dennis. When a woman ties you up it, isn't always a good thing.

    • (Guys are chasing Nash in a car and shooting at him in his car)
      Joe: Come on, we gotta lose 'em.
      Nash: What the hell do you think I'm tryin' to do?
      (A little later, still being chased)
      Joe: Come on, lose 'em.
      Nash: I'm--I'm not used to being the one being chased.

    • (Nash is waiting for Joe to come outta the bathroom, and he finally does)
      Nash: Hello? Nice of ya. What'd you do take a shower in there?

    • Nash (to Joe): Forget about the bathroom issue. An extra cup of coffee makes you demanding.

    • Joe: Hey, can we find some place to stop?
      Nash: What for?
      Joe: I gotta take a leak.
      Nash: See, I told 'ya, you shouldn'ta had that second cup of coffee.
      Joe: So what, there are pre-cuda rules now? Things I can and cannot do before I get into the 'cuda?
      Nash (chuckles): That's not a bad idea.

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