Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 20

Missing Key

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2000 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Nash (reaching the SIU on a boat): A'hoy mateys! Take this line. (Nash throws Evan the line)
      Joe: Wh-Wh- What the-- Where--
      Nash: Spit it out.
      Joe: Where have you been? Why didn't you call?
      Nash: My battery was dead. We were out on the water.
      Joe: You should've called!
      Nash: I told you I tried to call. My battery went dead. (Nash uncuffs the suspects, they climb up the laddar, he follows them)
      Joe: You should've called, man.
      Nash: What the hell's the matter with you?
      Joe: We thought you were dead?
      Nash: Dead?! (laughs) Because I didn't call?
      Joe: No, because they blew up the storage place. After they got the fire out, there was nothing left. (Nash stops walking and grabs Joe's arm)
      Nash: Not the 'Cuda! The 'Cuda's gone?
      Joe: The 'Cuda's fine, it's alright.
      Caitlin: You know, it figures the only thing that you'd be worried about is your stupid car.
      Nash: Hey, sweet pea! (he kisses her)
      Harvey (to Caitlin): 'Ya gotta love him.
      Caitlin: Not really.