Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 9

Most Wanted

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 1997 on CBS
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A fugitive is released from prison by mistake and seeks revenge on Michelle. Nash teams with Michelle to capture him. Meanwhile, Nash refuses to partner with Joe on an off duty case to protect a sportscaster being blackmailed, so Joe chooses Evan.

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      • Nash: You know, you're gonna be a great cop.
        Michelle: Am I?
        Nash: You know, you don't have to be so tough. Let it go. (Michelle starts crying)
        Michelle: I was so scared.
        Nash: I know.
        Michelle: I thought she was gonna die.
        Nash: I know. It's okay.

      • Harvey: What does it say about the state of the world that I can't get a date on Saturday but Martin Brown has 113 perfume letters?

      • Nash: This is a unit, sister. We work together, under my command. Now what the hell were you thinkin'?
        Michelle: I thought it might be nothing but--
        Nash: But if it was, you could handle it.
        Michelle: Well, I wounded him.
        Nash: You know what, Michelle? You selfless and selfish all mixed up. You're out of warnings. You ever pull a stunt like that again, you're gone. Is that clear?
        Michelle: Yes, sir.

      • Nash: How'd it go last night?
        Joe: Well, blackmailer never called back. Evan handed a coffee to the client, totally blew our cover.
        Nash: Ah, don't worry about it, you'll get another shot.
        Joe: Ha. I almost took one last night, right at his head. Oh, man, I spent a half and hour going over uh, uh--
        Nash: Fundamentals?
        Joe: Yeah, exactly. I mean, it's not like you and me, there's no...
        Nash: Shorthand?
        Joe: You know, you did this to me.
        Nash: If you think for a minute that you're going to make me feel guilty, guess again.
        Joe: Yeah, well, how about some sympathy? Can I at least get a little sympathy?

      • Joe: What are you doing?
        Evan: I'm trying to be your partner. I'm doing what Nash would do.
        Joe: Whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, you are not my partner, okay? You are back-up. Second of all, Nash would never put the moves on a client.
        Evan: Look, I'm not trying to make the moves on her, at least not while we're working on this case.

      • Joe (about Astrid's family): Does Jerry Springer pay for tips?
        Nash: Forget Jerry Springer, try Don King. I kind of hope Brown shows up and their place because he'll kill himself.

      • Nash: Pack a bag. You're staying with me for a few days.
        Michelle: Look, I don't need to be coddled.
        Nash: You want a different play on words here? I'm not coddling you, I'm using you. How about that?
        Michelle: Using me?
        Nash: For bait.
        Michelle: Well, then why don't you move in here?
        Nash: Forget it, sister. This guy's going to work on my schedule.
        Michelle: Well, what about my party?
        Nash: Whatever you got, bring it.

      • Joe: How do you want to play this?
        Nash: Well, I think we oughta hold here.
        Joe: Want to call an audible?
        Nash: Hell, I hate this part.

      • Joe (about Grace): Cute, huh? The sex tape boyfriend, totally out of the picture now.
        Nash: Okay, let me get this straight. You need a partner because you can't handle the drop and the exchange single-handely, right?
        Joe: Exactly.
        Nash: Okay, I can help 'ya.
        Joe: You the man.
        Nash: Evan.
        Evan (walks up): Yes, sir.
        Nash: How would you like to work an off-duty case?
        Evan: Sure.
        Nash: Alright. Now, it involves that woman, a stolen sex tape, and there could be some pitfalls.
        Evan: Yeah, absolutely. I'd love to. Wh-What pitfalls?
        Nash: Joe, say hello to your new partner.

      • Joe: Uh, while I'm gone you might want to look over that Grace Lopez material that's over there on my desk.
        Nash: And that's exactly where it's going to stay.
        Joe: How can you turn me down? You don't even know what the case is about. How can you do that, huh?
        Nash: Okay, what's the case about?
        Joe: Stolen sex tapes.
        Nash: Beg your pardon?
        Joe: Grace Lopez video taped herself and her long-term boyfriend having sex. Apparentely it was done all beautiful and tasteful, and all that well, she's since broken up with the boyfriend and the tapes have disappeared and somebody is trying to blackmail her with them. It raises your interest level, doesn't it?
        Nash: Not even a little bit.
        Joe: Did I mention that it was naked sex tapes? (Nash waves bye to him) Ah, get a life. (Nash laughs)

      • Nash: You're going to cancel on your best friend's wedding?
        Michelle: This is more important, lives are at stake here.
        Nash: In the long run, sacrificing your personal life as self-punishment isn't such a great idea. You can trust me on this, I've had a lot of personal experience.

      • Joe: You know that fishing boat you've always wanted?
        Nash: The answer is still no.
        Joe: You know, with this el nino thing man, the tuna are swimming right off the Golden Gate.

      • Joe (looking at a T.V. outside a store): Grace Lopez, channel 8. What do you think?
        Nash: Whatever it is that you're selling here, I'm not interested. (turns to leave, Joe stops him)
        Joe: Wait, wait, wait, Romeo. This is not a romance deal, man.
        Nash: You're right, it's not. (turns to leave again, Joe stops him)
        Joe: Wait, wait. It's better than that. This is an off-duty case. I'm talking money.
        Nash: Wow, look at that. (points, Joe looks, and Nash turns to leave) Come on, get in the car.
        Joe: Oh, that's funny. I bring you all the way down here and that's what you-- Alright, forget it.

      • Katherine (dressed in bridal gown): Nash, what's the matter?
        Nash: Oh, nothing. Beyond the fact that every time I see women in wedding dresses, I tend to get a little nervous. (laughs)

      • (After they find the Katherine, the girl he kidnapped, Nash beat him up, and he's now leaving the SIU to go to jail and he's in an orange jumpsuit)
        Nash: You know, I think orange is definatly his color.
        Joe: Yeah, it kinda highlights the purple around his eyes.
        Nash: Hey, you know, we found some nice accomodations for you down at Pelican Bay
        Joe: It's really not as nice as the name sounds though.
        Nash: No, it's a nasty little prison. 24-7 solitary confidment.
        Joe: You won't have to worry about the fresh air though.
        Martin Brown: Shut up.
        Nash: Have a nice life Martin...without parole.

      • (Talking to a suspect, who has Michelle's friend some where)
        Martin Brown: Why don't you get me a doctor in here, my shoulder's killing me.
        Nash: Why don't you tell us where Katherine is? Then I'll be glad to call an ambulance for you.
        Martin Brown: Okay, okay, then. Never. I guess I'll just learn to live with the pain. I guess we all will. (looks at Michelle)
        Nash: Mr. Brown... Now, I know there's got to be at least one human impulse left in you somewhere.
        Joe: This woman has nothing to do with your case, she's getting married this weekend.
        Martin Brown: Really? Well... where's she registered? I'd like to buy her some china.
        Nash: Tell us where she is.
        Martin Brown: And what if I don't? What are you gonna do? Put me in jail for life? I'm shivering inspector. (laughs coldly) I was gonna use your little wedding lady friend to barter for you, but this is all so much more enjoyable because I get to see you suffer. So tell me Michelle how does it feel to be responsible for another woman's death? You're all too late. She'll be gone in two hours. You'll never find her. But you might wanna make your plane reservations, someone has to identify the body. (chuckles and Nash leans closer to him) You gonna hit me inspector?
        Nash: I was wrong about you. You don't have one single human impulse left in you. (gets up and leaves)

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