Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 7

Night Train

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 1996 on CBS
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While on their way home, Nash and his fellow SIU cops are caught in the middle of an extremely dangerous train heist. Cassidy is rushed to the ER.

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      • Nash: Whoa, what are you dong here? Is everything okay?
        Cassidy: Hi, daddy.
        Lisa: Oh, god, Nash. You wouldn't believe our night.
        Cassidy: Yeah, I just feel a little hungover.
        Nash: What'd I miss?
        Lisa: You didn't get our phone message?
        Nash: No, no. I was on the BART train and we got this--
        Lisa: That was you? I knew it. Are you okay? It's all over the news.
        Nash: Yeah, we're fine. It's no problem.
        Lisa: No problem. What happened?
        Doctor (walks up, hands Cassidy his number): Cassidy. We have some parties on Saturdays and I was hoping maybe--
        Cassidy: Sure. (takes the paper)
        Lisa: Don't even think about it. And he has a gun.
        Nash: Yeah. (goes to take the paper from Cassidy, she moves it away from him but Lisa grabs it from her hand) Thank you. So, uh, you want to flip to see who's story goes first?
        Lisa: I'm going to beat you, just wait.
        Nash: How about some breakfast?
        Cassidy: Great. I'm famished. Let's go.
        Lisa: Your little girl has the munchies.
        Nash: The munchies? Hmm. Your story's starting to get real interesting.

      • Nash: Hey, how you feelin'?
        Eve: Pretty good, actually. So you pulled it off?
        Nash: Yeah. I had a lot of help.
        Eve: I never doubted it. I guess, uh, things conspired against us, huh? Y'know, maybe you can visit me in Alaska.
        Nash: Maybe I will.
        Eve: How about a good-bye kiss? Or do you only do that at gun point? (they kiss) Bye, Nash.
        Nash: Bye, Eve.

      • Eve (after she gets shot): The department's gonna pick up my dry cleaning bill, right?
        Nash: Oh, yeah. That'll happen. (lowers voice) Don't you worry, baby. I'm going to get you out of here soon. I'll even help you pack.

      • Eve: What do you think?
        Nash: I have a feeling they want to parlay their wager and we're the chips.

      • Eve (about Carrie): She's not playing with the full deck.
        Nash: More like a deck and a half. She's angry and dangerous.

      • Joe: Are you still going on about that stripper? My dear god. How do you know it's a real phone number? She probably gave you the phone number to the dog pound or pest control. (they laugh)
        Nash: Between the car strippers and the female stripper, you've had a hell of a night, haven't you, bud? I bet you can't wait to tell your wife all about it.
        Harvey: We have an open relationship. (they laugh)

      • Joe: (speaking to Nash and Eve) You two look like a nice little couple. Too bad you're moving to Alaska. Maybe you could get Nash to move up to Alaska with you.
        Nash: Ahhh, actually she's better off with an Eskimo. They mate for life.
        Eve: Well, my goals aren't that long term.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Although this is a Season 2 produced episode, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (A.J.) and Serena Scott Thomas (Kelly), are credited in the opening credits, as it was the first one produced. This is the final episode they are credited with the main cast. The regular Season 2 cast, introduced in episode 2, before switching back to Season 1 cast, will be credited starting with the following episode.

      • Serena Scott Thomas (Kelly) does not appear in the episode.

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