Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 4

One Flew Over the 'Cuda's Nest

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 1997 on CBS
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The SIU try to track down a mentally ill serial killer, who uses Sherlock Holmes stories as backdrops for his murders. Joe, on Nash's recommendation, hires a nurse to take care of Lucia. She is great with the baby, but drives Joe and Ingur crazy. Evan worries about a police test that everyone in the SIU must take.


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    Christopher Cazenove

    Christopher Cazenove

    Nigel Poole

    Guest Star

    Kenneth Danziger

    Kenneth Danziger


    Guest Star

    Judith Hoag

    Judith Hoag

    Dr. Gabrielle

    Guest Star

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

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      • Joe (about Nurse Debbie): You don't think she's leaving 'cause I was too tough on her, do you?
        Nash: Nah.

      • Evan: Meanwhile, I was up studying until 3 A.M, you were out partying all night.
        Harvey: Well, it wasn't partying, per say, it just geniuelly moving, deeply involving, soulful joining of two kindered spirits.
        Evan: No, really, who was she?
        Harvey: Carmen from traffic.
        Evan: Wait, I introduced you to her.
        Harvey: And a generous man you are.
        Evan: Wait, I blew off two dates because you said it would distract me from my studying.
        Harvey: Right. You're still not comfortable with the master/pupal relationship thing, are you?

      • Nash: Okay, explain to me again what was wrong with the apple pie at the Quick Mart.
        Joe: First of all, it was a tart, not a pie. Second of all, she wants boysenberry.
        Nash: And none of this strikes you as a little ridiculous?
        Joe: Oh, well you didn't see how angry she was.
        Nash: Well, what the hell were you doing down there raiding the refridgirator in the middle of the night anyway? That's not like you.
        Joe: What are you talking about? She woke me up, man. A complete stranger moves into your house and takes over. She's smoking cigarettes, she's listening to loud gospal music at 2:00 in the morning. Look, it's my house, and it's my kitchen and my refridgerator. And it's my piece of pie!
        Nash: So you're saying you're angry. Alright, alright, alright. I'm angry, too.

      • (On the phone)
        Nash: Nash.
        Joe: Hi, Nashman, it's me.
        Nash: What the-- (looks at clock) Joe, it's 3:00 in the morning.
        Joe: Oh, did I wake you? She wants pie.
        Nash: Why are you calling me?
        Joe: Because you made me hire her.
        Nash: You sound upset. Now wait a minute--
        Joe: Well, no, no, no, no, you wait a minute. You said everything was going to work out just fine. Are you going back on your word now?

      • Evan: Why don't we read a few pages ahead and try to figure out--
        Nash: Nah, he's using bits from one story and methods from another.
        Joe: I got it. Maybe he's dyslexic.

      • (They are at Nash's after Poole was there)
        Nash (to Evan): Hey, put that down. What do you think this is, a crime scene or somethin'? (mutters) Cops.

      • Joe: Guess what? Nurse Debbie is smoking.
        Nash: Around the baby?
        Joe: Around the baby, around the house, in her sleep. Uh, pretty much anytime she feels like.
        Nash: Well, you told her to knock it off, right? (Joe looks down) Right?
        Joe: I tried.
        Nash: And what happened?
        Joe: I lived.
        Nash: This woman works for you, she shouldn't be smoking around the baby, she shouldn't be smoking period.
        Joe: I can't get through to her, on one hand she's really great with Lucia, on the other hand...
        Nash: What?
        Joe: I'm scared of her.
        Nash (laughs): You're a cop, what are you, kidding?
        Joe: Go ahead and laugh. When she worked for you she was young, lively and--
        Nash: You want me to talk to her?
        Joe: No. Maybe. I don't know, I'll let you know.

      • Joe (about Nurse Debbie): Nash swears by her.
        Inger: Well, Nash doesn't have to live with her.
        Joe: And I have to live with you. I'll go talk to her.

      • Nash: If you didn't like her, why did you hire her?
        Joe: I didn't, man. You saw her. She came in like a steamroller and just took over. I didn't tell her she had the job, she just assumed it. How am I gonna watch T.V. in my den now?
        Nash: Now, relax, bubba. Let her do her thing. And use this opportunity to get reaquianted with your wife.
        Joe: You see the way she was ordering Inger around? And let me tell you, brother, Inger does not like to be ordered around. Ah, man, you better get yourself a new partner because I have a feeling that if Inger doesn't kill me, Nurse Debbie is going to.
        Nash (laughs): Now, look, I personally guarantee this, okay?
        Joe: What does that mean?
        Nash: Well, that means that I recommended her so if anything goes wrong you can hold me responsible, alright?
        Joe: I thought you said she was cute.
        Nash: Bubba, 18 years ago we were all cute.

      • Evan: Damn, I hate word problems.
        Harvey: Dang, Evan, your performance anxiety is making me nervous, man, relax. I'll tutor you.
        Evan: You will?
        Harvey: Yeah. Taking tests is like getting a woman in the sack. There's a formula to it.
        Evan: Well, in that case shouldn't I be tutoring you?
        Harvey: That hurt.

      • Harvey: What's wrong? Somebody finally tell 'ya there's no Santa Claus?
        Evan: I learned that when I was 15. It's this damn department competency test.
        Harvey: Ah, don't sweat it. It's just a formality. It's like saying 'nice to meet 'ya' when you finally greet your in-laws.
        Joe: Ha. You obviously don't have Swedish in-laws.
        Harvey: Well, I heard the Swedes were kind and gentle people, Joe.
        Joe: Oh, no, that's the Swiss. The Swedes are more like Norwegians except they fish a lot less.

      • Nash: I don't see the problem. You need help and I'm offering you a solution.
        Joe: A baby nurse?
        Nash: Nurse Debbie is a miracle worker, man. Cassidy had a colic when she was a baby, Nurse Debbie came in, got us all through it. She's amazing. And as I recall, she's kind of cute.
        Joe: Yeah, well, how do you know she's still doing it? I mean, it was a long time since Cassidy was a baby.
        Nash: I get a Christmas card from her, every year for 18 years. She was an expert back then, she's gotta be damn near perfect now.
        Joe: Is she expensive?
        Nash: She's cheaper than divorce, bubba.

      • Joe: Isn't it great to be sane?
        Nash: Who said you were sane?

      • Nash: You okay, bubba?
        Joe: Oh, it's Lucia. She's got colic, man. Nobody is sleeping in the Dominguez household, man. I'm a wreck, Inger's a wreck.
        Nash: You wanna go home?
        Joe: To what, a crying baby? How's that gonna help?
        Nash: Well, it might help Inger.
        Joe: Oh, man. Every time I walk out of the door to go to work she looks at me like I'm deserting her.
        Nash: Well, in Inger's mind you are. I mean, think about it, you're coming to work but that's a hell of a lot easier than it is to hang around the house all day with a crying baby. Inger doesn't have the option.
        Joe: You know, how come you always seem to take her side in these things?
        Nash: I'm just tryin' to help you be fair, bubba.

      • Harvey (about Joe, who is sleeping sitting up with sunglasses on): Is he alive?
        Nash: Hard to tell.
        Harvey: He's not moving, Nash.
        Joe: I'm hearing every word that you're saying.

      • Inger: Why don't you go talk to her and tell her to turn the music off.
        Joe: Me? Why me?
        Inger: Because you and your other spouse made the decision to hire her.
        Joe: He's only trying to help.

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