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Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 20

Out of Chicago

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 1997 on CBS
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Nash helps a Chicago detective who follows a murder suspect to San Fransisco. At first, Nash can't stand her, but they soon fall for each other. Joe and Nick enter Mr. Woody into a race, only to discover he is depressed. Joe decides to hire an animal hypnotist.


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      • Nash: Just tell me somethin'. Why'd you do it?
        Karen: Just give me the money, Nash.
        Nash: What do you say, we split it?
        Karen: Sorry, I earned it.
        Nash: No, you didn't. You stole it.
        Karen: No, I earned it. For every fight I got into, for every bullet that came my way, for every case I made that no one else could make.
        Nash: You're a cop. That's what you do.
        Karen: Millions of dollars passed through my hands that I never touched. I only took what I deserved. Now get me my money.
        Nash: What makes you think I took it?
        Karen: Because I know you, Nash. You know what my profile is on you? You're just like me.
        Nash: No, I'm nothing like you. Put the gun down. (Joe, Evan and Harvey come out of the room. Karen puts her gun down)
        Karen: Oh, I get it. You're all in on this together.
        Nash (laughs): Yeah, we're all in on it together, aren't we, boys? See that tape recorder? We have all your conversation on it. Do you get it? You're busted, babe.

      • Nash: I guess you missed your flight.
        Karen: You pissed me off. Don't think for a minute that I won't kill you. You were good, Nash, real good. But it wasn't worth a million dollars. Now drive.

      • Joe: Did she just ice us? I mean, that was the coolest reaction I've ever seen.
        Nash: If she gets on that plane and goes back to Chicago we will never touch her.
        Joe: We've got evidence.
        Nash: Enough to make a case against the hero cop from Chicago? I don't think so.
        Joe: Man, if I was her I'd take the 500 grand and consider myself lucky to get out of town.
        Nash: She's not the type that's gonna play it safe, bubba. But then, I've been wrong about her before.

      • Karen: You're subdued today.
        Nash: Just part of the profile.
        Karen: Just when I thought I was getting to know you.

      • Joe: Man, how did we get snowed so bad?
        Nash: It happens.
        Joe: Alright, let's say it's her.
        Nash: For the sake of argument.
        Joe: So she's using us to lead us to Soronto so she can kill him, right?
        Nash: That's right and maybe even get her money back.
        Joe: So she killed Isaiah Harper so she could get a lead on Soronto ahead of us, huh?

      • Joe: Hey, morning, Nashman. Where's Karen?
        Nash: Uh, sleeping in.
        Joe: You say that with authority.
        Nash: And that's all I'm sayin'.
        Joe: Well, you know what? I'm in such a good mood this morning, I'm not even gonna pry.
        Nash: Dare I ask?
        Joe: Bubba, you are looking at a soon to be rich man. And also, you are the son of a soon to be rich man.
        Nash: You're gonna adopt me?
        Joe: No, your dad is soon to be rich. Listen, I was just down at the track, I was watching Mr. Woody's morning work out, he broke three track records.

      • Karen: You know, you didn't need to walk me home. I'm a big girl.
        Nash: Oh, it's not for you. It's for the safety of the rest of the folks here in San Francisco.
        Karen (laughs): Funny.
        Nash: I wasn't being funny. I'm serious.

      • Karen: Why didn't you run?
        Nash: I don't like to run. Besides all that, I knew Sorontto was gone the moment he hit the stairs. (Karen is pacing) Are you gonna be okay?
        Karen: He was right by the glass.
        Nash: It's alright, you can take it out on me. As long as you promise not to shoot me.
        Karen: I don't make promises.

      • Karen: You got any brothers or sisters?
        Nash: I got a sister, Stacy. She's an assistant district attorney. I had a brother, Bobby, but he went to Vietnam and ended up M.I.A.
        Karen: Sorry to hear that.
        Nash: Ah, it was a long time ago. In fact, this was his car. It's still on loan, it belonged to Bobby. How about you?
        Karen: I'm an only child, can't you tell?

      • (At dinner)
        Nash: Oh, you got a little profile workin' on me?
        Karen: A picture is forming but it's not complete. How long have you been on the job?
        Nash: 20 years.
        Karen: Why do you still do it?
        Nash: I like it. You never know what the hell's gonna happen. That's fun. I guess when it stops being fun, I'll stop doing it. How about you?
        Karen: 12. But it feels like 20.
        Nash (laughs): I can relate.
        Karen: But like you, the thing I like best is the unexpected moments, like this one.

      • Nash: I probably should've let you change your clothes.
        Karen: Oh, no. I like to dress for the crime scene. How often do you keep your dinner reservations?
        Nash: About 50/50.
        Karen: Your social life sounds like mine.
        Nash (scoffs): What life?

      • Harvey: Let's hope our next stake-out is Jenny McCarthy.
        Evan: I wish. Do you think Sorrento gonna show up?
        Harvey: Tonight? I doubt it. But I always love your company.

      • Joe: In the meantime, I'm taking Nick to the track.
        Nash: I don't wanna know about this, don't tell me.

      • Nash: Give me the skinny on this Karen Decker.
        Evan: She's famous in Chicago. She makes the society page and the front page.
        Nash: Yeah, but she does make the crime page?
        Evan: Oh, yeah, she does.
        Nash: Well, that's good.
        Evan: Yeah, she catches a lot of big time bad guys, drug dealers, gang leaders, that kind of thing.
        Joe: So she's a good cop, huh?
        Evan (to Nash): Yeah, in Chicago she's like a female version of you. (Nash laughs)
        Joe: No wonder I thought she was so sexy.
        Nash: Oh, baby.

      • Joe: So what do you think of our Chicago detective?
        Nash: I'm tryin' not to.
        Joe: Well, she's smart, she's a babe and she's a hell of a shot.
        Nash: Yeah. Why does that bother me?

      • Nash (about Evan): You don't remember him do 'ya, Chicago?
        Karen: Of course not. He's one of the Cortez family, there's about 30 of 'em in Chicago P.D.
        Nash (laughs): I didn't think so.

      • Nash: You want to tell us about your dead guy in there? What's his name, Garza?
        Karen: That's Julio's number two from Chicago. I can't figure out why he got himself in a shootout at a boat dealership.
        Nash (laughs): That's funny. I was just gonna ask you that question.
        Karen: I can't reveal details of a major crime unit investigation.
        Nash: Ooh, really? Now wait a minute, sister. You stroll into here into our barricaded hostage situation, join the party, uninvited, kill the suspect, uninvited. And now you wanna tell me that your case is classified? Ooh, that's rich. Yes, sir.
        Karen: I have news for you, Lieutenant. I was invited to this party, letters from your mayor and your chief. I've been granted unrestricted access to all departmental resources. I guess that doesn't include you, huh?
        Nash: Oh. Well, what the hell would you need me for? You got that big 9mm and an even bigger chip on your shoulder. You'll do fine.

      • Karen: You might want to know that he's told anyone who'll listen that he won't go back to jail and he won't be taken alive.
        Nash: Well, that's good. I always like hearing that.

      • Karen: Oh, I get it. You're all in on this together.
        Nash (laughing): Yeah, we're all in on it together, aren't we, boys? See that tape recorder? We have all your conversation on it. Do you get it? You're busted, babe.

      • Nash (talking with Joe about another one of Joe's money-making schemes): Here's the litmus test: Did you tell Inger?

      • Joe: How does this work? One spit yes, two spits no?

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