Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 15

Out of Miami

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2001 on CBS
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Out of Miami

Nash and his friend, who is a federal marshall, are taken hostage by a Miami drug lord who wants to exchange them for a witness who's scheduled to testify against him in court. As usual things aren't as they originally appear when the SIU learns that the witness may have secrets of her own. Joe gets audited, and winds up in the middle of a lover's quarrel between Pepe, who is his accountant, and the auditor.


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    Philip Michael Thomas

    Philip Michael Thomas

    Cedrick Hawks

    Guest Star

    Jim Pirri

    Jim Pirri

    Chet Shedmont

    Guest Star

    Steven Bauer

    Steven Bauer

    Elvis Lima

    Guest Star

    Patrick Fischler

    Patrick Fischler


    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

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      • (After the money count came up two million short)
        Rick: Nash.
        Nash: Rick, man, I thought you left town without sayin' good-bye.
        Rick: What's in this bag, right here, will take care of all my problems for a long time.
        Nash: I don't know what's in the bag.
        Rick: Yeah? I do. (they start laughing) How about a ride to the airport?
        Nash: You got it.

      • Joe: That's not a bad idea, that's pretty good. Thanks, bubba.
        Nash: That's why I'm the bubba.

      • Nash: What are you lookin' for?
        Joe: My stomach hurts, I need-- What am I talkin' about, we're in the 'Cuda.

      • Rick: Can we stop and get some take out? I'm straving.
        Nash: We don't have time, and, I don't do take out.
        Rick: Uh, you can't do it for a guest?
        Nash: You're not a guest, bubba.
        Rick: Well, how about a wager?
        Nash: How about no wager?
        Rick: I'll tell 'ya what I'll give 'ya 7.
        Nash: You'll give me 7?
        Rick: Uh huh.
        Nash: What happens if I win?
        Rick: Then I'll stop complainin'.
        Nash: For life?
        Rick: You got it.
        Nash: Alright, you're on.
        Joe: What's the bet?
        Rick: 7 concecutive green lights, or we stop.
        Nash (laughs): Whoo! Bubba, you should've given me somethin' a little more difficult. (to Joe) Bubba, hand me the thing outta there.
        Rick: What's with the thing?
        Joe: Uh, it trips a censor in the signal lights, keeps 'em green. Black and whites, firetrucks, and some buses have them. (hands it to Nash)
        Nash: And us!
        Rick: Hey, man, that's cheatin'.
        Nash: No, this is how you win a bet and get back to the SIU muy pronto. (turns the light green) You wanna go for eight? (they all laugh)

      • Nash (after they escaped, the cops show up): About damn time. Didn't 'ya get my email?
        Joe: Oh, yeah. Did 'ya get mine back?
        Nash (smiles): Next time I'll try and call, how's that?

      • (After they escaped, they are still in the factory, and hear gunshots)
        Rick: What the hell was that?
        Nash: I dunno, you wanna go back and find out?

      • (After Rick gives the thug money, as part of Nash's plan, and Nash kicks the thug and knocks him out, they get the handcuff keys from the thug get out)
        Rick: You were gonna let him take my money?
        Nash: No, man. You were gonna give him your money, 'cause if 'ya didn't, we weren't gonna get outta here.
        Rick: Maybe we could've found another idea.
        Nash: You came to me for an idea, that was my idea.
        Rick: Yeah, well, I got a better idea. Let's get outta here.

      • (On the phone, Lima wants to trade Nash and Rick for Kit Miller)
        Lima: Listen, you just put the things together and I'll call you back.
        Joe: Listen, I got a better idea for you, why don't you let my guys go and you'll live long enough to call me back, okay?
        Lima: You mess with me, Inspector, you're gonna get 'em back in pieces. Got it? (hangs up)

      • Joe: So the 'Cuda was just sitting there?
        Antwon: Yeah, no sign of Nash anywhere.
        Joe: Alright, who saw what?
        Rachel: Nobody saw anything. Apperntaly our patrons are suffering from a collective and convient case of amnesia.
        Antwon: Yeah, four people shot, 27 shell casings and counting, yeah that'd be easy to miss.
        Joe: Nobody wants to tell us anything, already I don't like it.

      • Nash: Hurry up, man. He needs some help.
        Thug (seeing Rick who is weezing): What's wrong with him?
        Nash: He's got asthema. Can't you see that? He's got an inhaler on the inside of his jacket.
        Thug: What do you think I'm that stupid?
        Nash: Don't make me answer that.
        Rick (stops weezing): I told 'ya he wasn't gonna buy it.
        Nash: Well, then next time I'll be the sick guy. How about that?
        Rick: There's not gonna be a next time.
        Nash: Shut up, man.

      • Lima: Boys, we enjoyin' ourselves?
        Rick: Bed is a little on the lumpy side.
        Nash: We can't seem to get room service on the phone.
        Lima: What we hungry? (Nash glares at him) All you gotta do is call the cops that work for you and tell them to release Kit Miller.
        Nash: I would do that, you know, but I don't think that you'd hold up your end of the bargin.
        Lima (steps closer to Nash): You callin' me a liar?
        Nash: Now, don't go start and pissin' me off now.
        Lima (laughs): I don't think that he takes me seriously. So maybe, I should start by shootin' off one of his little toes. (points the gun at Rick's feet)
        Nash (shrugs): Go ahead. He's the one who got me into this mess.
        Lima: Huh. So which little pig went to the market? The right or left? (pauses, and points the gun at Rick's feet, then turns towards Nash) Come on. You gonna call? (Nash just stone faces him) One...
        Nash: Lemme help 'ya. Two, three, shoot. (he shoots at Rick's feet but miss)

      • Ronnie: Joe, the IRS called.
        Joe: I can't get audited now, don't they understand that I'm dealing with a kidnapping situation here?
        Antwon: Probably not.

      • (After a huge gun fight breaks out in the bar Rick picked, they end up losing with a lot of people pointing guns at them)
        Lima: Captain, it looks like you're out numbered.
        Nash (to Rick): Next time I pick the place.

      • Nash (answering the phone): Nash.
        Rick: What are you still workin'?
        Nash (laughs): Yeah, what are 'ya just gettin' up?
        Rick (laughs): Those days are long, long gone.
        Nash: Oh, come man, you're gonna make me feel old. What's up?
        Rick: I need to talk to you.
        Nash: Isn't that what we're doing?
        Rick: In person. (they hang up)

      • Nash (about Joe's audit): You were being honest weren't you?
        Joe: Of course.
        Nash: Well, then what are you worried about?
        Joe: It's the IRS, man.
        Nash: Well, don't worry, I'll come to see 'ya every visting day.

      • Rick: We've been in jams tighter than this, man.
        Nash: Yeah.
        Rick: That extradition gig in the Bahamas...
        Nash: Believe me it's all comin' back to me in full force now.
        Rick: We got out.
        Nash: Yeah, and you remember what I said afterwards?
        Rick: Never again.
        Nash: That's right. What were you thinkin', man?
        Rick: I owed Lima money.
        Nash: Gamablin'?
        Rick: Yeah.
        Nash: You said you quit.
        Rick: I didn't.
        Nash: Uh huh.
        Rick: He was squeezin' me hard. Look, he asked me if I knew any law enforcement in San Francisco.
        Nash: So you offered me up? (chuckles) That's nice.
        Rick: He said he was gonna kill me.
        Nash: If you didn't set this meeting. Which didn't turn out too pretty, now did it?
        Rick: Look, Nashman, I didn't know what else to do - I needed help. And I just figured you'd have an idea.
        Nash: Well, guess what?
        Rick: What?
        Nash: I'm fresh out.

    • NOTES (2)

      • James Gammon (Nick), does not appear in this episode. Jeff Perry (Harvey), appears, but only in a montage sequence at the beginning, and has no lines. This is the only episode of the series in which a main character appears, but has no dialogue.

      • Philip Michael Thomas costarred with Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Title: Out of Miami

        The title could be a reference to Miami Vice, since this episode stars Philip Michael Thomas who starred in Miami Vice with Don Johnson.