Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 1998 on CBS
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Nash and the SIU are on a timeline when it is revealed that a death row inmate scheduled for execution that night, may in fact be innocent. Nash's starter is busted, so he must spend the whole day in the car, as he can't turn it off. Joe's day is not going well as he tries to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water causing frequent bathroom trips. Also, his daughter is accused of being a bully in school, and things get out of hand when he tries to resolve it.


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    Zack Ward

    Zack Ward

    Paul Pangborn

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    Denny Dillon

    Denny Dillon

    Leslie Ann

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    Carl Glissmeyer

    Carl Glissmeyer

    The Pine Boys

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    Angela Dohrmann

    Angela Dohrmann

    Stacy Bridges

    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

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      • Harvey: What are you all engrossed in over there?
        Evan: Great Expectations. You see, Cassidy's reading it at school and I figured it'd give us something to talk about.
        Harvey: That's cool. I didn't know that novel was written by Cliff's Notes.
        Evan: This isn't Cliff Notes, it's an abridged version.
        Harvey: Oh, that's pathetic. You can be sure that what Cassidy's reading at Berkeley is the fully unabridged version by Charles Dickens. What you got there man is a soulless, trite-filled, half-assed, piece of cocka.
        Evan: Harv, trust me. If Dickens were alive today his books would be a lot shorter, 'cause he would realize that people just don't have the time to plow through all those pages.
        Harvey: Oh, okay. But if you wanna have a real conversation with Cassidy about great literature you might actually have to sit down and read the book, man.

      • (On the phone)
        Nash: You alright?
        Stacy: Well, I'm not suicidal yet. Or am I?
        Nash: Well, let me put it this way. I think Mott hired Pangborn to kill his wife and I've got some evidence to support it.
        Stacy: Oh, god.
        Nash: The problem is, I don't think I can prove it in time to save Carl Pines. You there?
        Stacy: Yeah. I'm here.
        Nash: I'm sorry, sis.
        Stacy: I just need a minute to absorb it. Uh, c-call me back, okay?
        Nash: Count on it.

      • Inger: The head of the school called and said that Lucia's behavior wasn't conducive to a safe learning environment.
        Nash: Is it me or are these people overreacting?
        Inger: Exactly. Who do they think they are to mistreat my daughter like this? (starts ranting in Swedish)
        Joe: Honey, honey, honey. Take a deep breath and speak in English, okay?
        Inger: Oh, Joe. It just breaks my heart. She was so happy there.
        Nash: Alright, alright. I know how to fix this.
        Joe: You do?
        Nash: Yes, I do.
        Inger: Oh, Nash. That would be wonderful. But what can you do?
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. It's not what I'm going to do. (points to Joe) He's going to go find this guy Phil Trumane and apologize to him.
        Joe (laughs): Not in this lifetime, brother.
        Nash: You got a better idea?
        Joe: Yeah, I have to go to the bathroom.
        Inger: Joe, he's right.
        Joe: Wait a minute, are you saying that my daughter's education is more important than my pride?

      • Joe: I'm being sued. (reading papers) 'For intentional infliction of emotional distress.'
        Nash: Uh, let me guess. Phillip Trumane Esquire.
        Joe: Mm. 'Fretrocious interference with perspective economic advantage.' What the hell does that mean?
        Nash: That would be a fancy word meaning that he wants all your money.

      • Nash: You blinded him?
        Joe: That guy's a big faker. His eyesight came back almost immediately.
        Nash: Well, that's good. So much for the conflict resolution meeting.
        Joe: You know, it doesn't take a genius to see why Lucia keeps beating up on little Phil. He keeps stealing her toys.
        Nash: Well, what about the teacher? Isn't she supposed to monitor this sorta thing?
        Joe: Obviously she isn't. I mean, it might have something to do with this guy being on the school board. She's just ignoring him.
        Nash: So now what happens?
        Joe: Well, this dude messed with the wrong vato.
        Nash: Oh-ho, man.

      • Nash: I need you to call the Attorney General because we may need a stay for Carl Pines.
        Stacy: We? You do it.
        Nash: It was your case. They'll take you seriously. Come on, are you telling me that you wouldn't make a call to save an innocent man's life?
        Stacy: Do you have proof that Paul Pangborn even knew Katherine Mott?
        Joe: No.
        Stacy: Can you tie Pangborn to means, motive, or opportunity?
        Joe: Not yet.
        Stacy: What happened? You just wake up today and say: 'This is the day I'm going to ruin my sister's life.'
        Nash: Come on. Look, I understand--
        Stacy: No, obviously you don't. Do you know how difficult this is for me, Nash? I put a man on death row. He may die tonight. How could I live with myself if he turns out to be innocent?
        Nash: Stacy, you're going to feel a hell of a lot worse tomorrow if you don't.
        Stacy: You know, you're not always right, Nash. Sometimes, believe it or not, I'm right. Why can't you accept that?
        Nash: Stacy, I don't give a damn who's right.

      • Stacy: Nash, let me make something clear. Carl Pines killed Katherine Mott, when he is put to death tonight no one should have any doubt about that.
        Nash: Meaning you don't want any doubt?
        Stacy: That's right.

      • Nash: Afternoon, sis.
        Stacy: Any reason particular reason we're having this conversation on the run?
        Nash: Ah, my start relay is on the fritz. I can't shut the car off.
        Stacy: You can't turn the car off?
        Joe: Well, he could. He just wouldn't be able to get it started again.

      • Nash (letting Joe out of the car to chase after a suspect): Go get 'em, Joe.
        Joe: Easy for you to say.

      • Nash: ...I suggest you lay off that agua.
        Joe: Don't worry, I'll be fine.
        Nash: I am not going to stop every ten minutes for you to piddle.
        Joe: You won't have to.
        Nash: That's good, because I'm not going to.
        Joe: You won't have to.

      • (Joe finishes a bottle of water)
        Harvey: Lordy, Joesph! How many is that?
        Joe: Number six.
        Evan: Are your back teeth submerged?
        Joe: Commitment and control my friends the path to better health. (Evan and Harvey laugh)

      • Joe: Hey, next bathroom you see pull over okay?
        Nash: Uh-uh, not again.
        Joe: What?
        Nash: We've stopped three times already. You can't wait until we get there?
        Joe: It's, like, 10 mintues away.
        Nash: Man, you gotta be gettin' carpal tunnel sydrome under you wrist from flushing the toilet.

      • (Joe is taking a pee in a junkyard)
        Nash: Joe! Reel that thing in! We gotta go!

      • Nash: Boy, you sure are drinkin' a lot today.
        Joe: Remember those headaches I was getting last week?
        Nash: How could I ever forget 'em?
        Joe: Yeah, well Inger hooked me up with this homeopathic doctor and he thinks the reason I was getting 'em was because I wasn't keeping my body properly hydrated.
        Nash: So you think drinkin' more will get rid of your headaches?
        Joe: Drinkin' water. Eight bottles a day keeps the headaches away.
        Nash: Lordy, Lordy. That is definatly not a good idea for a man with the world's smallest bladder.

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