Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 1998 on CBS
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Kelly is back in San Fransisco and the victim of an attack. Nash and the SIU discover that Kelly's boyfriend has ties to an Irish terrorist group and he is seeking revenge against the leader, while the group plans an attack. Joe and Evan get a side job looking after a party-minded Arabian prince awaiting a heart transplant.


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    John Apicelle

    John Apicelle

    Dominick Florentine

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    Markus Flanagan

    Markus Flanagan

    Conner McMillan

    Guest Star

    Sean Lawlor

    Sean Lawlor

    Patrick McQuiston

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      • Kelly (about Connor): How long will he be in jail?
        Nash: Ah, I don't make those predictions.
        Kelly: He had everything, a beautiful daughter, money.
        Nash: He didn't have you.
        Kelly: Give me your hand. (puts a set of keys in Nash's hand) To my place.
        Nash: Hmm. You gonna be there?
        Kelly: No.
        Nash (hands the keys back): Thanks, anyway.
        Kelly: Well, Nash.
        Nash: Yes?
        Kelly: So-Long.
        Nash: That's it, huh?
        Kelly: You hate good-byes.
        Nash (laughs): I don't hate 'em that much. (they hug)
        Kelly: Maybe there's hope for you anyway.
        Nash: I wouldn't count on that, sister.
        Kelly: Next time you're in London...
        Nash: Yeah, next time. I hope there's always a next time. (Kelly kisses him and walks off)

      • Nash: Why's he doing this, Kelly?
        Kelly: I think you know.
        Nash: Well, Connor never struck me as the kind of guy who would risk his own life for revenge.
        Kelly: Well, that's not it. He couldn't get out of your shadow, Nash.
        Nash: What?
        Kelly: Well, he felt that he had to live up to some mental image I had of you.
        Nash (laughs): Well then I guess you didn't give him the full picture then, huh?
        Kelly: No, this is about you and me, Nash.

      • Nash: S.F.P.D. Inspector Bridges. Let's chat.
        McQuisten: What about?
        Nash: About why two men, driving a car registered to you, tried to kill me and my ex-wife last night.
        McQuisten: My car's parked in the hotel garage and if it's not, I'd like to report it stolen. Now who would I talk to about that?
        Nash: I'm gonna give you a little homework tip. Next time you want to kill somebody, make sure the ex-husband isn't a cop. We take umbrage to people trying to murder our loved ones.

      • (In Nash's apartment)
        Nash: Well, what do you think? Old place look the same?
        Kelly: Well, if I said that it was lacking a woman's touch would that be stating the obvious?
        Nash (laughs): Uh, yes it would. Now then, would you like something to eat? I have food. I think.
        Kelly: No.
        Nash: Um... Do you want something to drink?
        Kelly: No.
        Nash: Okay. Do you want to discuss sleeping arrangements? (Kelly shakes her head) No?
        Kelly: No. (they kiss)

      • Kelly: What?
        Nash: Oh, nothing. Uh, I mean, you and me and a stuffy art gallery opening, fancy orderves, pretentious people. Why, uh, hell it's just like old times.
        Kelly: If it were like old times, I'd be here alone and you'd be on a case. (Nash laughs) Luckily, I'm the case.
        Nash: Well, so much for that no fault divorce, huh?
        Kelly: Well, the divorce wasn't the problem. The marriage, that was your fault.
        Nash (holds up his hands): Uncle, sister. Uncle.

      • Kelly: Just for the record, Connor and I, we never did get married. Don't you think I would have invited you to the wedding?
        Nash (laughs): Ah, well, I don't know. I-- As you recall, weddings and I, we uh, near the twain shall meet.
        Kelly: We're um... Well, it's not working out.
        Nash: I'm sorry to hear that.

      • Nash: Alright, here's a question for 'ya. What the hell is McQuisten and his bunch of terrorist buddies doing in town anyway?
        Joe: Uh, terrorism?
        Nash: Yeah, I think you're on to somethin' there.

      • (On the phone)
        Harvey: Problem.
        Nash: I don't like problems.
        Harvey: But still, they exist.

      • Nash (looking in Kelly's storage closet): Look at all this stuff. What the hell you got in here? Earthquake provisions. What else you got in this place?
        Kelly: Oh, stay out of there.
        Nash: My god, woman. You haven't thrown anything away since you were in the third grade. (picks up something) Well, look at this. Our wedding announcement.
        Kelly: It was nice, wasn't it?
        Nash: Which part?
        Kelly: The announcement.
        Nash: Yeah, but then you know, you put these things in print and it's all down hill from there.
        Kelly: Not to my recollection.
        Nash (laughs): Well, you're not cursed with a photographic memory. Look at this, my old albums. I miss vinyl.
        Kelly: You gave them to me.
        Nash: Hell, I thought we had worn these out.
        Kelly: Come on, that's enough reminiscing for one night.
        Nash: Hey, wait a minute, sister. That's my stuff.
        Kelly: Well, possession is 9/10ths of the law. Of course, you can negotiate for their liberation. (leans close to Nash)
        Nash (laughs): Old trick.
        Kelly: Yeah. One I miss. (they are about to kiss and Nash's phone rings)
        Nash: Right on time. Never fails.

      • Kelly (to a woman in her house): You're wearing my night shirt.
        Nash: That's not your night shirt. That's my football jersey. I've been lookin' for that.

      • Nash (arriving at Kelly's old house): I don't see a 'for rent' sign.
        Kelly: That's 'cause there isn't one.
        Nash: Really? Does that mean you're planning on coming back?
        Kelly: Now why would you think I'd be coming back?
        Nash: Well, you don't have a 'for rent' sign up.
        Kelly: Is every little thing a clue to you?
        Nash: Well, why didn't you sell it?
        Kelly: This isn't a mystery for you to solve, Nash. Why don't you save your powers of deduction for the case?
        Nash: And you haven't answered the question.
        Joe: Hey, guys. I hate to break this up but I just saw someone moving inside the house.

      • Nash: So Connor never met you at the airport? He never showed up?
        Kelly: No. I waited for him at the gate until the flight left.
        Nash: And you're absolutely sure that you were followed?
        Kelly: The entire way. I lost them in the terminal.
        Nash: Why, do you think?
        Kelly: I don't have a clue. I was never very interested in that part, if you recall.
        Nash (laughs): Oh, I-I uh, I recall that, yes. (smirks)
        Kelly: What?
        Nash: Ah, nothing, I was-- Nothing.
        Kelly: You've got your mischievous look.
        Nash (laughs): No, I was just-- I was just looking at how beautiful you are. That's all.
        Kelly: Don't start.
        Nash: Ah, no. It was just an innocent observation. (laughs)
        Kelly: Innocent? You?
        Nash (laughs): Alright. Well, I'd be lying if I said that the of just taking you back to my apartment and popping a bottle of champagne and turning off my phone until sometime in the next Millennium hadn't crossed my mind. But...
        Kelly: But?
        Nash: I don't sleep with married women, you know that.
        Kelly: Oh, good. That's very reassuring.

      • Nash: Who's McQuiston?
        Mike: Read your recent Irish history.
        Nash: Don't get cute, bubba or I'll slap your ass right out there in that nice warm water.

      • Joe: Come on, do this case with me. It'll be fun, it's a Royal Prince.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. But I know that Evan would probably love this gig because you see, where strip clubs are concerned, he's your man.
        Joe: I don't want do this case with Evan. I wanna do it with you.
        Nash: You got two minutes to make the deal and then we gotta go see a man about a gun.
        Evan (walks up): Strippers? Did I hear strippers?

      • Nash: Off duty case?
        Joe: Well, it's not so much a case as it is a very, very lucrative baby sitting job.
        Nash: Oh, good. And you have such great luck with babies.
        Joe: Only in this case, it's not a baby. It's some 40 year old guy waiting for a heart transplant. He must've been struck by lightening or something.
        Nash: Uh, you want to start that again with me?
        Joe: The insurance company is paying me to look after this guy until the heart becomes available. And then I just drive him to the hospital. What could go wrong?
        Nash: Uh, he could die. That would be high on my list.
        Joe: So you're saying you don't want in on this case?
        Nash: You're psychic. Unbelievable.
        Joe: Speaking of unbelievable. You know what the most unbelievable thing at that crime scene was?
        Nash: You mean other than the two dead bodies?
        Joe: Mmm. Two beds. I'm sure they had an option for a king but--
        Nash: Well, I'm more interested in Connor's story than I am the sleeping arrangements.
        Joe: You gettin' that funny feelin' in your stomach?
        Nash: Yes, I am. It tells me that Connor is lying six ways from Sunday.
        Joe: So where does that put Kelly?
        Nash: Stuck.
        Joe: So if she's stuck that means that you're stuck, too, huh?
        Nash: What a concept. It almost sounds familiar.

      • Cecilia (introducing herself): Hi, I'm Cecilia.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, sorry. Ex-wife.
        Cecilia: I didn't know you've been married.
        Nash: Oh, yeah. She lives in London.
        Kelly: Near his other ex-wife who currently resides in Paris.
        Cecilia: You've been married twice?
        Kelly: Apparently so.

      • (A bomb is in a car)
        Joe: Well, we can't let it blow up here man.
        Nash: Well, we gotta move it.
        Joe: What do you mean move it? You don't mean drive it?
        Nash:: Yeah get in. If I'm gonna blow up you're going with me. Come on.
        Joe: Don't hit any traffic, okay?
        Nash: I'm not hitting anything, period. (they get in the car)
        Harvey (as they are driving away): Where are you go-- Oh, shut up and go pray. (Cut to Nash and Joe in the car, Nash is driving)
        Nash: How much time we got left?
        Joe: A mintue, forty-five. (a car honks at them) Watch it! (they make a sharp turn) Where exactly are we driving to?
        Nash: I'll let you know when we get there.
        Joe: You don't have a plan?
        Nash: Oh, sure it's easy to critize. (cut to outside shot of the car weaving in and out of traffic, then back inside the car)
        Nash: Are they still doing construction on Kearny and Washington?
        Joe: Yeah, Yeah I think so. (Nash is driving on the side walk) Nash, Nash hey you're gonna hit-- you're on the sidewalk! (Nash is off the sidewalk and Joe looks at him)
        Nash: Alright, remind me to write myself a ticket. (the car goes over a hill and flies up)
        Joe: Are you trying to kill me?
        Nash: Think of it this way, bubba. If-- If this thing blows you won't even feel it. (Nash makes a sharp turn into a construction site and parks the car. They run out of the car and a hubcap blows off of it and they stop running and turn and look at the car)
        Joe: That was it?
        Nash: We could have stayed in the car for that. (The whole car blows up and they fly back. They sit up and a tire that's on fire rolls between them and Nash's sunglasses are all crooked and bent)
        Joe: I can't believe we're still alive.
        Nash: I can't believe we don't have skid marks on our foreheads.

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