Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 1997 on CBS



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    • Nash: You know, Bob, I dearly love my ex-wife. So much so, that if anybody messes with her, I tend to take it personally.
      Bob: Is that so?
      Nash: That's so. Now, Bob I'm gonna suggest that you make things right with Lisa or I'm gonna spend every waking hour of every day for the rest of my life making you wish you had.
      Bob: Are you threatening me? Because I'll sue your ass for harassment.
      Nash (laughs): Bob, my ass isn't harassing you. I'm just standing here having a conversation with 'ya. The question is, am I making myself clear? (Bob nods) That's good. Now, here's what I want you to do. I want a letter of cancellation and a full refund on all of Lisa's expendatures by the end of the business day. Now do you think you can do that, Bob? Or are we gonna have to have another get together?
      Bob: I can do it.

    • Joe: Looks like he's either digging up treasure or a grave.
      Nash: Probably both.

    • Joe: You got a shot?
      Nash: Yeah, unfortunetly it's right through her.

    • Nash: Hi.
      Lisa (to Joe): You told him, didn't you?
      Joe: He forced me.
      Nash: I did not. I did not force him.
      Lisa: I should've seen this coming.
      Nash: I didn't say a word. Well, I'll tell you one damn thing. I didn't come over here to stick my nose in where I'm not wanted.
      Lisa: Well, you're not wanted.
      Nash: Well, fine, then. I'll go right over there!
      Lisa: Good.

    • Joe: Save your breath, bubba. I've seen you do a million interrogations. I know everyone of your tricks. It's not gonna work on me.
      Nash: Fine.
      Joe: It's called client confidentiality.
      Nash: I said fine.
      Joe: That doesn't mean we can't talk. So, uh, what about that Earl? Quite a character, huh?
      Nash: He sure is.
      Joe: Okay, she made me promise I wouldn't say anything, y'know? I mean, if I made that promise to you, you wouldn't want me to say anything. (they get into Nash's car) You wouldn't say anything, would you?
      Nash (starts the 'cuda): Where to?
      Joe (sighs): Okay, it was Lisa.
      Nash: Lisa?
      Joe: You had to drag it out of me, didn't 'ya?

    • Nash: That wasn't too cryptic, was it?
      Joe: Oh, it's just this client in this off-duty thing I got going on.
      Nash: Mmhmm. You've been extremely tight-lipped about this one, bubba.
      Joe: Nashman, you're as bad as Inger, y'know. You say you don't want me to tell you anything and then when I don't tell you anything you can't stand it that you don't know.
      Nash: No, you don't like for me not to know which is why I'm suspicious that I don't know.

    • (Joe is sleeping on his desk)
      Nash: Good morning, sunshine. C'mon. Let's go to work. Burning the midnight oil, are we?
      Joe: Ah, it's just a little off duty thing that I picked up. I tried to call you, ah you don't wanna hear about it.
      Nash: Oh, yes, I do. I'm very concerned about you, bubba.
      Joe: You are?
      Nash: Mmhmm. Well, I mean, you uh, get this mysterious call and then you run off to this errand, you won't let me drive 'ya. Uh, when I try to call 'ya, I get this Spanish speaking gentleman. So, call me nosy but I would kind of like to know what's going on here.

    • Earl: You married? Got kids?
      Nash: Divorced. Daughter is 17.
      Earl: I hadn't had no kind of relationship with Eddie since he was back in grade school.
      Nash: What happened?
      Earl: Ah, what didn't really? Me and his ma busted up and he blamed me for it.
      Nash: Been there, bubba.
      Earl: Then he started hanging around with a bunch of bad kids. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with him, y'know?
      Nash: And then you went off to prison and he got on the stuff and you haven't forgiven yourself yet, have you?
      Earl: Somethin' like that.
      Nash: You know what I've learned about kids, Earl? They can be very forgiving.

    • Joe: Look, I'll find out everything, I won't tell Nash and someday when you're rich and famous I'll write a tell all book about it, okay?
      Lisa: Nash will kill you.
      Joe: Well, hopefully I'll be old enough he'll be putting me out of my misery.

    • Nash (after a corporate buyer buys some of Lisa's deserts): Hmm. Household name. I like it.
      Lisa: That's 'cause it's your name.

    • Joe: I guess it's not as easy to catch 'em when they got a siren, huh?
      Nash: Yeah. We got more horsepower though.

    • Nash: 'Scuse me? Yoo hoo! 'Scuse me?
      Lisa: What?
      Nash: Ah, ya want maybe, Joe and I should go over there and, uh, muss up his hair?
      Lisa: I thought you weren't listening!
      Nash: I'm not.
      Lisa: Nash, this is not high school. You just don't go over and talk to a man who has a signed contract who basically owns you.
      Joe: Sounds like high school to me.

  • Notes

    • James Gammon (Nick), Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Cassidy), and Jeff Perry (Harvey), do not appear in this episode. This is the only Season 3 episode that James Gammon is credited but does not appear. This is due to it being a Season 2 produced episode.

    • This episode was originally produced for Season 2. This can be told by the fact both Mary Mara (Bryn), and Annette O'Toole (Lisa) were credited in the opening credits (they were removed in Season 3), and it had the Season 2 opening credits (some of the images were changed for Season 3).

    • Willie Nelson is credited as a Special Guest Star.

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