Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 20

Power Play

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 1999 on CBS



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    • Nash: If she's not outta there in five minutes, we're goin' in.
      Joe: Caitlin can handle herself, man.
      Nash: Ah, I'm not too worried.
      Joe: You're just a little worried, huh?
      Nash: She just hasn't done a lot of field work lately.
      Joe: Uh huh. (Nash laughs lightly and looks at Joe)

    • Evan (about Caitlin who is dressed like a hooker): How the hell did Nash get her to do that?
      Tony B: Hello. I'm getting ready to walk into the Viper's Den and all you guys can think about is sex?
      Harvey: We're not just thinking about sex, Tony. We're fantasizing about a co-worker. Two entirely different things.

    • Caitlin: Absolutely not. No, no, no way.
      Nash: Now wait a minute, wait a minute. The last time I tried to keep details of a case from you and you tried to do everything under the sun to find out what it was. Now, I'm asking you to come with me and you're running the other way.
      Caitlin: Well, woman's prerogative, Nash.
      Nash: What's up with that? That's exactly the kind of thing that makes relationships difficult.
      Caitlin: Well, it's a great thing that we're not in one then, isn't it?
      Nash: Tell me about it.
      Caitlin: Okay, here's an idea. Why don't you check with Vice? I'm sure they'd love to help you.
      Nash: I do not need somebody to help me. I need somebody who understands Russian.
      Caitlin: Oh. Oh, and me in a halter top and fishnet stockings and stiletto heels is not gonna get me noticed? Sure.
      Nash: Well, (laughs) if you think you can get in there as a nuclear physicist, go for it.
      Caitlin: Oh, you love this.
      Nash: Almost as much as you do. We leave in 20 minutes.
      Caitlin: Oh, I didn't say yes.
      Nash: But you didn't say no.

    • Nash: I've got an idea.
      Joe: Mm. An idea or a plan?
      Nash: Well, it's more like a thought. I need to get Caitlin aboard though, first.
      Joe: Oh, now you're talking scheme. You're talking my talk. (Nash laughs)

    • Joe (after he hangs up with Inger): Inger's ovulating.
      Nash: Um, how does that effect us at this moment?
      Joe: Well, it seems that I have to go by the clinic and give 'em another sample. Now.
      Nash: Now? As in like, right now?
      Joe: As in right now.
      Nash: Bubba, we're on a gig here.

    • Caitlin: You still look perplexed.
      Nash: I'm thinking. And, Ms. Cross, you should be able to read expressions better than that for a cop.
      Caitlin (laughs): Oh, Nash, come on. You are easier to read than the morning paper.

    • Tony B: Oh, hey. Bridges, right? What's up?
      Nash: A couple of things. First of all, there's no smoking. Oh, and the new you doesn't smoke, remember?
      Tony B: My god, that's right. That's right. Those things are terrible.
      Joe: What are you so nervous about, Tony?
      Tony B: Ah, welp, you'd be a little nervous too, if you found out someone was out to kill 'ya, right? Hey, who were those guys anyway? Were they Russians or...?
      Joe: Hm. As if you didn't know.
      Tony B: What exactly did they say?
      Nash: Well, unfortunately not enough to string you up, Tony.
      Tony B: Well, that's enough to scare me right there. I'm tellin' 'ya this whole memory loss thing, man, is pretty scary. Do you have any idea what it's like to lose your mind?
      Nash: I'm dealing with you, aren't I? Oh, by the way, your bookie called. You know your race horse, Sittin' Pretty? Came in dead last, the bookie wants his money.
      Tony B: What? I haven't bet that nag since last week.
      Nash: Really? (laughs) Now that's funny. How could you remember a wager that you made last week, Tony?
      Joe: Your memory doesn't go back that far, or did you forget?
      Tony B: Are you accusing me of lying about my memory loss?
      Nash: No. I'm accusing you of lying about your memory find.

    • Nash: Do you happen to know which one of these Russians that he owed the money to?
      Dori: I don't know. He wouldn't tell me, he didn't want me to get involved.
      Tony B: See? Now that was very kind of me.
      Nash: Shut up, Tony!

    • (Evan & Harvey walk in with Tony B's ex-girlfriend who's dressed like Little Bo Peep)
      Evan: Don't ask.
      Harvey: Boss, we had the Mirandize about a dozen sheep, but they're coming in on separate trucks.
      Evan: Ignore him. (Nash laughs)

    • Nash: Well, I have a buncha documents here but they're all in Russian.
      Caitlin: Oh, well. You need help, maybe, with the, uh Russian? (Nash laughs) Well, I was an analyst at the CIA, you remember?
      Nash: Nooo!
      Caitlin: Oh, yeah. In the Russian section.
      Nash (smirks): Get outta here.
      Caitlin: Mmhmm. Remember that's what I did all day long? I analyzed Russian documents.
      Nash: Well, Ms. Cross, you're the very picture of a renaissance woman. (hands her papers) Have at it.

    • Nash: Well, welcome home, Tony. (laughs) Well, I guess the maid got amnesia too, huh?
      Tony B: Man, am I a slob?
      Nash: I'll say.
      Tony B: I don't think of myself of as a slob.
      Joe: Well, I guess when you fell off the wagon your stuff fell off with 'ya, huh?
      Nash: So what about it, Tony, huh? Anything lookin' familiar? Come on, get that under used mental wheel turnin'.

    • Evan: This thing is unbelievable we've got a tracking system, new MVT, digital radios, dash cam.
      Harvey: Ah, it all makes me feel old. When I started it was all roll up windows, radios that took five minutes to warm up.
      Evan: Yeah, well, Harv, you are old.

    • Nash: What's up?
      Joe: Well, Inger wants Lucia to grow up with a sibling.
      Nash: She wants another baby?
      Joe: Apparently so.
      Nash: Uh, and your thoughts on this are?
      Joe: Uh, well, I've been letting nature take it's course but Inger hasn't gotten pregnant yet so... She wants to step up the pace.
      Nash: Uh, what does that mean? More sex?
      Joe: I don't know. Turbo sex, I guess. (Nash laughs) She wants me to go see a fertility specialist.
      Nash: Bubba, you got two kids that proves you know how it's done.
      Joe: Yes, I know this but I guess now I get to pay $150 to go to a egg specialist to have him tell me to wear looser underwear or somethin'. (Nash laughs)

    • Tony B: Hey, what's up with all the security around here?
      Nash: It's all for you, baby.
      Tony B: Why? What for?
      Nash: How about because we caught you picking up $500,000 as a ransom payoff for a kidnapping?
      Tony B (shocked): What?
      Nash: That was good. (to Joe) Did you see that? I almost bought that.
      Tony B: Who are you?
      Joe: We're very old, very dear friends of yours, Tony. Also, we're cops.
      Nash: Are you saying that you still don't remember anything?
      Tony B: No. Wait a minute, are you saying that I was a criminal?
      Nash: No, no, no. I'm telling you that you are a criminal.
      Tony B: This is terrible. I am not a bad person, now who did I allegedly kidnap?
      Joe: Tom Corbett the star goalie of the San Francisco Sea Dogs. There's nothing alleged about it.
      Tony B: I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
      Joe (holds up a picture): This is a picture of the motorcycle driver, your buddy. He's dead. Who was he?
      Tony B: I don't know. Never seen 'em. I'll tellin' 'ya, I don't remember a thing. How do I know that you guys aren't trying to pull something over on me?
      Nash: Will you excuse us a second? (walks to the side with Joe) Are you buying any of this crapola?
      Joe: Come on, Tony's not that good of a con artist.
      Nash: That's why I'm not buying it. I say it's time for the Chop.

    • Nurse Becky: This is for your sample. (hands Joe a cup)
      Joe: (in a low voice) Oh, yeah. (a little while later) There you go. (places cup on counter)
      Nurse Becky (clears throat): Mr. Dominguez, we only needed a urine sample.
      Joe: Oh. (wearing a sheepish grin) On the house.

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