Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 16

Pump Action

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 1999 on CBS
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Pump Action
Nash and Joe are plunged into the underground world of steroid-crazed body builders when they investigate the murders of three body builders. Nash and Caitlin struggle to define their relationship as Cassidy struggles to get her feet back on the ground after her accident.

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      • Caitlin: Aren't you gone yet?
        Jake: I'll be outta here pretty quick but don't be gettin' all emotional. Hell, I'm only a phone call away, honey.
        Caitlin (laughs): You know, you really an unbelievable, you actually think that you're charming, don't you?
        Jake: Alright, Cross. I'm gonna give you a chance to get even. (opens his jacket) Come on, take a shot.
        Caitlin: See? It isn't just me. I mean, he does have a severe case of juvenile dementia.
        Nash: I am not getting in the middle of this one.
        Jake: Cross take a shot. I know it'll make you feel better. (Caitlin spins around and punches Jake in the face)
        Nash (laughs): Whoa. Medic. Medic. Nice cross, Ms. Cross.
        Caitlin: Yeah, thanks. (walks off)
        Jake: I meant my stomach.
        Nash: I do not believe you let that little girl hit you right in the eye. What is she, about 105 pounds?
        Jake: 125. (Nash laughs)

      • Jake: How'd you know where to find me?
        Nash: Well, I just used my ass instead of my head and it got me thinkin' just like you.

      • Nash (on the phone): Cassidy, it's your Dad. I'm thinkin' dinner at my place, 7:00, I'll cook. Call me if you can make it. (hangs up)
        Joe: What's up?
        Nash: Ah, it's the Cassidy, Evan marriage deal again. It's back on.
        Joe: Really? So Evan's pushin' it, huh?
        Nash: No, this time she is. Evan's not quite sure what the hell's goin' on.
        Joe: What is goin' on?
        Nash: Bubba, I'm gonna cook some pasta and find that out.

      • Evan: I just wanted to tell you before you found out from someone else.
        Nash: Tell me what?
        Evan: Cassidy accepted my marriage proposal.
        Nash: Congratulations.
        Evan: But I'm not gonna go through with it. I mean, I intend to marry her and I will someday but not under these circumstances and she means everything to me and you know that.
        Nash: What's uh, what's goin' on?
        Evan: Ever since the accident she just hasn't been herself, y'know? I mean, it seems like all her focus is right here and in the moment with no thought about the future at all. I didn't think that was right, y'know? And not the basis for the beginning of a marriage.
        Nash: Did you tell her this?
        Evan: I don't think that she wants to hear it from me. You need to help her, Nash. We need to help her.

      • Harvey: Evan, that doesn't matter. Bonnie and I knew each other for two weeks before we got married.
        Evan: I didn't know that.
        Harvey: Yes and we were just as nuts and scared out of our gourds as you.
        Evan: Now refresh my memory, didn't you spend your honeymoon trapesing all around the Pacific northwest chasing the Grateful Dead?
        Harvey: Oh, happiest 10 days of my life. Followed by 5 years, 2 months and 8 days of a pretty damn good marriage.
        Evan: See, Harv. That's the point. I don't wanna be married for five years, I wanna be married forever.
        Harvey: I wanted to married forever, but at the end of the day Bonnie and I had great times together.
        Evan: You're not helpin' me, Harv. You're not helpin' me at all.
        Harvey: Okay, what do you want me to say? Follow your bliss. If you wanna marry the girl, marry the girl, but I can't yak about it forever.

      • Nash: Do me a favor will, 'ya?
        Caitlin: Yeah, okay. What kind of favor?
        Nash: I want you to stall Jake for a while. Just for a few hours, give him the MCD treatment. He's getting itchy over there and I don't want him scratchin' anybody.
        Caitlin: And you couldn't have asked me for something a little easier? Like maybe driving some nails through my head, huh?
        Nash: I'll buy you dinner.
        Caitlin: Oh, really? You think so?
        Nash: Well, I'll try.

      • Jake: Let's go kick some ass, man.
        Nash: No, no, no, no. We're not gonna go 'kick some ass, man.' All we got is a name and I want more.
        Jake: Like what?
        Nash: Well, like manufacturing, distribution, the works. Oh, and you remember this, Jake, our agreement? We're doing this my way.
        Jake: You want to sit around here for some jack-ass to call some freaked out bimbo? Man, let's go do what we're paid to do.
        Nash: This is what we're paid to do. Now, sit down and shut up and you might learn somethin'.

      • Joe: Uh, no, no. You can't do that. Nash, he's eating in the car. Put that away.
        Jake: Unless you want your arm chewed off, Dominguez, back off.
        Nash: Uh, that is one of those power bars without the crumbs, right? I'll make a one time allowance only because I damn sure don't wanna stop.
        Joe: Oh, and I can't eat in the 'cuda.

      • Caitlin: Well, I pulled up the files on this Cage character. Have you any idea of his record?
        Nash: Uh, why yes, I do. I started his record. I was his training officer when he was a rookie.
        Caitlin: Mm. You must've taught him every trick in the book. I highly recommend that you don't work with him on this case, Nash. He's been investigated by MCD more times than you have.
        Nash: That's impossible! Not if you go back and look at the old records before it was all damn computerized.
        Caitlin: That's funny.
        Nash: Well, I just want credit given where credit is due.
        Caitlin: You know, you're under a lot of scrutiny. Stay far away from him, Nash. I'm serious.
        Nash: You protecting me? Now that's a switcheroo.
        Caitlin: No, it's just what friends are for.
        Nash: Alright. I'll keep an eye on him.
        Caitlin: Cut him loose.
        Nash: He already knows the world. He's invested. If you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs.
        Caitlin: I just don't want you to end up with egg on your face.

      • Evan: So are you gonna tell Nash or am I?
        Harvey: You. You're practically family.

      • Joe: Uh, you two know each other?
        Caitlin: No, no, no, no. Not really.
        Jake: Yeah, we went out a few times.
        Caitlin: Once. (Nash laughs) We went out once. A former friend of mine set us up.
        Jake: Come on, admit it. You had a hell of a time.
        Caitlin: You took me to a monster truck rally, alright? It was the most excruitating four hours of my life.
        Jake: She didn't even do his best run.
        Nash: You're kiddin' me! Now, I gotta admit, monster truck rally isn't my first idea of a date for 'ya but 'ya didn't stay for grave digger?!
        Caitlin: I had to change my number the next morning.
        Jake: Well, my number hadn't changed. Why don't you give us a second chance?
        Caitlin: Oh, I gotta get back to work. (walks off)
        Jake (to Nash): She works here?
        Nash: Well, actually she's been tryin' to shut us down.

      • Caitlin: Hello.
        Nash: Hi yourself.
        Caitlin (holding up a book): Look what I happened to come across in my files.
        Nash (takes the book): Oh, no kidding, 'The Right Stuff.' Hmm. I bet it's a first edition, too. Wonder how it got there.
        Caitlin: Yeah, I wonder.
        Nash (laughs): Well, I figured that if you were such a fan that you had to shoplift his stuff that I may as well get it for 'ya. (laughs, Caitlin glares at him) Listen, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you being there when Cassidy was in the hospital.
        Caitlin: Of course I was there, Nash. I mean, what are friends for?
        Nash: Yeah. (they smile at each other)
        Caitlin: So, uh, how's your day going?
        Nash: Oh, perfect. I've had two guys go postal on me and I haven't even had my coffee yet.
        Caitlin: Pretty much your average day.
        Nash: Exactly.
        Caitlin: Well, if there's anything that I can do to help, let me know, okay?
        Nash: You already have.

      • Joe: So, uh, how's Cassidy?
        Nash: Well, seemingly she's alright. She went back to school yesterday.
        Joe: You're kiddin', she's back to school already?
        Nash: Yep. She's got this gung-ho, full-throttle thing goin'.
        Joe: You think it's a good idea, her being back in school?
        Nash: Well, no, I don't think so, but what can I do about it? You know Cassidy, she says she's ready.
        Joe: Yeah, but school, man. I don't know. If I were you, I'd be a little worried.
        Nash: Bubba, I am worried but if it was left up to me, she'd never leave the apartment, that way I'd know that she was safe.
        Joe: Except that you live in a red-tagged condemned building.
        Nash (laughs): Minor issue.
        Joe: Look at it this way, kids are always a lot more resiliant than we give 'em credit for.
        Nash: Bubba, I sure hope you're right.

      • Nash: Alright, what's the problem?
        Harvey: Ah, we got a botched robbery. He's got four hostages in there and a shot gun that he's clearly not afraid to use.
        Nash: Any casualties?
        Harvey: Not yet. But I got faith in him, he's a total whacko.
        Joe: You get him on the phone?
        Harvey: I did and then he chucked it onto the sidewalk here.
        Joe: That's never a good sign.

      • Joe: You know, Nashman, you and Caitlin are like a married couple, man. You bicker, you fight, you make all nicee nicee. The only thing you don't do is have sex. Why don't ya just do it and get it over with?
        Nash: Whaddaya talkin' about? Like a married couple.
        Joe: So when's the ceremony going to be, huh?
        Nash: Will you get outta here! We're just good friends, that's all.
        Joe: Yeah, good friends. Like Harry Meet Sally kind of good friends?
        Nash: Ho, ho!
        Joe: Why don't you just have sex and get it over with, man? Everybody thinks you're doing it anyways.

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      • Joe (to Nash and about Caitlin and Nash's friendship): Like Harry Meet Sally kind of good friends?

        When Harry Met Sally is a movie about two people who started out hating each other, then eventually form a friendship, and have sex with each other, still remaining casual friends, then eventually realize that they're in love with each other.