Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 18

Quack Fever

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2001 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • We learn that Nash was originally going to be an architect but joined the police force after he thought his brother died because that was what Bobby was going to do.

  • Quotes

    • Joe: Hey, Nashman. If you, uh, ever wanna talk...
      Nash: Joe, I made my peace with Bobby's death a long time ago.... But thanks. (walks away)
      Joe: I haven't seen one single tear yet, brother. (a couple shots later Nash gets into his car after talking with Bobby's son and sees Bobby's dog tags hanging from his mirror and starts crying)

    • Nash (regarding her breast implant surgery): You've made up your mind, haven't you?
      Cassidy: Yes. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon tomorrow, not Kent but someone he recommended. (Nash sighs) Please lemme say this first, I know that you don't get it and I understand that, and I know that you're my father and you're very concerned with the risks. And I also know that you think I'm fine the way I am, and that this is totally unnessesary. I just can't let anybody else define me, Daddy, you know? I have to do what feels right to me. You taught me that. So, go ahead say whatever you want, but I'm gonna do it tomorrow regardless.
      Nash: ... Need a lift? (they smile at each other)

    • Nash: So your plan is to get the drugs back?
      Bobby's Son: That money's rightfully mine.
      Nash: That's your enterance into the family business.
      Bobby's Son: No. This is my way out. Creeve's agreed to pay me 2 million dollars to get the container back, I'm using the money and starting a new life for myself. It's something I promsied my father.
      Nash (speaking Chinese): Promised, as in past tense?
      Bobby's Son (speaking Chinese): He was murdered. Last month. Creeve killed him.

    • (Nash pets the squirrel that's sitting on his desk eating nuts)
      Nash: Well, you're a lot cuddlier than my last pigeon. (the squirrel bites Nash's finger) Ouch! Son of a bitch. (the squirrel runs off)
      Joe: You feelin' okay?
      Nash: I feel fine. There's a squirrel in here.
      Joe: Was he alone or was there a big dumb moose with him?
      Nash (smirks): There was a squirrel in here. Alright?

    • Joe: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you goin'? The doctor said that you had to stay here 24 hours for observation.
      Nash: Well, I'll tell 'ya what. I'll take a look at myself, and I'll call him and tell 'em what I observed.

    • (During Nash's flashback)
      Nash: You're givin' me the 'cuda?
      Bobby: Just til I get back.
      Nash: Don't go, Bobby. D-don't go, Bobby. I- I don't want the car.
      Bobby: What's wrong with you, bubba?
      Nash: What if... you don't come back?
      Bobby: No chance.

    • (during Nash's dream sequence)
      Nash: Why didn't you come back? 30 years as an M.I.A! You know how much that hurt Nick? ... Everybody.
      Bobby: Hey! I never told you how to live your life. So, don't blame me for how I lived mine.
      Nash: I didn't get to live my life, Bobby. I had to live yours.
      Bobby: What are you talkin' about?
      Nash: I wanted to study architecture.
      Bobby: Oh, so you wanted me to feel sorry for you, bubba. That it? Because you had the loving father, the great career, the wonderful daughter... While I lived in flop houses and jungles and never knew when the V.C, the cops or the competition was gonna show up. I am really sorry that you had to live my life, Nash. I am so sorry.

    • (during the flashback)
      Bobby (to Nash): Rule number one, no eatin' in the 'cuda, and number two... Hell, you can make up the rest yourself.

    • Nick: You're shaking and sweating like you're sitting in an ice bath with your feet on fire. I'm calling an ambulance.
      Nash: No, you're not. You're overreacting, Nick.
      Nick: Like hell I am! (starts dialing)
      Nash: Alright, alright. I'll split the difference with you. Give me the phone. (Nick does so) I'll call a taxi and go to the E.R.
      Nick: I'll go down and wait.
      Nash: No, no, no I don't need you to go.
      Nick: Like hell! I'm not leaving my only son to fend for himself.
      Nash: Yeah, well, I'm not having my only father sitting in an E.R waiting room all night, either.
      Nick: You're the most stubborn person I have ever met.
      Nash: Well, that's because you never met you.

    • Antwon: So what's your plan?
      Harvey: Simple. I gotta trap that thing, and I gotta do it before Nash finds out.
      Antwon: Uh-huh. How do you plan on doin' that?
      Harvey: Are you implying that I can't out-smart a rodent?
      Antwon: So far you haven't.

    • Nick: Nash, you should be out lookin' for your brother.
      Nash: Well, Nick, right now, I'm burning up with a fever, my joints are on fire, and my head feels like it's in a vise, okay?
      Nick: Well, your brother ran in the state quarter finals track meet with the flu and came away with--
      Nash: Oh, I know. He came away with gold medals, and the Breeder's cup and the super bowl trophy. I'm just not as good as Bobby. I never was. I guess I never will be. ... I'm sorry, Nick. This damn bug's got me.
      Nick: No, no. I-- I'm sorry, son.

    • Nash: You've got the conn. I'm goin' home. Don't sink the boat and keep me updated with everything.
      Joe: Oh, no kiddin'? You're sick? (Nash glares at him) Need a ride?
      Nash: I'm sick, I'm not dead.

    • Joe: Hey, bubba. Inger and Ulla heard you were sick so they sent some things over for 'ya.
      Nash: Well, that's great, Joe, thanks, but I'm fine. I'm just gettin' some sea air.
      Joe (takes something out of the bag): This here is an ice fish sweat sack. You heat it with stones and then lay with it in the tub for about an hour.
      Nash (makes a face): Ooh, now I am sick. What's in that?
      Joe: Uh, it's fish emulsion and sulfer. (hands it to Nash, and Nash holds it far away from him, and then throws it in the nearest trash can)
      Nash: Thank you. Tell 'em I said thanks.
      Joe (takes a jar out of the bag): This may look gross but you rub a little bit of this on your temples and under your nose, it cures any headache.
      Nash: Ugh! Joe! Joe! (walks away)
      Joe: So I guess you don't want the lingoberry supositiories, huh?

    • Antwon: What is that?
      Harvey: What do you mean? What is that? That's the little furry thing that bounced off my hood on my way to work?
      Antwon: Wh- I didn't mean bring it back here, man. I mean take it to a vet, what if it needs help?
      Harvey: It doesn't. It was just stunned. He's really friendly, he let me pick him up, pet him, and feed him and everything.
      Antwon: I thought it was a dog or a cat. That's a squirrel, man.
      Harvey: You've been watching your Animal Planet.
      Antwon: I thought it was a pet. It's a rodent. Squirrels are nothing but rats with blow-dried tails.
      Harvey: He's adorable.
      Antwon: They care diseases.
      Harvey: Not my squirrel. He's perfectly healthy and friendly.

    • (After Kent, Cassidy's date who's a doctor says Nash looks sick)
      Joe: Well, to him you admit you're sick.
      Nash: Professional courtsey, bubba.

    • Nick: I got it! The kid must be Bobby's son. You know what that means, don't 'ya, Nash? That Bobby's still alive.
      Joe: He's got a point there.
      Nash: No, he's got a theory.
      Nick: Okay, well, you explain it then.
      Nash: I can't, Nick. So, therefore I'm not even gonna try. I'm gonna gather facts, collect evidence, and not speculate. Not about this.
      Nick: I remember the day he left for Vietnam. It was just a day like today, 'ya know? That smell in the air. He looked so good in his uniform. (laughs) I just loved 'em so much. I was so proud of him. (Joe casts a look at Nash, who is clearly upset) He volunteered. He wasn't drafted, 'ya know? Joe did I ever tell you the time that he single-handedly won the city championship? Galilo High. He threw 3 touchdown passes, intercepted two on defense, and kicked the winning field go. God that kid was somethin'. (laughs) Coulda had a full scholoarship. But he applied for the police academy, then he enlisted. Impetuous kid. And he wouldn't have it any other way.
      Joe: He applied for the police academy, huh? He wanted to be a cop? (Joe looks towards Nash, who is still clearly upset)
      Nick: Oh, yeah. He would've made the best policeman this city ever had.

    • Joe: Man, Nick sure reveres Bobby.
      Nash: Bobby was easy to revere. I did.
      Joe: Yeah, well doesn't it bother you? That whole number one son thing?
      Nash: Joe, I don't have to tell you about the special bond that a parent has with his first born. It's not new.
      Joe: Well, you're a lot more secure than I am. I'm still tryin' to earn the respect of my father.

    • Nash: Nick, I'm gonna find the kid and we'll know who he is when I do find him. Until then you're gonna have to let me do my job, alright?
      Nick: Well, you don't have to get snotty.
      Nash: I'm not snotty. (to Joe) Was I snotty?
      Joe: It's okay. You're sick.

    • Nash (seeing Bobby's son): Nick, that's what Bobby used to look like, he'd be 50 years old now.
      Nick: I'm tellin' 'ya, I'd know my own flesh and blood. That's Bobby!

    • (On the phone)
      Nick: Nash, it's me Nick, your father.
      Nash: Yes, Nick, I know that you're my father.

    • Joe (after Nash sneezes and coughs): That's the fifth sneeze in about ten blocks, you're sick, dude.
      Nash: It's allergies. Hand me a tissue, will 'ya please?
      Joe (hands Nash a tissue): You're sick, brother.
      Nash: It's allergies.
      Joe: Ah, man. You're not allergic to anything.
      Nash (blows his nose): I'm allergic to nagging partners.
      Joe: You look a pasty.
      Nash (cranky): I am not pasty. I feel fine. I am not sick.
      Joe: Lemme feel you. (Joe moves his hand to feel Nash's forehead and Nash bats his hand away)
      Nash: Get away from me.
      Joe: Have you taken your temperature?
      Nash: Yes, it's 98.5. I'm in perfect health. I don't get sick. If you don't surrender to it, it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen to me.
      Joe: You know, denial is a form of illness all to itself. (Nash groans)

    • Rachel: You want to tell me what's going on, or do I solve that mystery too?.
      Joe: Nash's brother Bobby, well, he was an MIA.
      Rachel: In Vietnam?
      Joe: Uh-huh. We all thought he was dead until three years ago. He showed up here in San Francisco. He was a drug dealer. In fact, a major player in southeast Asia.
      Rachel: Oh boy, that must have went over big.
      Joe: Ah, yeah. Nash and his dad were at odds over him. And then he disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.

  • Notes

    • Michael Beck assumes the role played by Jan-Michael Vincent in Revelations.

    • Featured actor Jesse Johnson is the love child of Don Johnson and actress Patti D'Arbanville. He was born Jesse Wayne Johnson in December, 1982, and is the oldest of Don Johnson's six children.

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